Aaron Kaufman Net Worth: How Rich Is The Mechanics

If you’ve watched Gas Monkey Garage, you’ve probably heard about Aaron Kaufman. Today we’ll talk about who Aaron Kaufman is, his life and work, and discuss his net worth of about $8 million.

Aaron Kaufman Net Worth Illustration
Aaron Kaufman Net Worth
NameAaron Kaufman
Birthday26 January 1982
Weight143 lbs
PartnerLauren Moore Knob
ParentsDavis Gerald Kaufman, Lisa Hestilow Stewart
SiblingsJared Brett Kaufman
ProfessionBusienssman, TV Personality
Net Worth $8 million

What is Aaron Kaufman’s Net Worth?

Aaron Kaufman has a net worth of about $8 million. He made a lot of his money from the car restoration shows he was a part of and earned a good income from restoring and selling cars and car parts.

He is the owner of Arclight Fabrication, a company that supplies aftermarket components for the Ford F-100 pickup truck. 

Aaron Kaufman worked as a racecar driver and appeared on several episodes of Overhaulin’

Aaron Kaufman became the lead mechanic in the Gas Monkey Garage, with a Discovery Channel show named Fast N’ Loud about restoring hot rods with Richard Rawlings. He played a crucial role in raising the success of Gas Monkey Garage, mainly for his restoration abilities and eye for detail.


Aaron Kaufman’s Early Life

Aaron Kaufman was born on 26 January 1982 in Crowley, Texas. His father is David Gerald Kaufman, a self-taught mechanic, and his mother is Lisa Hestilow Stewart. He has a younger brother Jared Brett Kaufman.

The Kaufman family lived on a farm where Aaron learned to drive a vehicle from a young age and fell in love with driving. It was said that he and his brother were often tinkering around the family vehicles in the driveway. He got a toolbox as a Christmas gift from his dad, which Aaron credits as one of the critical moments in his life.

After Aaron graduated high school, his mom gifted him her 2000 Chevrolet Impala. Soon after, he bought a 1984 Jeep Cherokee for $900 and wanted to fix it up. The car and car lift problems led Aaron to learn more about fixing cars and solving problems.

Aaron Kaufman’s Personal Life

Aaron Kaufman has not stepped out with any official info on who he is dating. Still, after browsing several sources, we found that he was dating Lauren Moore, and it looks like the couple has since married.

Aaron Kaufman currently lives in Grand Prairie, Texas, where his shop is located.

Aaron Kaufman’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Aaron Kaufman is 5’7” tall and is very skinny, weighing in at 143 lbs. He has brown hair, brown eyes, and his trademark thick, long, brown beard.

Career: How Much Does Aaron Kaufman Make?

Aaron Kaufman started fixing cars right out of high school with friend Scot McMillan. However, Scot left their business to join the army, and Aaron was left to run his garage solo

He soon got the attention of several notable people, among which was Richard Rawlings. Years down the road, Richard recruited Aaron as a mechanic in his Gas Monkey Garage, and Aaron became a part of Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud.

Even though there are different versions of why the duo split up, the truth is that Aaron wanted more creative freedom and did not like the pressure of the show, so he left the garage, and it soon closed down.

In 2018, another TV series starring Aaron Kaufman aired named Shifting Gears With Aaron Kaufman. In the show that lasted for 12 episodes, Aaron and his team pushed the limits of their abilities and tried to take concepts and different vehicles and make them a reality.

Aaron Kaufman appeared on two episodes of the Gymkhana Files and later hosted a 7-episode show, Aaron Needs a Job, where he explored the motor-driven industries across the USA.

Aaron Kaufman started his company Archlight Fabrications, specializing in F-100 parts, as he noted a significant gap in the market for aftermarket parts for the Ford F trucks.

He is relatively active on social media, with 897K followers on Instagram

Final Word: Is Aaron Kaufman a Millionaire?

Yes, Aaron Kaufman is a self-made millionaire with over $8 million in net worth. He’s made his money from the reality TV shows about restoring cars, but a good part of his income comes from his work as a mechanic and 

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