How Much Is Scrub Daddy’s Net Worth

Scrub Daddy is an American cleaning tools company best known for manufacturing the smiley face sponge. The company has a net worth of $209 million; the company’s founder is Aaron Krause, with a personal net worth of $70 million.

Scrub Daddy net worth
Aaron Krause Net Worth
NameAaron Krause
NicknameScrub Daddy
Birthday1 February 1969
Weight139 lbs
PartnerStephanie Krause
KidsBryce Krause Sophie Krause
ParentsRobert Krause, Shelley Krause
Net Worth $70 million

What is Scrub Daddy’s Net Worth?

Scrub Daddy is the company’s name created by inventor Aaron Krause. The company has a net worth of $209 million, and the personal wealth of Aaron Krause is $70 million.

Aaron Krause founded the company Scrub Daddy in 2012. It’s a company for cleaning products best known for the sponges with the smiley face.

Aaron Krause is an accomplished entrepreneur and inventor with long-time experience in patenting and manufacturing innovative products. He doesn’t want to share much about his privacy, and many things about his life are not official.

Scrub Daddy’s Early Life

Aaron Krause was born on 1 February 1969 in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Robert Krause and Shelley Krause, both accomplished doctors; his father was a surgeon, and his mother a pediatrician.

He spent his childhood in a loving and caring environment and felt like a popular person. As a kid, he cleaned the car to get some money, and now he is a millionaire from cleaning products.

He keeps his family life private, doesn’t share any information, and doesn’t confirm or deny anything. There was some information about Aaron Krause having a sister, but nothing was official.

Aaron Krause attended Syracuse University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in 1992. Soon after he decided to start his own business.

Scrub Daddy’s Personal Life

Scrub Daddy’s founder Aaron Krause doesn’t want to share info about his private life either. He was in a relationship with Stephanie Krause; they married in 2010. Stephanie is taking care of the company’s business communication department.

The couple was blessed with twins some years after they got married. The kids’ names are Bryce Krause and Sophie Krause.

Aaron Krause and Stephanie are in a happy marriage and are not linked to any scandals. He currently lives in South Jersey in Delaware County, near his company’s office.

Scrub Daddy’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Scrub Daddy’s Aaron Krause is 6’0” tall and weighs 139 lbs. He always wears shirts or a gold chain with a pendant or other detail from the Scrub Daddy logo.

Career: How Much Does Scrub Daddy Make?

Scrub Daddy makes a lot; the company is one of the most considerable growth and maybe the fast-rising companies for cleaning products. Aaron Krause is the brain, the inventor, and the founder of the company.

After finishing his education, Aaron Krause started to make his business ideas into authentic products. At first, he started a company that was a detailer of car interiors, and he invented his own line of buffing and polishing pads.

The company was growing well, and in 2008 was acquired by 3M. He had his sponges line invented by then, but 3M didn’t purchase the sponges’ line, and they were left in the factory.

Five years later, the sponges’ line became the idea and material for his new company. In 2012, Aaron Krause founded the Scrub Daddy company, which had a great deal of marketing that led to its rising fast.

In 2012, a Shark Tank episode went one of the biggest promotions, and only one day later, it had extreme demand for Scrub Daddy’s sponges, and the rest is history.

Scrub Daddy’s famous smiley-face sponge is made from a robust high-tech polymer which is likely to be polycaprolactone based on his patent. The texture changes in water: firm in cold water, soft in warm water. Aaron Krause has two patents on the polymer, design, and shape.

The company rose to America’s favorite cleaning products, and Aaron Krause didn’t stop inventing other products as well. The brand comprises more than 20 different products, including scouring pads, dual-sided sponges, sink organizers, soap dispensers, and household erasers, all in different shapes and colors.

 Aaron Krause is the founder and CEO of the Scrub Daddy company, but he is not available on social media.

Is Scrub Daddy a Millionaire?

Scrub Daddy is a millionaire from every point of view. Scrub Daddy as a company has a net worth of $209 million, and Aaron Krause is a millionaire with a personal wealth of $70 million. Aaron Krause started to grow his business when he founded the Scrub Daddy company in 2012 by patenting the manufacturing way of his special cleaning foam in a smile-face shape.

Scrub Daddy as a brand is America’s favorite cleaning brand, and Aaron Krause is the man behind the invention. Aaron Krause is a married man with twins; they live a quiet life away from scandals and don’t share information about their privacy.

Is Scrub Daddy Self-made?

Scrub Daddy’s Aaron Krause is a self-made millionaire. He had support from his parents, who were both doctors. Aaron doesn’t share much about his parents, but we can assume he got some of the starting investments from them. Maybe he had some head start with help and investments, but he made it happen through his hard work and intelligent inventions. Still, he sold his first business to grow Scrubscru Daddy. Aaron Krause parented a lot of products that his company manufactures. He is married, and his wife is also part of the company.

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