Aczino Net Worth: How Rich Is The Mexican Rapper

Aczino is a successful and famous rapper from Mexico who has been able to captivate many audiences with his freestyles. He has often been described by many of his fans and other rap enthusiasts as the best freestyler in rap history. Aczino’s net worth is estimated to be about $5 million today.

Here’s a brief introduction to Aczino before we provide more details on his early life, personal life, career and net worth.

Aczino Net worth illustration
NameMauricio Hernandez Gonzalez
Birthday2nd of July, 1991.
Profession(s)Hip-hop rapper and freestyler
Net Worth$5 million

What is Aczino’s Net Worth?

Aczino’s net worth is estimated to be about $5 million as of now. The Mexican rapper is currently signed to a record label after winning multiple competitions in his freestyling career. He has been actively rapping and freestyling for the past 15 years, since 2007.

Early Life

Mauricio Hernandez Gonzalez was born on the 2nd of July, 1991, in Estado de México (State of Mexico), Mexico. He has mentioned in an interview that in his younger years, his parents had, at first, discouraged him from rapping. He added that they eventually acclimated to his desire to be a rapper and even supported him in every way they could after seeing his passion for the art.

Aczino had started rapping while he was in high school, entering his first-ever tournament: the 2v2 Street Freestyle Tournament under an alias “Asesino Serial” (Serial Killer) in 2007. He made it all the way to the quarterfinals alongside his partner, Lírico Inverso. 

He later joined a rap group called MC4 in the following year and competed in the rapping competition Red Bull Batalla de Los Gallos, making it once again to the quarterfinals before he lost.

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Aczino Personal Life

Aczino is currently 31 years old and will be 32 by July 2022. His height measures 5 feet and 8 inches (1.72m). He has black hair and black eye color.

Concerning his relationship status, Aczino is currently married. He and his wife also have two children together. He has described his wife as being his own personal “coach” and that she has been most supportive of his career as a rapper.

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Aczino’s career as a rapper is built upon his unrelenting participation and determination to win in various rap tournaments and competitions. After previously competing in the 2v2 Street Freestyle Tournament back in 2007, Aczino competed in the competition once again in 2009 and made it to the finals, winning the Perros Callejeros Regional in Mexico City for that year. 

He pushed further to win four tournaments in 2010, namely the Bronx Warriors Tournament, the Nacional de Perros Callejeros, the 2v2 Versatile War 2 Tournament, and, for a second time, the 2v2 Street Freestyle Tournament.

He continued to participate in tournaments in the following years, such as “The Battle of the Century” in 2011 and the Ecko Vive al Limite tournament in 2012. He became a two-time champion in another tournament in the same year; the Elijare tournament. 

He also participated in La Rebelión de Los MC’s, a tournament hosted by a TV program called El Club del Italiano, in the same year. He rounded up his wins for 2012 with a win in the Red Bull Butalla de los Gallos tournament in Columbia, his first win outside his home country of Mexico. 

Later he becames the first rapper to win a national Red Bull Battle of the Roosters in a foreign country.

He released his first album, Psicofonía, in 2013. He also served as a judge in the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos México National Final in the same year. He proceeded to win his first and second international championships in Chile’s Battle of Masters Deluxe tournament and its God Level tournament in 2015. His rap battle in God Level Argentina has been released as a song on the internet.

Aczino won Red Bull’s Batalla de los Gallos tournament a total of 4 times, along with many other recurring wins in other tournaments.

In 2020, he announced an indefinite break from freestyle rapping. But In 2021, he participate at Red bull International in Chile where he become the champion.

He is currently signed as a professional artist to the record label Universal Music Mexico and has released a total of 6 albums with a variety of genres, including rap and reggaeton.


  • 2009 | National 2 vs 2 Street Freestyle (CDMX, Mexico): Champion
  • 2009 | Regional Street Dogs (CDMX, Mexico): Champion
  • 2010 | Bronx Warriors (CDMX, Mexico): Champion
  • 2010 | Nacional Perros Callejeros (Guadalajara, Mexico): Champion
  • 2010 | National 2 vs 2 Street Freestyle (CDMX, Mexico): Champion
  • 2010 | Versatil War 2 (CDMX, Mexico): Champion
  • 2012 | I will choose 1 (Mexico): Champion
  • 2012 | I will choose 1.1 (Mexico): Champion
  • 2012 | The Rebellion of the Mc’s (Monterrey, Mexico): Champion
  • 2012 | Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos , National (Bogotá, Colombia): Champion
  • 2014 | Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos , National (CDMX, Mexico): Champion
  • 2015 | Battle of Masters , International Deluxe (Santiago, Chile): Champion
  • 2015 | God Level Fest (Santiago, Chile): Champion
  • 2015 | Supremacy MC, International (Peru): Champion
  • 2015 | Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos , National (Mexico): Champion
  • 2017 | God Level Fest (Chile): Champion
  • 2017 | Musical Massacre (Antofagasta, Chile): Champion
  • 2017 | Regional Big Battle (Seville, Spain): Champion
  • 2017 | Rap Tico Fest (Costa Rica): Champion
  • 2017 | Camet Cup, International (Argentina): Champion
  • 2017 | Red Bull Battle of the Roosters, Regional (Monterrey, Mexico): Champion
  • 2017 | Supremacy MC, International (Peru): Champion
  • 2017 | Pangea , International (Mexico): Champion
  • 2017 | Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos Nacional (Mexico): Champion
  • 2017 | Red Bull Battle of the Roosters International (CDMX, Mexico): Champion
  • 2017 | Battle of Masters Deluxe , (Mexico): Champion
  • 2017 | Master Gang Battle, International (Mexico): Champion
  • 2018 | Double AA (Santiago, Chile): Champion
  • 2018 | Freestyle Pepsi Competition (Jaén, Spain): Champion
  • 2019 | Ghetto Dreams League (Guadalajara, Mexico): Champion
  • 2019 | God Level Fest 3vs3 (Date 1 – Mexico): Champion
  • 2019 | Supremacy MC, International (Peru): Champion
  • 2019 | Freestyle Titans 2vs2 (Mexico): Champion
  • 2019 | God Level 2vs2 All Stars: Champion
  • 2019 | FMS Mexico Champion
  • 2020 |Ghetto Dreams League: Champion
  • 2020 | FMS International (Peru): Champion
  • 2021 | Red Bull International 2021 (Chile): Champion

How much does Aczino make?

Aczino earns an estimated minimum of $100,000 in yearly income. He earns royalties from his contract with Universal Music record label. He is also paid for his services as a judge in rap tournaments.

Is Aczino a millionaire?

Aczino is a millionaire, with an estimated net worth of $5 million. Most of his earnings today are from his royalties with his record label and streams of his music on online music platforms.

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