Alexis Sharkey Net Worth: How Rich Is The Instagram Model

Alexis Sharkey was a social media personality, Instagram model, and entrepreneur. In November 2020, she was found murdered in Texas. Her murder went unsolved for almost a year. Prior to her death, she had an estimated net worth of $500,000.

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NameAlexis Sharkey
Real Name: Alexis Robinault Sharkey
Birthday:February 6, 1994
Date of DeathNov. 30, 2020
Birth Sign:Scorpio
Gender: Female
Height:5 feet 7 inches or 1.70 m
Weight:60 kgs or 132 lbs
Partner:Thomas Sharkey
Kids: None
ParentsFather: Michael Robinault Mother: Stacey Clark Robinault
Siblings:Tobi Robinault
Professions:Entrepreneur, Social Media Personality, Instagram Model
Nationality: American
Religion: Christianity
Hair Color: Blonde
Net Worth: $400K-500K (USD)

What Is Alexis Sharkey Net Worth?

Alexis Sharkey was estimated to have a net worth of around $500,000. She mainly earned from her social media accounts, maintaining her online personality.

In addition to that, she also apparently mentored for a multi-level marketing company, which added to her net worth.

Unfortunately, she was found murdered at the young age of 26 years old.

Early Life

Alexis Robinault Sharkey was born in Pennsylvania on February 6, 1994. She was raised by her parents, Michael and Stacey Robinault, as a Christian.

She studied at her local school in Pennsylvania, Youngsville Highschool, and eventually went to the University of Pittsburgh where she took her undergraduate degree. She also enrolled at St. Bonaventure University to pursue higher education.

From a young age, Alexis was already enjoying having eyes on her. She was a very confident girl who enjoyed getting attention.

As she grew older, she started posting her photos and videos online. She was a frequent user of the social media platform Instagram, where she had thousands of followers.

Alexis Sharkey Personal Life

Alexis Sharkey, also known as Lexi to people she was close to, had a bright and bubbly personality. She was very close to her family, particularly to her father, Michael Robinault.

Later on, she met an entrepreneur and bodybuilder named Thomas Sharkey, also known as Tom. The then 47-year-old Sharkey had a daughter from a previous relationship, but 25-year-old Alexis didn’t mind.

On December 20, 2019, the two married. They eventually moved to Houston, Texas, where Alexis continued being a social media personality and a mentor for a multi-level marketing company that dealt with hair and skincare.

Sadly, her last post was a mirror selfie when she was vacationing in Tulum, Mexico. She didn’t know it at the time, but it was the last photo she could ever post in her life.

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Alexis Sharkey Murder

On November 30, 2020, news broke out that 26-year-old Alexis Sharkey was found murdered by the side of Houston road. She didn’t have any clothes on, and there was no other clue about what happened.

It turns out that she was already missing for three days by the time the city worker found her body.

Findings after her death showed that she died of a gunshot. The incident was declared a homicide, and police immediately started looking for her killer.

Unfortunately, almost a full year passed by and nobody could find anything about her death. It was a mystery to everyone. No evidence, no suspect.

If the story already feels crazy to you, it gets even crazier.

Police planned to arrest her husband, Thomas Sharkey since he was the only one with a motive. He was also the most plausible person who could’ve done the crime. Additionally, he didn’t even report his wife missing when she first disappeared.

Due to this, they strongly believed that he was at fault. In fact, they already had a warrant, and Tom was wanted for the death of his wife.

However, on October 7, 2021, before he could be charged as a suspect, he killed himself with a gun.

According to the investigation, authorities believed that Alexis and Tom had a very troubled relationship. On the outside, they seemed like a perfect couple. The truth was that they were very toxic and had frequent fights.

It was also suggested that Tom was becoming physically abusive towards Alexis Sharkey, and that she was thinking or even planning to end the marriage. This was supposedly the main motive for her murder.

Sadly, we may never know, since Tom killed himself before he could be charged as a suspect to the crime.

Career: How Much Does Alexis Sharkey Make?

Prior to her death, Alexis Sharkey was making money as a social media personality. Nobody knows the exact amount that she was earning from her many endeavors, but her estimated net worth was around $500,000.

Final Word: Is Alexis Sharkey A Millionaire?

Alexis Sharkey wasn’t a millionaire – and now she could never be. With an estimated net worth of $500,000, she was definitely on the way there, however, She had a bright future ahead of her but it was sadly cut short by a cruel tragedy.

Her gorgeous smile and beautiful appearance will be forever immortalized on her social media pages, and for the people who love her, she’ll never be truly gone.

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