Alla Pugacheva Net Worth: How Rich Is Russian Pop Singer

Alla Pugacheva is a famous Russian pop singer with a career spanning over five decades. We’ll talk more about Alla Pugacheva’s career, records, and net worth of about $7 million.

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Alla Pugacheva Net Worth
NameAlla Borisovna Pugacheva
Birthday15 April 1949
weight141 lbs
PartnerMaxim Galkin
KidsKristina Orbakaite, Elizaveta Galkina, Harry Galkin
ParentsBoris Mikhailovich Pugachev, Zinaida Arkhipovna Odegova
SiblingsEvgeny Borisovish Pygachev
Net Worth $7 million

So, What Is Alla Pugacheva’s Net Worth?

Alla Pugacheva has a net worth of about $7 million, which she earned through her singing and acting careers. During her singing career, she’s worked with notable musicians and has made a significant impact in Russian modern music.

Alla started her music career in 1965; she toured the Soviet Union with her band during her university days. She was the leading vocal in many notable bands, but she also recorded songs for numerous movies.

Alla Pugacheva won the Grand Prix of the international contest Golden Orpheus, which brought her fame and recognition throughout the USSR, East Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Bulgaria.

Soon after, Alla Pugacheva started recording more songs for movies, and in 1977 she went to work on the musical film The Woman Who Sings.

Alla Pugacheva has received several notable awards, including the title Chevalier of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland 2nd class, 3rd class, and 4th class, the highest state decoration of the Russian Federation.

Alla Pugacheva’s Early Life

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva was born on 15 April 1949 in Moscow, USSR, now the Russian Federation. Her father, Boris Mikhailovich Pugachev, worked in a shoe factory, and her mother, Zinaida Arkhipovna Odegova, was a homemaker. Alla has a younger brother, Evgeny Borisovich Pugachev.

Alla showed musical talent when she was five years old. She attended music school No. 31 and enrolled in the Ippolitov-Ivanov music college, and she studied choral and conducting and later studied musical composition.

Alla Pugacheva was the lead vocal for many bands like Novy Elektron, the Lipetsk State Philharmonic Society, Moskvichi, Oleg Lundstrem’s band, and Vesyolye Rebyata. She entered and won many notable song festivals like the Sopot International Song Festival in Poland.

Alla Pugacheva’s Personal Life

Alla Pugacheva was married several times during her life and married Lithuanian circus performer Mykolas Orbakas in 1969, birthing daughter Kristina Orbakaite in 1971. Alla divorced Orbakas in 1973 and later married Alexander Stefanovich in 1977, which lasted until 1980.

She married Evgeniy Boldin in 1985 and divorced him in 1993. Her marriage to Phillipp Kirkorov lasted from 1994 to 2005. She is currently married to Maksim Galkin, and the couple has two children born through surrogacy.

She is also a grandmother with three grandchildren through her daughter Kristina Orbakaite: Nikita Presnyakov, Deni Baysarov, and Klavdiya Zemtsova. 

Alla Pugacheva’s Weight, Height, Measurements

Alla Pugacheva is of medium build, and she weighs 141 lbs, and is 5’4” tall. Her body measurements are 35-25-37, and her breast size is 40C. She has the classical Russian look, with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Career: How Much Money Does Alla Pugacheva Make?

Alla Pugacheva has recorded music in Russian, English, German, French, Kazakh, Hebrew, Finnish, and Ukrainian. She represented Russia at the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest but had a very poor result, ranking 15th of 29 entries.

Alla Pugacheva has recorded over 500 songs over 100 albums and has sold over 250 million records during her long career. Her movie career is also very prolific, and Alla Pugacheva appeared in 17 movies, and she also composed movie soundtracks under the name Boris Gorbonos.

Alla Pugacheva is active on social media and has 3.1 million followers on Instagram and 32.9K on YouTube Music.

Alla Pugacheva, now 72 years old, left Russia with her family after the country invaded Ukraine in February 2022. The family moved to Cyprus on an extended stay, as she and her husband Maksim Galkin openly opposed the ongoing war.

Final Word: Is Alla Pugacheva a Millionaire?

Yes, Alla Pugacheva is a self-made millionaire, and her net worth is over $7 million, which she earned through her music career spanning over 57 years. She is also considered one of Russia’s best actresses and has received accolades for her singing and acting.

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