Asa Maass Net Worth: How Rich Is The Youtuber Actually?

Asa Maass is a very popular Youtube star who created a YouTube channel called “FatheringAutism.” He is one of the most loved Youtubers as his channel focuses on breaking down stigmas attached to autism. He is a celebrity, and he currently has a net worth to the estimation of $1.5 million.

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NameAsa Maass
Birth NameAsa Maass
Birth DateOctober 18, 1981
WifePriscilla Maass
KidsIsaiah & Abbie Maass
SiblingsEmily Maass
Net worth$1.5 million

What is Asa Maass’s net worth?

Asa Maass is currently worth an estimated $1.5 million, which is through his consistency in bringing forth monetized content on YouTube.

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Early Life 

Asa Maass was born on the 18th of October back in 1981 in the United States of America. In an interview recently, he mentioned that he had a military upbringing, and as such, he wasn’t raised in a specific place because his family had to move around a lot.

There isn’t much about Asa Maass early life relating to his education and parents as he likes to maintain his privacy in that regard. He did mention in one of his YouTube videos that his parents got divorced when he was at the age of 3 and he also has a sister named Emily Maass and two other brothers.

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Asa Maass personal life

Asa Maass is happily married to Priscilla Maass, and the couple has two children together; Isaiah and Abbie. Asa Maass is known to be a family man, and his family currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 2007, tragic news hit the family as their youngest child was diagnosed with autism, but they were able to trade their pain for gain by creating a YouTube channel in 2016 that focuses on giving hope and inspiration to people like their daughter Abbie. 

This YouTube channel became incredibly popular as the years went by. Take a closer look at their journey as you keep reading.

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Career: How much does Asa Maass make?

Asa Maass has a total of 599,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, “FatheringAutism” which is where he generates his income. His estimated yearly income is $319,222.

Since the diagnosis of his daughter Abigail, Maass has been making videos on YouTube to share what he has learned. A look at the everyday realities of raising a child with autism was the focus of his first videos. A platform was the furthest thing from his mind when he started the “FatheringAutism” channel; he only hoped that his videos would be of assistance to those in need.

Then at some point, as subscribers soared into their tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands, Maass began to consider expanding the channel’s content to include video blogs rather than just instructional videos. Both he and his wife Priscilla now work hand in hand as full-time YouTubers on the channel. 

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They also include their children in almost all their videos, making it a family venture. The channel currently has close to 185 million views.

For the Maasses, things have changed significantly and with the help of the “Autism Vlog Squad,” a network of fellow autistic filmmakers who were inspired by their videos, they’ve grown into a full-time YouTuber family, which they never expected. 

Though in other respects, things haven’t changed. There has been no change in their family’s mission to present the world with an accurate portrayal of autism.

In an interview, he said: “So much of the current media about autism is either sugarcoated or terrifying. We want to show people that there is a middle ground. It can be hard, no doubt, but life is hard. It’s how you face challenges that really matter.”

When talking about Asa Maass and his future career plans, he mentioned that sharing their story with others is something they want to continue to do in order to make a positive impact, influence, educate and inspire people. 

With regards to the themes they cover in vlogs, he likes to undertake public speaking so that future educators, policymakers and people who don’t have a voice can learn as well. He also mentioned that there would be a time when they would eventually stop making videos and just focus on the growth of the family privately.

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Final Word: Is Asa Maass a Millionaire?

Yes, the popular YouTuber Asa Maass is a Millionaire. With a net worth estimated to $1.5 million, this inspirational man makes his income as a full-time YouTuber through his monetized content on his channel: FatheringAutism. The channel currently has 1.7k videos.

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