Bella Poarch Net Worth: How Rich Is The TikToker

Denarie Izabella Taylor, better known as Bella Poarch, is a Filipino–American singer and social media personality. She created the most liked video on TikTok and has made a net worth of $12 million.

Bella Poarch net worth
Bella Poarch Net Worth
NameDenaire Izabella Taylor or Taylor Nairee
NicknameBella Poarch
Birthday9 February 1997
Weight105 lbs
ProfessionSinger, TikToker
Net Worth $12 million

What is Bella Poarch’s Net Worth?

Bella Poarch’s net worth is $12 million. She made her fortune by her singing and primarily by her social media appearances as one of the most famous TikTokers, and she is the creator of the most liked video on TikTok.

She has an incredible life story and yet became rich and famous in her twenties. Her net worth is rising very fast; some of it is from sponsored content, allowing her to enjoy a fancy life. 

Bella Poarch’s Early Life

Bella Poarch was born on 9 February 1997 in the Philippines. Her biological parents are Filipino, but they did not raise her; instead, she was raised by her grandmother in the slums until she was three. At the age of three, she was adopted by an adoptive family.

Her adoptive father is an American who served in the US military, and her adoptive mother is Filipino. She grew up in her adoptive family alongside adoptive siblings whose names are not revealed. Only she said that she and her adoptive brother were heavily abused throughout her childhood.

She grew up on a farm alongside her family and siblings, and she had many responsibilities on the farm, and the kids didn’t get the same treatment.

In an interview, she said that her adoptive father was verbally and physically abusive, while her mother did not get involved. 

When she was thirteen, her family moved to San Francisco and later to Texas because of her father’s surgery. Then the physical abuse decreased, but the mental abuse continued until her enrolment in the military.

Her education started in a Local High School in the Philippines, and after moving to the States, she completed her education at a Local Private University in Texas.

Bella Poarch’s Personal Life

Bella Poarch’s personal life is attractive to the public, yet she wants to stay mysterious and doesn’t confirm any rumors about her.

Bella Poach spent her fair share of time in the army and had a boyfriend in the Navy. She stayed low-key about him, and she said that they decided to broke up when she decided to leave the Navy.

She has been connected to the rapper Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex. The rumors spread after they were spotted in TikTok videos, and Bella Poarch spent a night in Tyga’s home. The rumors came to the point of a sex tape challenge.

The couple didn’t confirm anything, and all it came to was losing their and the public’s interest. Still, she tries to keep her privacy to herself and teases the public for publicity.

Bella Poarch is currently single, and she enjoys her fancy lifestyle. She lives in a spacious mansion she bought for herself for $5 million in Los Angeles, and we can see parts of it in her videos.

In the videos, we can see the cars she drives: the Maserati GhibliGranLusso, Porsche Panamera, Land Rover Discovery, Aston Martin DBX, Audi Q8, and Lincoln Aviator.

Bella Poarch’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Bella Poarch is 5’2” tall and weighs 105 lbs. He has long dark hair and a lot of tattoos on her petite body.

Career: How Much Does Bella Poarch Make?

Bella Poarch is a singer and TikToker. She is from the Philippines but was adopted by an American family and was abused as a child. To escape that kind of life, she joined the US army.

Bella Poarch is a U.S. Navy veteran. She enlisted in the Navy in 2017 as an aviation ordnance man and served for three years. She was stationed in Japan and Hawaii and later left the Navy to pursue a different career.

While in the Navy, she was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist insignia.

In 2020, Bella created her TikTok account, which consisted of gaming and cosplay content. In August 2020, her lip sync videos went viral, especially one of her videos became the most liked TikTok video of all time.

Following the TikTok success and over 91.7 million followers, she created a YouTube channel that gained 6.28 million subscribers.

Her music can be heard on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Her Instagram profile has 13.8 million followers, and her Twitter profile has 1.2 million followers.

In May 2021, Poarch released her debut single, Build a Bitch, which gained great popularity. Next, she released a few more singles Inferno, Dolls, and Loving Hell.

Bella Poarch’s music became popular and gained many nominations and a few awards; she won Breakout Creator of the Year and the Social Star Award.

Is Bella Poarch a Millionaire?

Bella Poarch is a millionaire with a net worth of $12 million. She became a millionaire when she became a famous TikToker. Her videos became the most liked TikTok videos so far, and she started advertising products that were increasing her fortune. Her singing career started in 2021 and rose to fame quickly, and her debut single was certified platinum. She is single and prefers to keep her privacy to herself, but often tickles the public with some statements to gain popularity. 

Is Bella Poarch Self-made?

Bella Poarch is a self-made millionaire; she made millions by herself and the publicity she gained on social media. Bella Poarch had a very tough childhood, she was adopted, and her adoptive parents abused her, especially her adoptive father. The abuse stopped when she joined the military and became independent. Still, her wealth started to rise fast after she left the Navy and grew her social media fame. Her videos were becoming increasingly famous, and her wealth grew to $12 million.

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