Bezz Believe Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper

Brad Markovitz, aka Bezz Believe, is one of the most famous rappers active now. Read on and find all about his career and net worth of $10 million

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Bezz Believe Net Worth
NameBrad Markovitz
NicknameBezz Belive
Birthday28 December 1988
PartnerZahryah Vera
SiblingsDoug Markovitz
Net Worth $10 million

What is Bezz Believe’s Net Worth?

Bezz Believe’s net worth is $10 million. He made most of his fortune as a rapper, and he is a fast-rising star in rap music. 

From his humble beginnings on social media as an influencer to a great rapper who tours all around the United States, Bezz Believe has acquired a good fan base, excellent online following, and a lovely income from his music and online activities.

Bezz Believe’s Early Life

Brad Markovitz, aka Bezz Believe, was born on 28 December 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona. He keeps his personal life to himself and has not disclosed the names of his parents. Bezz Believe has one brother, Doug Markovitz, also a rapper who goes under the name D-Fresh.

The family moved to Florida when Bezz was four. He had a great childhood having everything he wanted, doing everything he wanted, and having his parents’ support. 

The family moved from town to town in Florida, which was probably the reason for his bad grades. While in school, Bezz played basketball but quit the sport in high school, where he started to write great lyrics.

Bezz wanted to pursue a career in music from an early age, and he graduated from Wellington High School in 2007. When Bezz was in his senior year, he dropped out of the Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida, to continue with his music career.

Bezz Believe’s Personal Life

Bezz Believe keeps his personal life is under wraps. He has been dating his long-time girlfriend Zahryah Vera, and some say that the couple is married. They have a son, Bradly, born in 2022

Thus far, the information about a possible marriage is not confirmed; we can see from the social media that they live together and raise their child. 

Currently, the couple lives in Orlando, Florida, in a large mansion and enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

Bezz Believe’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Bezz Believe is 5’7” tall, but his weight is not disclosed. We can see his social network photos and see that he is in great shape and that his body is covered with tattoos

Career: How Much Does Bezz Believe Make?

Bezz Believe’s career started when he released his first mixtape, Live from Niagara Falls, in 2010. The success was inevitable because of the great lyrics, which are his signature. Bezz is a master at freestyle; everyone wants to rap for them and rap with him.

Starting from 2011, Bezz released several albums; From Niagara Falls in 2011, #believe and Herculez in 2012, Bezz Believe in 2014, The Waterboy in 2015, The Hustle in 2016, Hustle God 2 in 2017, Iron Sharpens Iron in 2019, Bezzy 4 Prezi in 2020, Insolation and Country Trapper in 2021, Hustle God 3, Freedom, etc.

Bezz Believe has featured appearances with various artists such as BWA. Ron, Kevin Gates, Mook Boy, and others. Bezz Believe YouTube channel has 162K subscribers, and on Spotify, Bezz has 149K monthly listeners.

Besides his rap career, he earns from advertising on social media. Buzz Believe has his personal website where he sells his music and signature clothes. There is some income from his Instagram account, which has 271 K followers; on Facebook, he has 250 K followers; on Twitter, he has 14.3 K followers, and he is on Tumblr as well.

Final Word: Is Bezz Believe a Millionaire?

Bezz Believe is a millionaire with a net worth of $10 million, and his fortune rises as his rap career goes ahead. He is also a social media influencer, and he earns from the sales of his music and branded merch.

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