Big Lurch Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper

Big Lurch’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million. Big Lurch Is a former rapper and gangster but a convicted murderer and a cannibal currently serving a life sentence. Read all about Big Lurch’s story.

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Big Lurch Net Worth
NameAntron Singleton
NicknameBig Lurch
Birthday15 September 1973 
ProfessionRapper, Criminal
Net Worth $1 Million

What is Big Lurch’s Net Worth?

Big Lurch’s net worth is about $1 million. Big Lurch was a rapper and a known criminal. He also used drugs and is very famous for executing a person. Since 2002, he has been in prison for murder and cannibalism.

Big Lurch’s Early Life

Big Lurch was born Antron Singleton on 15 September 1973 in Dallas, Texas. There is not much info about his early life, and we know that he grew up in East Dallas and started to write poetry when he was seven years old. 

Big Lurch’s Personal Life

Antron Singleton started to use a specific and horrifying way of writing from a young age. It was probably inspired and reflected his inside feelings, hard life, massive drug use, and gang-banging, as he was a gangster as well.

On 16 September 2000, one day after his birthday, a drunk driver crashed his car while driving. His neck was broken, he had massive injuries, and he was in a hospital for a long time. During that period, he had colossal pain and had trouble walking. Because of this, Big Lurch started to use PCP to deal with the pain.

On 10 April 2002, while under the influence of PCP, Big Lurch murdered TynishaYsais. She was his roommate’s girlfriend, and they lived in the same apartment in Los Angeles. He murdered her by opening up her body with a 3-inch blade found in her shoulder, and there were teeth marks on her face.

He had torn her lungs from her chest and eaten some of them, confirmed by the parts of her lungs in his stomach. After the murder, he was found naked in the middle of the street and covered in blood, staring into the sky, waiting for the police to arrest him.

In June was convicted of murder and aggravated mayhem. He was pleading not guilty by reason of insanity and under the influence of PCP at the time of the murder. On 7 November 2003, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Singleton believes that he was set up, and even Ysais’ mother believes that he did not kill her daughter. Big Lurch was not married, and he didn’t have any kids. Now Singleton is serving his sentence at Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California

 Big Lurch’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

The only thing available about Big Lurch is that he is 6’6” tall, which contributed to him getting the name Big Lurch after the Adams Family character.

Career: How Much DoesBig Lurch Make?

Big Lurch started to write poetry at an early age. Singleton decided that writing poetry as rap music could be his profession, and he started to pursue a career as a rapper under the name G-Spade. Soon changed the name to Big Lurch and earned the nickname Nubbins Sawyer because of his height.

Big Lurch’s style of writing was very creepy and full of violence. He had rapped about serial killers like Hannibal Lecter, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees, growing his style as subgenre horrorcore.

He made a debut appearance in 1996 on E-40s with the album Tha Hall of Game, and during the 1990s, he appeared in songs by artists such as C-Bo, RBL Posse, Yukmouth, and DJ U-Neek, Mac Dre, and Outlaws. Big Lurch was also a member of the group Cosmic Slop Shop alongside Donnie Baby and Rick Rock.

In 2000, after he was in a car accident and while heavily medicated and recovering in hospital, Big Lurch wrote the song Texas Boy for his album It’s All Bad, and this song is one of the creepiest songs ever released.

Big Lurch’s studio album Is All Bad was released by Blackmarket Records & Entertainment on 16 March 2004 after he was imprisoned. 

In 2011, Singleton was featured in the documentary Rhyme and Punishment. The documentary chronicles hip-hop artists who have been incarcerated, and Singleton talks about his conviction and his time in prison.

Besides being imprisoned for life, Big Lurch still has a Spotify account with over 1K monthly listeners, which brings some income.

Final Word: Is Big Lurch a Millionaire?

Big Lurch is probably a millionaire with about $1 million in net worth. He was a rapper and a gangster, but now Big Lurch is known for the murder and the act of cannibalism he committed, for which he is serving a life sentence in prison.

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