Brit Prawat Net Worth: How Rich Is The Podcaster

Brit Prawat is an American podcast co-host who was born and brought up in Indiana, United States. She co-hosts the “Crime Junkie” podcast, a weekly true-crime podcast.

As of 2022, Brit Prawat’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

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After this brief introduction about Brit, several frequently asked questions about her, such as “Is Brit Prawat adopted?”, “Where is Brit Prawat from?”, “What does Brit Prawat do?” and so on will be answered.

NameBrit Prawat Net Worth
Full NameBrit Prawat
Birth Date19th December 1989
HusbandJustin Daniel Prawat
ParentDiana Strouse Schrock
SiblingsCourtney & Zachary
ProfessionPodcast Host
Net Worth$1 million

What is Brit Prawat’s Net Worth?

Brit crime junkie’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million in 2022. She has accumulated her fortune from her career as a podcast host, which is her principal source of income. 

Early life

Brit Prawat was born on the 19th of December, 1989. She hails from Indiana, United States of America. She was adopted as an infant, and she has no information about her biological parents because she decided not to find out about them when she grew up.

Growing up, she knew she was adopted because her parents would always tell the story of how they had struggled with infertility for over ten years and decided to adopt her. Not long after she was adopted, her parents got pregnant with her sister Courtney and brother Zachary.

As a child, she never felt unloved or left-out or different. She had an extremely positive experience and good life growing up, and she always felt chosen. Her birthdays and adoption day were big family celebrations.

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Brit Prawat Personal life

Brit Prawat is married to Justin Daniel, who also hosts a podcast called “Don’t Blow Your Pod.” They had dated for a long period before finally getting married in 2009. She describes her husband as her biggest supporter and the best dad to their adopted children.

Brit and her husband have been foster parents for almost five years. Both their children were adopted within six weeks of each other. She adopted their son when he was ten, and their daughter was adopted at just three weeks old.

She always wanted kids that weren’t necessarily biologically hers or hers forever because she wanted to let other kids experience what she had experienced that changed her life for the better. 


Brit Prawat is the producer and co-host of the Crime Junkie Podcast. She grew up on a frequent diet of Forensic Files and Crime Related topics. Brit Prawat worked for a P.I. for a while, which qualifies her to be a crime research expert.

She introduced her childhood friend, Ashley Flowers, who is a happily married woman to her husband, Erik Hudak, to podcasts three years ago and now they both host Crime Junkie podcast. 

Crime Junkie aired first in December 2017, and it has since then been a top podcast with over five hundred million downloads, six hundred and thirty stories, and has donated over $643,000 to charity. Each episode takes roughly 30 hours every week to research, write, edit, and prepare for airing.

Ashley Flowers does the majority of the research, with the exception of a few episodes that Brit has taken the forefront. Each episode of the podcast is about thirty minutes to one hour long. The topics discussed include murder, lost persons, and serial killers. Ashley narrates the story while Brit Prawat adds her point of view. 

Ashley records the podcasts in her office at home while her brother, David Flowers, assists with the editing. With a joint effort, Brit Prawat and Ashley Flowers have taken “Crime Junkie” on tour to four different cities in the United States of America.

Rolling Stone” announced the podcast as one of seven “Best True Crime Podcasts” of the year with five-star reviews from fans; Flowers and Prawat have quickly leveraged their success, selling merchandise and hosting different live shows around the country.

Brit and Ashley faced plagiarism allegations in August 2019 and were accused of copying the content of various programs for their true-crime podcast shows. The allegations were made by a former journalist and several other podcasters of using their work on the Crime Junkie show without credit. The episodes were quietly deleted after the allegations were put up.

After a while that these allegations were put up, the Crime Junkie lost its position as the country’s leading podcast. Some of their podcasts released in 2021 include; Capture: Allan Showery, Mysterious death of Ellen Greenberg and Mysterious death of Patsy Wright.

How Much Does Brit Prawat Earn?

Brit Prawat earns majorly from her career as a podcaster, but there is not much information on how much she currently earns.

Final Word: Is Brit Prawat a Millionaire?

Yes, Brit Prawat is a millionaire. Her current net worth is sufficient to enable her to live a luxurious lifestyle. There is no information regarding her assets.

However, based on her net worth of over $1 million, we can be confident that she is living a good life.

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