Brother Polight Net Worth: How Rich Is The Writer

Brother Polight is a famous influencer, writer, and motivational speaker. Here we’ll talk more about who Brother Polight is, what he does, and how he earned his net worth of $7 million.

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Brother Polight Net Worth
NameMichael Noak Jr.
NicknameBrother Polight
Birthday10 August 1983
Weight140 lbs
PartnerNysuttet Amunet Atum-Re
KidsAnesa, Zhanae, Ma’at Hotep Atum-Re
ParentsDr. Sebi
ProfessionWriter, Motivational Speaker, Influencer
Net Worth (estimated)$7 million

What is Brother Polight’s Net Worth?

Brother Polight has a net worth of $7 million. He’s made his fortune by selling books, as he’s written 90 books, but he is also working as a celebrity mentor and sells educational courses.

Brother Polight is a public speaker and is the founder of Nu-covenant, a first amendment humanitarian forum based on Egyptian mythology and spirituality.

He is fluent in seven languages and is very popular on social media as a motivational speaker and a proponent for black empowerment.

Brother Polight’s Early Life

Brother Polight was born Michael Noak Jr., on 10 August 1983, in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, USA. He grew up without a mother, who he met a week before she died when Michael was 17. His biological father, Michael Noak Sr., walked out on him when Michael was eight years old.

He met and studied under the Afro-Latin holistic health and medicine guru Dr. Sebi. Brother Polight considers Dr. Sebi as his father. He had a heartfelt post on Instagram about the death of Dr. Sebi in 2017.

Michael Noak entered gang life in New York and ended up in jail when he was 18. Upon his release from jail, he decided to turn his life around, quit crime, and become a writer

Brother Polight’s Personal Life

Brother Polight is a supporter of polygamy. Even though he is legally married only to his first wife, he has three other wives and four children. He married his first wife, Nysuttet Amunet Atum Re, in 1998

However, after gaining his wife’s permission, he got another wife, Jessica Casey, and later got two more wives, Kimberly Kaine, and Krystina Monet. He has a total of four children who he homeschools.

The name Polight is an acronym for Pride, Optimism, Love, Integrity, Gallantry, Honesty, and Trust.

Brother Polight’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Brother Polight is 5’4” tall, weighs about 140 lbs., and is thin but has a toned physique. He is a vegan and a strong advocate for healthy living and eating habits.

Career: How Much Does Brother Polight Make?

Brother Polight has a nice income, and his primary income comes from the sales of his books, as he’s supposedly written 90+ books. His books cover various topics, ranging from UFOs, ancient Egyptian religion and mythology, modern society, medicine, economy, and more.

Another significant portion of his income comes from the sales of his educational courses, which he sells through his self-titled website. He is very active on social media, with several accounts across multiple platforms.

He has 317K followers on Instagram316K followers on Facebook, 43.4K followers on TikTok, 8.5K followers on Twitter, and 107K subscribers on YouTube.

Many of his YouTube videos are on healthy living, on the rights of the black community, but many also have religious subtext. Brother Polight spreads his strict convictions on many topics, but he is also known for being the coach of famous people, for example, Metta World Peace.

Brother Polight likes to live an extravagant lifestyle, and he enjoys driving fancy cars. His garage has several Rolls-Royce cars, and he also loves to travel to exotic places and enjoy life.

Final Word: Is Brother Polight a Millionaire?

Yes, Brother Polight is a millionaire with over $7 million in net worth. He’s earned most of his wealth through selling his books, as he’s written over 90 books. He is also a motivational speaker, and he regularly holds educational seminars and sells educational courses online.

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