Celeste Barber Net Worth: How Rich Is The Australian Actress

Today we’ll talk about Celeste Barber, a famous Australian comedian, writer, and actress. You will learn about her career, early life, body measurements, and Celeste Barber’s net worth of about $1.8 million.

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Celeste Barber Net Worth
NameCeleste Barber
Birthday6 May 1982
Weight155 lbs
PartnerApi Robin
ParentsMr. & Mrs. Barber
ProfessionComedian, Actress
Net Worth $1.8 million

What Is Celeste Barber’s Net Worth?

Celeste Barber has a net worth of about $1.8 million. She earned most of her money through writing, acting, and comedy.

She is most known for her roles on How Not To Behave, The Letdown, and the Australian medical drama All Saints. However, Celeste also worked as a performer and sketch writer on The Matty Johns Show.

Celeste Barber went into comedy and was MICF Raw Comedy state finalist in 2015. selling out shows in Sydney and the Fringe Festivals.

Celeste Barber’s Early Life

Celeste Barber was born on 6 May 1982 in Sydney, Australia. She keeps her family away from the spotlight and has not disclosed the names of her parents or sister.

Celeste Barber attended Saint Joseph’s College, Tweed Heads, and later studied acting in Nepean, Sydney.

When Celeste was 25, she had to have emergency heart surgery, and she notes her time in recovery as a turning point in her life

Celeste Barber’s Personal Life

Celeste Barber is married to Api Robin, and they have two sons together, Lou and Buddy. However, Celeste is also the step-mom of two girls, Kyahn and Sahra, the daughters of Api Robin from previous relationships.

Celeste Barber’s Weight, Height, Measurements

Celeste Barber is 5’6” tall and weighs about 155 lbs. She is a strong advocate of healthy living and often posts content on social media that could be mistaken for body shaming.

Career: How Much Does Celeste Barber Make?

Celeste Barber has made her money through acting, writing, and comedy. She appeared in many famous Australian movies and TV shows, but her career took a different path when she turned to comedy.

She took part in an Australian comedy competition, and from there, Celeste started developing her comedy career. 

Celeste Barber is a published writer; her first book, Celeste Barber – Challenge Accepted in 2018, and she published the children’s book Celeste the Giraffe Loves to Laugh in 2019. Celeste published her third book, Flamingo Celeste in Not like the Rest, which was shortlisted for the picture book prize at the 2022 West Australian Young Readers’ Book Awards.

Among her many achievements, Celeste Barber is most well known for her social media activity, most notably her Instagram account, where she has 8.9 million followers. She made a name for herself and gained instant success by making parody posts from images from famous people.

Interestingly, Celeste Barber has a high-profile fan base, including famous people like Ashton Kutcher, George Takei, Cindy Crawford, Kris Jenner, etc. 

She has been approached by many health and wellness companies to do paid promotions on social media. However, Celeste Barber has declined them, stating that she has accepted how she looks and will not be doing something to change her body or feel bad because of her looks.

Celeste Barber has 1.3 million followers on Facebook, 53.8K followers on Twitter, and 66.8K subscribers on YouTube. Celeste earns about $39K a year from her YouTube activity. 

She is also active on TikTok, with 908.5K followers, and has over 7.6 million likes. In 2019, Celeste Barber started her podcast, Celeste, available on Luminary.

She is currently working on the dramedy Netflix TV series Wellmania, where she plays the role of Liv, a “live fast, die young” woman who experiences a health crisis and looks for every possible way to get better, ranging from benign to bizarre.

Final Word: Is Celeste Barber a Millionaire?

Celeste Barber is a self-made millionaire with about $1.8 million net worth. Celeste made a career in acting, comedy, and writing, as she has been a part of many notable movies and TV shows and through the sales of her books.

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