Cody Ko Net Worth: How Rich Is The YouTuber

Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk, aka Cody Ko, is a Canadian YouTuber, comedian, podcaster, and rapper. We will tell you all about his life career and net worth of $6 million.

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Cody Ko Net Worth
NameCody Michael Kolodziejzyk
NicknameCody Ko
Birthday22 November 1990
Weight150 lbs
PartnerKelsey Kreppel
ParentsGreg Kolodziejzyk, Helen Kolodziejzyk
SiblingsKrista Kolodziejzyk
Net Worth $6 million

What is Cody Ko’s Net Worth?

Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk, aka Cody Ko, has a net worth of about $6 million. He made his fortune in different fields in the entertainment business. At first, he made an iPhone app called I’d Cap That. 

He runs a YouTube channel that brings him the highest income, and his podcast is Insanely Chill with Cody Ko. Despite everything, he is a musician as well; he is a hip-hop singer. Cody Ko appears on TV in the leading role in The Real Bros of Simi Valley. Cody Ko is engaged and soon to be married.

Cody Ko’s Early Life

Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk was born on 22 November 1990 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His parents are Greg Kolodziejzyk and Helen Kolodziejzyk, who belong to upper-class families and have a joyful life. 

Cody grew up with his parents and sister Krista, who are his biggest support in life and his career. His family members often appear in his podcasts and videos.

His education went through Springbank Community High School and finished at Duke University. He earned a BA in Computer Science and a certificate in Market & Management, which makes him well prepared for his chosen profession.

Cody Ko’s Personal Life

Cody Ko shares much information about his personal life on social media platforms, in the vlogs he shares, and in the everyday content he publishes.

Cody Ko met Kelsey in 2017 at a friend’s dinner party. The couple has been inseparable since then and often appear together on social media. Cody proposed to Kelsey on 19 December 2021, and she said yes. They are planning a wedding soon.

Even though Cody is Canadian, he lives in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, where he owns a beautiful mansion, which we can see in his vlogs. He drives in BMW 3-Series Convertible, Audi A7, Range Rover, Lamborghini Urus, and others.

Cody Ko’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Cody Ko is 5’8” tall and weighs 150 lbs. He is a regular fit and has a casual style.

Career: How Much Does Cody Ko Make?

Cody Ko was studying at Duke University when he made an app. It was an iPhone app called I’d Cap That; it got many users. It was downloaded over 4 million times and was App Store’s Free App of the Week.

His career continued as an iOS developer at Fullscreen, a subsidiary of AT&T’s WarnerMedia. During this, Cody Ko became popular at Vine while making short comedy skits.

Cody Ko now has a podcast show and runs a few YouTube channels, where he uploads various videos. One of his channels collaborates with his fellow YouTuber Noel Miller.

Cody Ko and Noel Miller collaborate in their music careers as a comedy-rap-music duo, Tiny Meat Gang. Together they released Eps Bangers & Ass in 2017 and Locals Only in 2018. Some of their hit singles are Super Xan, Stay Safe, Walk Man, No Flex, Short Kings Anthem, Club Poor, Broke Bitch, Sofia, and Daddy.

The singles Cody Ko released by himself are Cuddle Bug, Sadboi Watermelon Party, and Fuck Halloween.

The duo hosts a commentary series called That’s Cringe and the Let’s Play series of the Love Island mobile game.

The most significant success is their podcast called Tiny Meat Gang Podcast; it won a Shorty Award for Best Podcast in 2019. Cody Ko and his fiancée Kelsey Kreppel are collaborating on Couples Cringe.

Cody Ko is part of the TV series The Real Bros of Simi Valley alongside fellow YouTuber Jimmy Tatro. The series has been active since 2017, and Cody Ko plays the main character of Wade Sanders. Other series where he appears are The Boonies, Suki, and the Vine series Camp Unplug.

Cody Ko has signed endorsement deals with big names like Trojan, Natty Light, Axe hair products, Bud Light, Honey Shopping, Dollar Shave Club, and many others. Cody appeared in a Ford commercial in 2016.

His sense of business led him to create his web shop named, where he uses his phrases on clothes and makes additional income.

One of Codi Ko’s channels is the YouTube channel with 5.88 million subscribers, the other YouTube channel has 1.46 million subscribers, and there are a few more.

See his social media platforms Instagram with 2.1 million followers, on Twitter, he has 1.9 million followers, on Facebook, he has  183 K followers.

Final Word: Is Cody Ko a Millionaire?

Cody Ko is a millionaire with a net worth of $6 million. He made his spectacular fortune in the entertainment business. While in college, he made an iPhone app that was a hit. He is most famous as YouTuber with a few channels that he owns. He is a musician and, together with Noel Miller, has a comedy-rap-music duo, Tiny Meat Gang. He is engaged to his girlfriend Kelsey Kreppel and has a YouTube channel with her too.  

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