CoryxKenshin Net Worth: How Much is He Worth

Who is the famous and renowned CoryxKenshin? Want to know? Sounds familiar to you? Sure, it does.

CoryxKenshin’s real name is Cory DeVante Williams, and he is an American YouTuber who started as a vlogger but later progressed into producing video game content. he has a million followers on his YouTube channel and social media platforms.

Now, how much is Cory worth? He is worth $15 million. That’s wonderful, isn’t it? Do you want to know more exciting things about him? Let’s roll.

Coryxkenshin net worth illustration
Cory Williams Net Worth
NameCory Williams 
Net Worth$15 million
Birthday9 November 1992
Height6′ 3″ (1.90 M)
ProfessionYouTuber, Video Gamer

CoryxKenshin’s Net Worth and Career Growth

In the past 3 years, his net worth has achieved a 200%, making him one of the most trending YouTubers in the United States. With that growth, he has a net worth of $15 million. No words, just wow

Let us get you in on some facts. Cory gets around 56 million video views a month and 1.86 million views each day. He is a gaming YouTuber and creator whose maximum income comes from ad revenues and sponsorships.

He made his first video game series about the 1994 sports game named Super Punch-Out!.

Cory revealed in his latest video that he has received a strike on his YouTube channel for violating community guidelines. The Strike was about his ‘Try Not to Laugh’ video that had violated “child safety”.

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Coryxkenshin’s Age

So, Cory DeVante Williams was born in a Christian family to Anthony K. on November 9, 1992, in Ann Arbor. He currently lives in Detroit, Michigan, the United States. He is 29 years old as of 2022.

Then he enrolled at Michigan State University to complete his graduation in media arts but got this. He later dropped out of school to pursue his career on YouTube. Well, that was quite the risk, don’t you think? But it paid off so, moving on. Are you not curious about his lifestyle.

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Coryxkenshin lifestyle

Just so you know, Cory’s career doesn’t get in the way of him enjoying life as we all do. You probably have a thing or two in common with him.

Guess his favorite singer? Michael Jackson, how amazing is that? Want to know his favorite app? Can you guess? Of course its YouTube,

He doesn’t have a favorite song, but he has a favorite footballer, Ronaldo. Also, his favorite actor is Will Smith, and we are pretty sure you know his favorite hobbies. It is gaming and driving.

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Cory’s House

Cory is one of the richest YouTubers in the United States, and he loves the luxurious lifestyle. He has a bungalow which you will find in one of the most beautiful places in South Lyon, Michigan.

Big news, some reports state, his house costs $400,000. He has a dog named Samson and many other interesting things he likes to take videos of and post them on his social media pages in his house.

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Cory’s personal Life

In case you are wondering about Cory William’s personal life, he is a Christian. Cory adds quotes at the end of most of the videos he makes and references God on his channel.

Unfortunately, on April 25, 2017, Cory announced in his videos that he has Ectodermal Dysplasia, a rare genetic disorder he got from his father. So, he lacks 32 teeth, and instead, he has 24. He also lacks the usual amount of hair on his body.

Another piece of information about him you might be curious about is his relationship status. Well, he is neither married nor has a girlfriend. He is single, as the reports carry.

What is Coryxkenshin’s Net Worth in 2022? And How Much He Make Annually?

The star was first noticed at age 17, when he started making his videos. This brought a huge change in his life as he became well known. He gained great fame from his YouTube channel.

Coryxkenshin makes from his youtube channel more than $80,000 a month and earns more than $ 2.28 million annually. He has a net worth of $15 million in 2022, which makes him one of the richest YouTubers.

He also earns from brand promotions and sponsorships, making him a lot of money. He has done a lot of endorsement work for many gaming brands. Also, he has his merch shop in which he makes a lot of money.

Is CoryxKenshin a Millionaire?

Of course, he is. As a famous YouTuber, who started his early career in April 2009, his videos gained him a lot of views, and his popularity escalated.

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What Coryxkenshin Calls Himself

Cory Williams is better known online as Coryxkenshin. Cory nicknames himself “The Ankle Breaker.” This is a reference to the fact that he often runs around and quickly avoids enemies in video games, essentially “breaking their ankles” as he escapes his enemies.

He also calls himself “The Shotgun,” a nickname his fans gave him. His username on his YouTube platform is Rurouni Kenshin, a samurai from the anime and manga Rurouni Kenshin, also known as the famous samurai x, and his birth name.

Coryxkenshin Life Moments

Coryxkenshin is well known for his notorious hiatuses. Since the first one in the year 2011, he has had more. Now has a total of 11 hiatuses. It started when he was still a small YouTuber. When he hit 10 million subscribers, he released a video stating that he was not retiring, but instead, he was going back to school.

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Final Word

Cory Williams is a young man who had made a name for himself on the internet and quite a lot of money. With a net worth of $15 million which is increasing by the day, he is doing really good.

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