Dallin and Ashley Seely Net Worth: How Rich Is The Youtuber Couple

Dallin and Ashley Seeley are a pair of YouTubers better known as “Dallin and Ashley.” Together, the couple has an estimated net worth of $5 million. 

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If you have questions like what the Dashley’s real names are, what state do the Dashleys live in, what the Dashleys named their 3rd child, and what does Dallin Seely do for a living, then you’ll find that here and more!

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NameDallin and Ashley Seely
Real Name: Ashley Seely / Dallin Seely
Birthday:February 9, 1990/ March 16, 1984
Birth Sign:Aquarius/ Pisces
Age:32 years old/ 38 years old
Gender: Female/ Male
Height:5 feet 4 inches/ 5 feet 8 inches
Partner:Dallin Seely / Ashley Seely
Kids: George Kreiner, James Josephine and Violet June 
Professions:Both YouTuber, Digital Content Creator, Blogger, Social Media Influencer
Nationality: Both American
Religion: Mormon
Hair Color: Dark Brown/ Blonde
Net Worth: $5  million (USD)

What Is Dallin And Ashley Seely Net Worth?

Dallin Seely and Ashley Seely are both popular as a couple on various social media platforms.

They are famous American lifestyle Youtubers, showcasing their daily routine, life tips like kitchen tips, child-rearing, and family relationships.

They have almost 30 million views on their Youtube channel, The Dashleys has 173K subscribers, making it their biggest source of income.

As of this writing, their net worth is an estimated $5 million combined.

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Early Life

Dallin Seely was born and raised in Utah, USA on March March 16, 1984.

This 37 years old content creator and filmmaker has a brother named Kevin. They both share the same passion for music, with Kevin as the singer and Dallin as the drummer. Both of them keep their parents’ names private.

Dallin got his highs school diploma at the University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business. He pursued his college degree in Weber State University, a public university in Ogden, Utah where he took Bachelors Degree in Business Professional Sales.

Before becoming a famous YouTuber, he had experience in the corporate world and also in field work doing sales. This made him want to have his own company in the future.

Meanwhile, Ashley was born in the USA on February 9, 1990. A very private person before she got married, Ashley prefers to keep her family in private.

Hence, the identity of her parents and siblings are kept confidential as well as some of her personal information. That said, she is said to have grown up simply, with simple needs and wants.

Nowadays, she enjoys shopping at Costco, getting a new pair of Birkenstocks, and cooking her favorite recipes.

Much is not known also about her educational attainment but it can be assumed that she graduated from college because before she got married, she was a kindergarten teacher by profession.

Dallin And Ashley Seely Personal Life

Dallin and Ashley met sometime in 2013 in a youth camp where Ashley was a counselor and the two were seatmates during the whole trip.

Later in January 2014, they started dating. Shortly afterwards, Dallin proposed to Ashley in front of her students.

They got married on June 6, 2014, in Latter-Day Saints Temple in Brigham City, Utah, USA. As part of their religions’ teachings, they were both apparently “virgin” when they tied the knot.

Their union was blessed with three beautiful kids namely: George Kreiner (5); James Josephine (3) and Violet June (7 months old).

This household of five has an additional family member that every member of the family adores. They are the two Australian Shepherd Luna and Dash. 

They also enjoy traveling together as a family. They usually share these trips on their YouTube channel, which many people enjoy.

The family has lived in different parts of Utah. At present, they are residing in Salt Lake City where they run their wedding videography business. 

Career: How Much Does Dallin And Ashley Seely Make? 

The couple started their Youtube Channel, The Dashleys, on March 25, 2017. With their funny and sincere way of presenting their videos, their subscribers grew into 173K of people who love watching their family in their day-to-day adventures.

At first, it was just for their family and friends as their way to keep in touch with them, until it grew to thousands of followers loving their hilarious vlogs. The vlogs have relatable moments like child-rearing, family adventures with travel tips, and cooking their favorite recipes.

The success of The Dashleys carried on to other platforms like their Instagram with 219K followers; Twitter, with almost 4K followers; TikTok with 122.1K followers and Facebook with 980,464 followers.

Their Youtube channel alone has estimated earnings of $20K every month. Aside from other social media platforms, they also have “the dashleykitchen” where they cook good food, the “AshleyDallin Film” where they wedding video coverages and podcasts, and “Big Little Life with The Dashley,” where they talk about family, marriage, parenting, business, faith and many more.

Dallin Seely is also the Video Production Editor of Pluralsight, a production that specializes in creating wedding films and videos.

Aside from that, the two have various sponsors like BetterHelp and Dropps that also add to their regular earnings as internet personalities.

Final Words: Is Dallin And Ashley Seely A Millionaire?

Famous Youtubers Dallin and Ashley Seely, vloggers, bloggers, content creators, film-makers, and entrepreneurs are definitely millionaires in their own right. In fact, their estimated net worth is $5 million combined as of this writing.

They’ve managed to accumulate a lot of money from their 5 years on YouTube. Their prime source of income is their monetization from their Youtube channel.

Their wedding video coverage also added to their income, as well as their blog and their podcast. The couple also has endorsements and product sponsorships are left and right.

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