Dave Hester Net Worth: How Rich Is The Businessman

Dave Hester is an American TV personality and businessman. He is mainly known as The Mogul by his role in Storage Wars and has earned a net worth of $3 million. 

Dave Hester net worth
Dave Hester Net Worth
NameDave Hester
NicknameDave Hester, The Mogul
Birthday23 July 1964
Weight176 lbs
PartnerDonna Hester
KidsDave Hester Jr.
SiblingsFive siblings 
ProfessionTV personality
Net Worth $13 million

What is Dave Hester’s Net Worth?

Dave Hester’s net worth is $13 million. He made his fortune in his business as an auctioneer and built a career as a TV personality. He is mainly known as one of the lead auctioneers in the TV show Storage Wars. He is considered a pretty controversial personality, and it’s because he fought with a coworker.

He keeps his personal life to himself, but we can tell you that he has been a married man for a long time and has one son. There are many rumors about him being gay, and he was accused of not keeping secrets many times.

Dave Hester’s Early Life

Dave Hester was born on 23 July 1964 at Camp Pendleton, Marine Corps Base, California. He grew up with his parents and five siblings whose names are not disclosed.

Dave Hester’s father worked in the army, and it was a challenging period to raise all five kids, so he started going to auctions. While at auctions, he started taking Dave to auctions and teaching him the craft.

Dave didn’t have much appreciation for school, so there wasn’t any information about his education. He learned about auctioning from his father and chose it for his future job.   

Dave Hester’s Personal Life

Dave Hester’s personal life is pretty controversial. He is a family man, but he was accused of being gay, and there were more harrowing accusations of him contacting underage girls searching for sex. He is married to Donna Hester, and they have one son Dave Hester Jr.

Our knowledge of his love and personal life is just based on rare photos on social networks. There were rumors about splitting with his wife, but none were confirmed or denied. He was later linked with another woman because of a Twitter photo.

Dave Hester had a massive stroke and many health problems; he needed to learn how to walk again, which was a challenging period for him. Still, he managed to overcome that

Dave Hester, his wife, and their two dogs live in a lovely house in Westminster, California. They often travel together, which we can conclude from their pictures on social media.

Dave Hester’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Dave Hester is 5’7” tall and weighs 176 lbs. He has a specific style that he cherishes; he regularly wears YUUP outfits

Career: How Much Does Dave Hester Make?

Dave Hester started his career in 1986 by doing his first auction. He started buying and selling stuff, and he was the owner of a shop named Rags To Riches and the owner of a consignment gallery in Newport

He used old stuff he bought and used to sell his father’s collections. In 1990, he started joining bids and auctions, and in 1992 he became a licensed auctioneer.

He closed both of his shops in 2011, but by that time, he became one of the leading buyers in the reality TV show Storage Wars, earning the nickname The Mogul.

He starred in three seasons and was fired because of a lawsuit. He returned in the fifth season and starred in the reality TV Storage Wars until season 12.

Dave has a legal license for auctioning and opened his own company, Dave Hester Auctions. Dave Hester starred as an actor in the movie Five Thirteen, but he didn’t continue his acting career.

Dave Hester is not very active on social media platforms; his Instagram profile has 2,482 followers, his Twitter account has 79.2K followers, and his Facebook profile has 153K followers

Final Word: Is Dave Hester a Millionaire?

Dave Hester is a millionaire with a net worth of $3 million. He made his fortune selling stuff and promoting the business, making it a reality TV show. He was known as The Mogul in Storage Wars, the show was featured on A&E, and he was one of the leading buyers.   

Is Dave Hester Self-made?

Dave Hester is a self-made millionaire. He made a fortune in the auctioning business and reselling stuff. His most considerable support was his father, not by giving money but by teaching him the trade; his motto is some man’s trash is another man’s fortune. That was the idea of the reality TV show Storage Wars.

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