DDG Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper

DDG is a famous social media star, rapper, and YouTuber who has come to fame in the past few years. Here we’ll talk about his work, life, and net worth of about $20 million.

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DDG Net Worth
NameDarryl Dwayne Granberry Jr.
NicknameDDG, PontiacMadeDDG
Birthday10 October 1997
Height5’ 9”
Weight150 lbs
PartnerHalle Bailey
KidsDanequa Granberry
ParentsDarryl Granberry Sr., Tonya Yvette
SiblingsDajaun Bridge Grandberry, Tiara Grandberry
ProfessionRapper, YouTuber
Net Worth $20 million

What is DDG’s Net Worth?

DDG has a net worth of about $20 million. He made most of his wealth through his music, but he earns a nice income from his social media activity.

He has a successful online presence on all major social media platforms, and he uses his success to sell merchandise which looks like a pretty sweet deal for DDG.

DDG’s Early Life

DDG’s real name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry JR. He was born on 10 October 1997 in Pontiac, Michigan. His dad was Darryl Granberry Sr., who worked as a sound engineer in a music studio, while his mom, Tonya Yvette, worked in retail.

DDG has a sister, Tiara, who is also a YouTuber. His eldest brother Dajaun Bridge was murdered in street violence when he was 21 years old. DDG has said that this is one of the worst moments in his life.

DDG finished high school at the International Tech Academy, where he was the valedictorian. He then enrolled at Central Michigan University. However, his YouTube career took off, and he dropped out of school to pursue his music and online careers full-time.

DDG’s Personal Life

DDG has been linked to several notable names over the years. Still, he is young and has not been married yet. He was dating fellow YouTuber and model Kennedy Cymon. The couple dated in 2017, and DDG proposed in 2018, but the relationship was not meant to be, and they broke up.

DDG has also been linked to dating pop singer Emaza Dilan, but these rumors have not been confirmed. He was related to Ruby Rose and dated Riley Simpson for a while. DDG became a dad in 2021, welcoming daughter Danequa Granberry, and he is currently dating Halle Bailey.

DDG earns a good income and knows how to enjoy his money. He bought a $10 million mansion and spent over $700K to renovate it. He also invests his money in real estate, namely luxury real estate properties all over the US. He is living in his mansion in Los Angeles.

DDG’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

DDG is 5’9” and weighs 150 lbs. He is very skinny and keeps a fit body by boxing and exercising regularly. DDG has big brown eyes, and he has a crazy hairstyle – namely, he wears his hair in dreadlocks with short-cropped sides.

Career: How Much Does DDG Make?

DDG’s primary source of income is from album sales, then online activity, and lastly, from merch sales and endorsements. 

DDG started his first YouTube channel in 2014, which was devoted to gaming; later the same year, he started the channel PontiacMadeDDG Vlogs with 2.85 million subscribers. According to Social Blade data, this channel earns him about $20K per month and up to $250K per year

He now also runs another YouTube channel named DDG. This is a music channel that is very popular and has 2.42 million subscribers, he gets about $26K per month and over $315K per year.

His other YouTube channel, The DDG Family, has 3.94 million subscribers. Here, DDG talks about his private life and family.

DDG started his music career in 2016, releasing two songs, Balenciagas and Free Parties, produced by Zaytoven. His next song, Lettuce, got 500K views in one hour on YouTube, and WorldHipHop contacted DDG for exclusive rights to the video.

Next up was the EP Take Me Serious in 2017, with the single Givenchy. The EP’s success led to DDG signing a record deal with Epic Records. His next single, Arguments, was released in 2018 and was certified Gold in 2020.

He released his debut album, Valedictorian, on 20 September 2019, with the single Push. Next was the single Moonwalking in Calabasas, which became the first of DDG’s songs to hit the Billboard Hot 100 list. The song was certified Platinum in 2021

DDGs singles were remixed by many artists, which also led to the increase in his fame. However, he also collaborated with many notable names like 

DDG worked together with producer OG Parker and released the single Money Long feat. 42 Dugg in 2021. In March 2021, DDG and OG Parker released a collaborative mixtape Die 4 Respect, peaking at No. 61 on the Billboard 200.

DDG released a single named Elon Musk, featuring rapper Gunna. DDG has said in an interview that the single is a nod to Musk’s space exploration endeavors, as DDG has similar interests. DDG became the first rapper to travel in space to record a music video.

DDG also founded the record label Zooted Music in 2020 with his managers Eric O’Connor and Dimitri Hurt. The Zooted Music YouTube channel has 1.59 million subscribers

The record has signed several artists and released the latest DDG albums so far. DDG makes a good income from his apparel and accessories store, DDG Squad.

He enjoys high popularity on Spotify, where he has close to 5.5 million monthly listeners. DDG’s Instagram has 5.3 million followers, and his Twitter has 805.6K followers.

Apart from his music and social media careers, DDG is an amateur boxer. His latest boxing event was with a TikTok musician Nate Wyatt, who is also a fan of amateur boxing. 

The fight was a part of the Social Gloves amateur boxing event where famous YouTubers fought famous TikTokers. DDG defeated Nate Wyatt, and the overall wins went in favor of the YouTubers.

Final Word: Is DDG a Millionaire?

Yes, DDG is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of over $20 million. He has made much of it from his music career and album sales, but a lot of it also comes from his social media activity, namely his YouTube accounts. He earns an income from selling merch, is an avid investor, and owns several real estate properties. 

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