Desiree Washington Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Desiree Washington is an American beauty pageant winner and former model that gained the general public’s attention after an incident with the popular boxer Mike Tyson. Today, her net worth is an estimated $650,000.

Desiree Washington

Before diving deeper into the details of her career, early life and personal life, as well as why her net worth is approximately the value it is today, here’s a brief and fundamental introduction on who Desiree Washington is.

Name Desiree Washington
Full NameDesiree Washington
Birth Date1973 
ParentsDonald Washington and Mary Bell Silva Washington 
SiblingsDon Junior Washington and Dorrae Washington 
Professionmodel, American Beauty Pageants contestant
Net Worth$650,000

What is Desiree Washington Net Worth?

Desiree Washington’s net worth is approximated to be about $650,000 in 2021. The Afro-American beauty pageant contestant worked as a former model and even contested for the title of Miss Black America in 1991.

She had contested in other beauty pageants, winning her first one at the young age of 18. She has earned the most of her net worth as a beauty pageant contestant but unfortunately declined in her profession as a model and beauty pageant contestant after a rape incident with Mike Tyson in 1992.

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Early Life

Desiree Washington was born in Coventry, Rhode Island, in the United States of America, to Donald Washington and Mary Bell Silva Washington in the year 1973. The precise day and month of her birth are unspecified and are yet to be disclosed to the general public.

She attended Coventry High School during the early years of her education. She was known for being particularly brilliant and active in sports activities.

She represented her school in championship competitions and even became a goodwill ambassador in her senior years before proceeding to graduate with honors.

Desiree furthered her education at Providence College, located in Providence, Rhode Island, as a psychology student. Although her course of study was significantly different, she always expressed that she would love to work professionally as an attorney or a politician.

At f 18, Desiree won her first beauty pageant contest as Miss Black Rhode Island in 1991.

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Desiree Washington Personal Life

Desiree Washington is currently 49 years of age. Information concerning her marital or relationship life is presently undisclosed, as Desiree has led a very quiet life away from public media. 

However, she is known to have had one boyfriend back when she was in high school and a very brief relationship with Mike Tyson. Desiree met with Mike Tyson at a hotel in Indianapolis on July 19, 1991, after he had apparently asked her out and given her keys to his hotel room.

She revealed that the popular boxer had raped her in the hotel room that night, and Mike Tyson was arrested a few days later. The case was later taken to court, and Mike Tyson, after he was found guilty, was sentenced to ten years in prison, serving only six years out of said time.

Desiree’s life as a young woman started to decline after the incident. She expressed that the entire ordeal was very mentally traumatizing for her and those that were close to her.

Desiree’s parents split after the incident, and her siblings confirmed that they had been ridiculed for the incident in their schools and society.

Desiree retreated from the general public and media after the incident. She has since then kept a very low profile. Today, Desiree’s current location, occupation, and relationship status are largely unknown.

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Desiree Washington won a lot of beauty pageants between the years 1991 and 1992, with particular emphasis on the year 1991. After winning her first pageantry as Miss Black Rhode Island in that year, Desiree Washington contested in the Miss Black America pageant in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the same year.

She took her modeling career seriously after the Miss Black America pageant and earned money by competing in modeling competitions. She continued working as a model until the finalization of her court case with Mike Tyson on March 26, 1992.

How much does Desiree Washington earn?

Desiree Washington earns approximately $400,000 in yearly income as a model. During her time as a model and beauty pageant contestant, she accrued income in millions.

Today, she has stopped working as a model but is believed to still be living comfortably with what she made in her younger years.

Desiree was also compensated financially by Mike Tyson after the court case. The exact amount she was paid as compensation is not known.

Desiree also mentioned that she was offered $1 million to drop the case against Mike Tyson, but she refused the money.

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Final Word: Is Desiree Washington a Millionaire?

Desiree Washington is not a Millionaire. Her recent occupation and earning statistics are currently unknown, but her net worth has been estimated to be less than a million dollars. As of today, she is estimated to be worth $650,000.

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