Devon Larratt Net Worth: How Rich Is The Arm Wrestler

Devon Larratt is a Canadian professional arm wrestler, YouTuber, and a former soldier of the Canadian Armed Forces with a net worth of $500,000 as of 2022. Devon’s rise to the top is full of ups and downs but shows just how much a man can achieve with sheer determination.

Devon is best known for his arm-wrestling prowess. Currently holding the #1 title.

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Devon Larratt Net Worth
NameDevon Larratt
BirthdayApril 24th, 1975
Age46 years
WifeJodi Larratt
ProfessionalsArm Wrestler

What is Devon Larratt’s Net Worth?

Devon Larratt is worth an estimated $500,000. Most of the income is from his work as a professional arm wrestler.

Early Life

Devon was born 24th April, 1975 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. His interest in arm wrestling started at the early age of 10.

Interestingly, Devon’s first duel was against his grandma. She was a farmworker and claimed to be “the best arm-wrestling woman in Alberta”. He developed his physical strength on the farm and then set the skills he’ll need in arm wrestling in Ontario’s oil fields.

He took part in several local competitions that he excelled in them.

Devon joined the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command in 2006 at 21. He served as an armoured soldier for four years.

Joining the army did not mean the end of Devon’s career. If anything, it improved it. He competed in and won several national and international competitions

Devon Larratt’s Personal Life

A military veteran, standing at 6 feet and 5 inches. His service in the military and his choice to be somewhat private meant that much cannot be known about his personal life. That being said, Devon married his wife, Jodi Larratt, in 2003. She is an actress as well as an arm wrestler too. They have three children, all of whom are pro actors and arm wrestlers.

Larratt is a big fan of pancakes, which he eats when training for super-matches. He has posted some pretty hilarious pancakes videos online, leading to a comical and entertaining plot within the arm-wrestling community. Fans also get in on the action by mailing him maple syrup and pancake mix.

Larratt and his family presently live in Ottawa, Canada.


Devon has had a long and fulfilling career spanning 23 years. Here are some of his career highlights.

His first international competition was in 1999 at a world event in Japan. He came third in the left-handed 100kg competition.

In 2006 after getting shot in his hand by shrapnel in Afghanistan and finishing a 6-month deployment, Devon beat Ron Bath, who was considered the 3rd best heavyweight after only John Brenzk and the champion Travis Bagent.

In 2008, Devon defeated John Brenzk in a super match. He was the first man in 25 years to do so. That same year, Devon went on to beat Marcio Barboza and Travis Bagent.

Davon became number one in 2010 when he again defeated Travis Bagent, Tim Brensan, and Don Underwood.

In 2012, at ArmBet 42, Devon beat Andrey Pushkar. That same year, Iain Valliere broke his arm in a match with Devon.

Larratt joined the World Armwrestling League (WAL) in 2014 and won the WAL left-hand heavyweight after Marcio Barboza withdrew due to injuries.

Outside of the WAL, Devon faced Micheal Todd at the famed King of the Table (KOTT) in Dubai. He surprised fans and critics alike by beating him 6-0. That win meant Devon Larratt has the ‘Legacy Hammer’, a symbolic object given to the world’s best arm wrestler.

Devon also dabbled in wrestling when “Thor” (not Thor, son of Odin) Hafthor Bjornsson challenged him to a duel. The match was held on the 18th of September 2021 in Dubai, and Bjornsson won. Before that match, Thor and Devon had a bet where the former vowed to break Devon’s nose.

 Details of how much Devon made vs Thor or vice versa are unknown; however, Bjornsson raised the stakes to $5000.

How Much Does Devon Larratt Earn?

Devon Larratt earns money as an arm wrestler. He gets paid to defeat some of the world’s strongest men. His net worth is approximately $500,000 as of 2022.

Devon’s main income stream is from arm wrestling. He, however, makes money selling merch on his website. He also runs a YouTube channel, an Instagram account with 260K followers and a mobile app.

Devon’s worth could skyrocket if fans’ clamour for the wrestler to act to Superman comes to a realization. He’ll make a great Clark Kent.

Final Words: Is Devon Larratt a millionaire 

Although a net worth of $500,000 is not enough to call Devon a millionaire, 2022 may be the year he breaks into the millionaire club. His favourite phrase is “no limits”. Devon will not let anyone limit his potential.

It would be rewarding to watch what this arm wrestler has in store for the world

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