Drena De Niro Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actress

Drena De Niro is an American actress and filmmaker known as the adoptive daughter of Robert De Niro. She has a net worth of about $7 million, and here we’ll talk about her personal and professional life and her upcoming projects.

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Drena De Niro Net Worth
NameDrena De Niro
Birthday3 September 1971
Weight149 lbs.
KidsLeandro De Niro Rodriguez
ParentsDiahnne Abbott, Robert De Niro
SiblingsRaphael De Niro, Elliot De Niro, Aaron Kendrick De Niro, Julian Henry De Niro, Helen Grace De Niro
ProfessionActress, Filmmaker
Net Worth $7 million

What is Drena De Niro’s Net Worth?

Drena De Niro has a net worth of about $7 million. She has worked as a dee-jay, a model, a fashion consultant, an actress, a producer, and a filmmaker.

Drena De Niro has also worked as a fashion coordinator for Giorgio Armani’s fashion shows and stores. She has collaborated with her father, Robert De Niro, on numerous projects, often having small but significant roles in his movies.

Drena De Niro’s Early Life

Drena De Niro was born on 3 September 1971 in New York City, USA. Her mother is Diahnne Abbot, and her biological father is unknown. She was adopted by Robert De Niro when he married her mother in 1976. She has five siblings: Raphael De Niro, Elliot De Niro, Aaron Kendrick De Niro, Julian Henry De Niro, and Helen Grace De Niro.

Rapahel is also the son of Dihanne and Robert. Aaron and Julian are her stepsiblings from Robert De Niro’s relationship with Toukie Smith. At the same time, Elliot and Helen Grace are her stepsiblings from the marriage of Robert De Niro to Grace Hightower.

Drena became very close to her adoptive father, and they are still very close up to this day, even after Robert and Diahnne divorced in 1988. Drena had a bohemian upbringing, living between New York, Los Angeles, and Italy.

Drena De Niro’s Personal Life

There is no info on whether Drena De Niro was married, but she gave birth to a son, Leandro De Niro Rodriguez, in 2005. She is now single and raising her son in New York City. 

Her father, Robert De Niro, gifted her a $2.85 million penthouse apartment in the West Village, Manhattan, NYC.

Drena De Niro’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Drena De Niro is 5’9” tall and weighs about 148 lbs. She is very fit for a 50-year woman and has worked as a model. She has light-brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair, due to her mixed heritage.

Career: How Much Does Drena De Niro Make?

Drena De Niro has made quite a fortune during her long career. She’s worked as a model, DJ, music and fashion consultant, actress, producer, and director.

Drena De Niro began her career as a model, and she worked exclusively for Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani. Besides modeling for Armani, Drena also worked as a music consultant for the Armani stores and fashion shows.

She started acting in 1996, with a small role in Grace of My Heart and Wag the Dog. She got more prominent roles in Great Expectations in 1998 and At First Sight in 1999. Drena got the lead role in the movie On The Run in 1999, which opened more doors for her.

She wrote and directed her first short documentary film, Girls and Dolls, in 2000, which earned a Best Directorial Debut Award at the New York Independent Film/Video Festival. Drena and her son Leo had minor roles in the 2018 version of A Star Is Born. She is also the spokesperson for Kageno, a non-profit organization providing help for the Kageno people of Kenya. 

Drena De Niro earns a good income from her career in fashion and movies. As we can see from her social media activity, she is involved in multiple projects and is a proud mama of a teenage Leandro. She is active on Instagram with 16.8K followers but is not active on other platforms.

Final Word: Is Drena De Niro a Millionaire?

Yes, Drena De Niro is a millionaire and her net worth is about $7 million. She’s made some of it through her modeling career, but she is also an actress, a director, a fashion consultant for movies, and a music consultant. She is living in NYC with her son Leandro.

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