Eastside Ivo Net Worth: How Rich Is the Social Media Influencer

Eastside Ivo is a social media influencer, comedian, and, recently, music artist. He rose to fame for his humourous Instagram skits, where he puts on a wig and behaves like a female character. His net worth today is estimated to be at least $1 million.

Here’s a brief introduction to Eastside Ivo before we explore more on his early life, personal life, career and net worth.

Eastside Ivo Net worth Illustration
NameEastside Ivo
NameEastside Ivo
Birthday20th of October, 1995
ParentsDiva Trice
KidsEastside Ivo Jr. and Marri
Profession(s)Comedian, Music Artist and Social Media Personality
Net Worth$1 million

What is Eastside Ivo Net Worth?

Eastside Ivo’s net worth is estimated to be at least $1 million as of now. He previously worked only as an Instagram comedian and social media influencer but recently ventured into the music industry as well. He has continued to juggle all careers simultaneously since then.

Early Life

Eastside Ivo was born on the 20th of October 1995 in Detroit, Michigan. He had mentioned in an interview that his parents were very young when they had him, and his father was absent for the most part of his childhood because he ended up in prison. He was then raised by his mother, Diva Trice, with some help from his grandmother and a stepfather, when his mother remarried.

He has three other siblings; two sisters and a brother, and he is the eldest of them. As a child, Ivo used to sell candy in his neighborhood to raise funds so he could assist his mother and household when he was just nine years old. He rode the bus a lot and engaged in conversations with the different kinds of people he met, and this helped him to strongly develop his social skills and boost his confidence.

In his teenage years, Ivo started to roll with a crowd of fellow teenagers that stole cars for money. At the age of 16, he decided to give up on his life of crime, most especially after his son was born. He started to attend a juvenile detention center on weekends for his basic education until he received his high school diploma.

Ivo has also revealed that he had plans to further his education at Full Sail University in Florida but dismissed the idea so he could focus on growing his career on social media.

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Eastside Ivo Personal Life

Eastside Ivo is currently 27 years of age and will be 28 by October 2022. In body measurements, his height measures 6 feet and 2 inches (1.8m) tall. He has black hair and black eye color and has listed one of his hobbies as writing and performing comedy skits for his close family members and friends.

Many eyebrows have been raised concerning Eastside’s sexuality because of his apparent love for crossdressing and acting like a woman on his Instagram skits. A lot of his fans started to make allegations that he was gay. Eastside addressed the rumors in an interview, revealing that he is purely heterosexual and his crossdressing and acting is simply to properly portray the female character in his skits.

Eastside Ivo is currently married with three children, two of which are Eastside Ivo Jr. and Marri. Ivo’s children came from different mothers, and he is currently involved in a polyamorous relationship with both of them. He currently lives with both mothers and his three children in Los Angeles, California.


Eastside Ivo’s career kicked off on the social media platform Instagram in December 2013, with comedy skits in which he would dress up and pretend to be a female actress struggling with relationship issues. He continued to post consistently, and his content first became recognized when he was shared by a popular Instagram user, “2realmacdatfree”.

Ivo’s Instagram followers grew by 80,000 followers in one day after being shared by the popular Instagram page. He continued to post more of his skits on Instagram, and his followers grew to a million followers in an estimate of six months. Today, Eastside Ivo’s followers on Instagram @eastside_ivo  peak at 2.6 million followers.

His social media influence has also spread to other platforms beyond Instagram’s borders, such as TikTok @eastside_ivo with over 900,000 followers and YouTube “EASTSIDEIVO” with 470,000 subscribers and more than 30 million views.

Eastside began exploring a career in the music industry after successfully peaking on social media. He established his own self-named record label Eastside Ivo and released his first album, “Fate,” in 2016. Some of his most popular songs include “Hey Momma,” which he dedicated to his mother, “Xposed,” “Man,” and “Explanation”.

Recently, Eastside Ivo uses his YouTube platform to release his new music and their music videos.

How much does Eastside Ivo make?

Eastside Ivo has been estimated to make a minimum of $50,000 in yearly income. His earnings from his YouTube channel in a year are estimated to range between $6000 to $10,000. He also does sponsorships for products and brand promotions on his Instagram platform, and the average estimate he makes from each promotion post ranges between $5000-$8000.

Eastside Ivo is also paid for making appearances and performing at various social events and also earns through royalties on his music.

Is Eastside Ivo a millionaire?

Eastside Ivo is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of at least $1 million. He makes income today mostly through his music, as well as sponsorships and promotions on his social media platforms. He continues to release new music and music videos on his YouTube channel.

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