Emmanuel Acho Net Worth: How Rich Is The NFL Player

Emmanuel Chinedum Acho is a Nigerian-American former linebacker who played for the NFL and is now working as an analyst for Fox Sports 1. He has a net worth of $1.2 million.

Emmanuel Acho net worth
Emmanuel Acho Net Worth
NameEmmanuel Chinedum Acho
NicknameEmmanuel Acho, Promposal
Birthday10 November 1990
Weight238 lbs
ParentsSonny Acho, Christine Acho
SiblingsSam Acho
ProfessionA sports analyst and author
Net Worth $20 million

What is Emmanuel Acho’s Net Worth?

Emmanuel Acho’s net worth is $20 million. He started a career in football in the NFL as a linebacker. He had signed for the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles but didn’t get much playing time and tried himself in other businesses. Emmanuel got interested in media, and he started as an analyst. He saw the potential in media, so he transformed his job into various media appearances. He hosts his own show and appears on TV and web series.

Emmanuel’s personal life has its ups and downs, but still, he is not eager to show off to the public. He is single and has one previous relationship.

Emmanuel Acho’s Early Life

Emmanuel Cinedum Acho was born on 10 November 1990 in Dallas, Texas. His parents are Sonny Acho and Christine Acho; they are Igbo immigrants from Isuikwuato, Nigeria.

His parents are doctors who do missionary work in Nigeria, Africa. The family is involved in the Living Hope Christian Ministers and Operation Hope, and they often travel to Nigeria to provide medical services.    

Emmanuel and his siblings are raised Christian. It is mentioned that Emmanuel has three siblings, two sisters, but only the name of his brother Sam Acho is revealed. His brother was also a footballer and is a sports analyst too.

Emmanuel Acho attended St. Mark’s School of Texas, where he was part of the football and basketball team; also, as an athlete, he ran the track and field. Emmanuel Acho holds the school’s records in the shot put and discus.

As a senior, Emmanuel was named a top linebacker; he continued his education at the University of Texas, like his older brother Sam Acho.

Emmanuel Acho graduated from the University of Texas in 2011 with a degree in sports management.

Emmanuel Acho’s Personal Life

Emmanuel Acho is a public person who, despite his NFL career, is a sports analyst, writer, and TV personality, and he doesn’t share much about his privacy.

Emmanuel attended all-boys high school, and they could invite a date to the prom, but their parents were there, so he didn’t get a prom date.

In 2015, an Eagles fan, Hannah Delmonte, contacted Emmanuel Acho via Instagram, asking him to prom. He was delighted by the idea, and after receiving 10K retweets, he accepted her invitation. He accompanied Hannah to her prom and got his nickname Promposal.

Emmanuel started dating Yvonne Orji in 2018. She is a famous Nigerian-American actress. At the beginning of their relationship, they were quiet about it, and months later, they went public. Unfortunately, their relationship fell apart in 2019; Yvonne stated that she followed her strong Christian beliefs and is still a virgin.

When he joined the show Bachelorette, rumors about him and Becca Kufrin started to speculate. Nothing about it was confirmed.

He lives in a Hollywood Hills mansion; the mansion is a luxury designed one and shows his fancy lifestyle. He drives nice cars like a few Lexus models, BMW, Mercedes, and Range Rover.

Emmanuel Acho’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Emmanuel Acho is 6’1” tall and weighs 238 lbs. His weight is full of muscles, and he shows it in many ways. He has a great style and always is well-dressed in a sports outfit or tuxedo.

Career: How Much Does Emmanuel Acho Make?

Emmanuel Acho started his football career while in high school, continued through college, and finished in the NFL league.

He played for The University of Texas, where he was a first-team All-Big 12 linebacker. He won the Arthur Ashe Award in 2010, was named AFCA Good Works Team in 2011, and was the finalist for the 2011 Loot Trophy for Defensive IMPACT Player of the Year and many other college awards.

In 2012 he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the sixth round. Unfortunately, he had a leg injury and missed all 2012 season. In the following season, 2013, he was traded to Philadelphia Eagles, and later in September, he was released.

In September 2013, Emmanuel Acho signed with the New York Giants practice squad. There he had little playing time, it was after the injury of Jake Knott, and after his return, Acho was inactive in the team. 

He had transitioned to Philadelphia Eagles and had a little play time to become a free agent in November 2015. Becoming a free agent in 2015 marked the end of his professional career. 

At the end of his playing career, he started a new career in the entertainment industry. In 2016, he started a temporary sports analyst position for Longhorn Network but soon was transferred to a full-time job. There he was one of the anchors of the Texas Gameday Desk.

In 2018, Emmanuel Acho started working for ESPN 2 college football programming. He started working as one of the hosts of Cover Four on the official website of the Dallas Cowboys.

As of 2020, Acho is part of Fox Sports, and co-host of the show Speak for Yourself. 

In 2020 he started his web series Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man; he talks about racism between ordinary people, system racism, social injustice, and more. He wrote a book titled Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, it became a New York Times bestseller.

Emmanuel Acho hosted the 25th season of The Bachelors; he was invited to compete on The Bachelorette, but he hasn’t appeared as a competitor yet.

In 2022 he published his second book, Illogical: Saying Yes to a Life Without Limits encouraging readers to make changes in life to do better.

Part of his income comes from endorsement deals, as he endorses Lexus, and there are rumors about his book being endorsed by Oprah.

Emmanuel Acho is very active with his work; you can see more about it on his website and his YouTube channel, where he has 605K subscribers; on Twitter, he has 325.3K followers, and he has TikTok with 556.1K followers.

Is Emmanuel Acho a Millionaire?

Emmanuel Acho is a millionaire with a net worth of 1.2 million. His fortune comes from different sources and may be more considerable than listed. He was a professional footballer who played in the NFL as a linebacker from 2012 to 2015 when he was released. Then he started his media career, which became a more successful one. He is an author too. Currently, he is single and has one previous relationship with the Nigerian-American actress Yvonne Orji.

Is Emmanuel Acho Self-made?

Emmanuel Acho is a self-made millionaire who earned his fortune by playing football and commenting about it. He was an NFL player who played for Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles, and when he left the field, he worked as a sports analyst for ESPN and later for Fox Sports. He expanded his media performance on TV and web series, is an author of many books, and continues his family’s missionary work.

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