George Farmer Net Worth: How Much Is The Businessman Worth?

George Farmer was a part of the Bullingdon Club and the chairman of Turning Point UK. According to reports, he was the youngest-ever member of the Leader’s Group in 2016, donating at least £50,000 per year in exchange for exclusive access to the Prime Minister.

Lord George Farmer has a net worth of $200 million, which he has accumulated through his numerous business ventures. We will be talking about George Farmer, his net worth, personal life and career as we continue in this article.

George Farmers net worth illustration
NameGeorge Farmer
Full NameGeorge Thomas Farmer
Birth Date1989
Birth PlaceLondon, England
PartnerCandace Owens
Parent Michael Farmer, Jennifer Potts
Net Worth$200 million

Early life

George was born to Lord Michael Farmer, a British businessman and philanthropist, in London, United Kingdom. His father is a life peer in the House of Lords; this definitely shows that he comes from a wealthy family.

His actual birthday has not been revealed anywhere on the internet or in the media. But we know for sure that he is currently in his 30s.

He was born in England to Michael Farmer and Jennifer Potts.

He finished his education at St. Paul’s, a prestigious public school in London. In addition, he received his higher education at Oxford University and worked for a hedge fund. Farmer earned a first in theology from Oxford.

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Who is George Farmer’s family?

George was born into a wealthy family. His parents, Michael Farmer, a well-known businessman and politician and Jennifer Potts, were both well-established and famous in the community. They had three children, and George Farmer is the oldest of the three children.

Michael Farmer began his job as an account clerk at London Metal Exchange when he was only 18 years old. He then went on to work for some metal industries, gaining as much expertise and information as he could.

Following that, he co-founded the “Red Kite Group,” which ruled the global copper market, alongside other partners. As a result, he made a fortune in the metal industry.

As the company progressed, it expanded into the hedge fund business, which specialized in mining investments and financing.

Furthermore, Michael entered politics in 2006. His political party, in particular, is conservative. Michael has spent most of his political career advocating for causes such as women’s homelessness, domestic violence, and the mental health of people of all ages.

In addition to these, he has been involved in political actions that have benefited the citizens, and he is a member of the House of Lords and the Conservative Foundation.

He is also, known for his and his wife Candace Owens support of Trump.

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Personal life

George Farmer is married to Candace Owens, and they have a son together.  This is how their love journey began; they met at the Turning Point UK launch in December 2018; during the event, Candace was the addressee, and Farmer was intimidated, then Farmer approached her, and they started talking.

So the next day, they went on a dinner date, and after three weeks of dating, George surprised Candice and asked her to marry him. They then got engaged after returning from South Africa on Valentine’s Day. And they finally got married on August 6, 2019.

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How old is George Farmer?

He is 32 years old as of now

Career and Income

George Farmer, the husband of Candace Owens, is a politician at the moment. He is a member of the Reform UK party. As previously said, he followed in his father’s footsteps. As the eldest kid, he is in charge of the majority of the company’s and its business’s critical concerns.

Farmer’s exact role in his father’s hedge fund remains unknown for the time being. People are aware, however, that he has played a key part in the expansion of business and profit maximization.

In 2021, George Farmer assumed the role of CEO at the social media platform Parler. This marked a significant step in his career, showcasing his foray into the tech industry and social media landscape. Farmer’s leadership aimed to steer Parler toward prominence in the online sphere, aligning with his background in business and politics. This endeavor added to the multifaceted nature of his professional journey, which had previously been associated with his family’s lucrative business ventures and political activities.

As of January 2021, Parler had over 15 million users. The site was popular among supporters of Donald Trump and the Republican Party during the 2020 United States presidential election. In November 2020, following the election, Parler was banned by Amazon, Apple, and Google for allegedly violating their terms of service by promoting violence.

Fast-forward to October 2022, where another noteworthy chapter unfolded in the Parler saga. On October 17th of that year, the renowned musician and entrepreneur Kanye West, who had adopted the moniker “Ye,” made headlines by announcing his acquisition of Parler for an undisclosed amount.

What is George Farmers’ net worth?

George Farmer reportedly has a net worth of $200 million as a result of his business investments.

Word Final

Farmer currently has a net worth of $200 million. He has amassed this wealth from his worldwide copper trading business. In addition to running his family’s business, he is also a member of the group’s leadership and a supporter of the Brexit party.

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