Henry Mauriss Net worth: Wiki, Age, Bio, Career & More

Henry Mauriss is an American businessman from Burbank, California, who has made his fortune through credit card and media ventures.

He is the CEO of Clear TV Media, a firm that provides broadcasting services for airports, hospitals, and other non-home locations, reaching over 85 million viewers.

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He started the company in 2014, having previously founded his own credit card company, Credit America Corporation, in 1998.

Mauriss appears to have a sporting appetite since he is a lover of Major League Baseball and supposedly a Tottenham Hotspur fan.

Name Henry Mauriss
Full NameHenry Mauriss
Birth Date1965
Birth PlaceBurbank, California
Net Worth£780 million

Early life

No record of Mauriss’ early life or personal life is available online, making him a bit of an international man of mystery.

Personal Life

Mr. Mauriss enjoys traveling and watching Major League Baseball when he is not working. Most importantly, Mr. Mauriss enjoys spending his free time with his girls, whether it’s attending their school functions, swimming, or playing hockey with them.

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Career and Income

According to Bloomberg, Henry Mauriss is the Chief Executive and sole Director of Clear TV; hence he appears to be the company.

ClearTV Media Ltd was formed in 2014 in the United States and was incorporated in UK on May 2, 2019. Henry Mauriss is the only stakeholder of that company as well.

Despite Newcastle fans repeatedly asking where Mauriss will find the kind of money required to buy and advance Newcastle United, the media has concluded that with assurances that Henry Mauriss has the cash needed to do the deal, despite providing no evidence as to where he would have access to that level of money.

It was a little strange because when you look into Henry Mauriss, there doesn’t appear to be anything to imply he’d have the amount of money needed after these 13 years of lack of investment under Mike Ashley.

In June 2020, Forbes published its most recent annual report on billionaires, which listed over 2,000 people in the world, including Mike Ashley, who is worth an estimated $3 billion.

Mr. Mauriss founded and served as CEO of Credit America Corporation in 1998, a company that intended to reintroduce once-prime individuals into the credit market through specifically designed balance transfer programs.

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Mauriss’ Credit America Corporation effectively reestablished the credit of thousands of Americans across the country by utilizing a MasterCard credit card infrastructure.

By the time Mr. Mauriss sold the company in 2010, it had grown to a 300-person operation with contact centers for marketing and credit application processing. Mr. Mauriss also purchased, converted, and resold nearly $7 billion in receivables through portfolio trades while at Credit America Corporation.

According to the Telegraph, the daily has been ‘repeatedly promised’ that the money is available for Henry Mauriss to acquire NUFC, but they haven’t seen any proof themselves and ‘can only print what others have said in good faith. 

In April 2021, Henry Mauriss lost the race to buy Newcastle to PCP Capital Partners, Amanda Staveley and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who agreed to a £300 million deal to buy Newcastle United, ending Mike Ashley’s 13-year ownership of the club.

Henry Mauriss net worth 2022

While no information about his net worth or the value of his present media company is publicly available. At Credit America, he was in charge of purchasing, converting, and reselling nearly $7 billion in portfolio trades.

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Final Word: Is Henry Mauriss a Billionaire? 

Henry Mauriss is assumed to be a billionaire, though his exact net worth is roughly £780 million. Most his net worth are from his company ClearTV Media which he sole own.

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