Ice JJ Fish Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper

Ice JJ Fish, aka Daniel James McLoyd, is an American internet personality, singer, rapper, and dancer. Here we will talk about his work, life, and net worth of $500K.

Icejj Fish net worth illustration
Ice JJ Fish Net Worth
NameDaniel James McLoyd
NicknameIce JJ Fish
Birthday30 July 1994
Weight187 lbs
ProfessionSinger, Rapper
Net Worth $500K

What is Ice JJ Fish’s Net Worth?

Ice JJ Fish or Daniel McLoyd’s net worth is about $500K. His persistence drove his success, at first on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, followed by videos and recording songs and releasing albums.

Ice JJ Fish has stated that hard work can help you succeed, even if you don’t have a great voice. He made his dream of selling music and uploading videos, even though he intentionally uses poor voice in his music.

His performances get criticized and made fun of, but that is not stopping Ice JJ Fish from getting inspiration even from other YouTubers or singers.

Ice JJ FishEarly Life

Daniel McLoyd was born on 30 July 1994 in Aurora, Illinois. He is not sharing much about his parents but has tweeted that he had a bad childhood, his parents were broke, and he grew up in his grandma’s house

He studied at Waubonsie Valley High School in his hometown of Aurora. By the time in his early twenties as Ice JJ Fish had started to get considerable attention on social media.

His upper front teeth are his authentic sigh, which he once said, was because of the dire financial situation of his parents. He uses that to promote himself as unique, but we can also see his own comments about his looks. 

Ice JJ Fish has recently started posting pics on social media wearing dental prostheses and tweets about going to the dentist.

Ice JJ Fish’s Personal Life

Ice JJ Fish’s personal life is not well known, and he hasn’t been publicly connected with anyone yet. Some time ago, he posted on Twitter that he was looking for a girl and maybe was waiting for the special one. 

Ice JJ Fish still lives in Aurora, Illinois, and uses his religion as inspiration for his music and tweets regularly.

Ice JJ Fish’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Ice JJ Fish is 5’10’’ high and 187 lbs. He is very fit, which is due to his regular workouts and dancing, which is physically demanding.

Career: How Much Does Ice JJ FishMake?

Ice JJ Fish uses his special and unique looks and way of singing to promote himself. The first more considerable popularity came in 2011 on YouTube and Instagram. From then on, he’s made a lot of songs and videos with comic content, but he also published rap songs and lately gospel music.

He is criticized for the way he sings, and many people think he is mocking others or just doesn’t know how to sing. The criticism didn’t stop his work, and his consistent appearance earned him more and more subscribers on his social media pages.

You can see his work on his YouTube channel, which has 744K subscribers. We can see more rap in earlier videos, and On the floor is one of his famous videos with more than 85 million views.

His latest work dominates a kind of gospel sound. Most of this is because he’s embraced his religion even more than earlier.

Ice JJ Fish uses Twitter a lot, and his profile has 71K followers. He is not that popular on Facebook, as he has 13.9K followers. His primary Instagram profile has 92.8K followers, but he has several other accounts.

He’s released three studio albums, all available on iTunes. Ice JJ Fish sells his music on iTunes and earns some money this way.

Final Word: Is Ice JJ Fish a Millionaire?

Ice JJ Fish Is not yet a millionaire, as he has about $500K net worth. He is still a rising star on social media, even though he describes himself as the best singer in the world that ever lived. If he continues on his path of creating gospel music and releasing albums, he may be well on his way to becoming a millionaire.

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