iDubbbz Net Worth: How Rich Is The Youtuber

IDubbbz is a well-known YouTube star who started his career by sharing videos of playing video games. He is Ian Carter, now known for the iDubbbzTV channels, with a vast amount of subscribers and a net worth of around $5 million.

Idubbbz net worth illustration
iDubbbz Net Worth
NameIan Carter
Birthday27 July 1990
Weight196.3 lbs
PartnerAnisa Jomha
ParentsMr. & Mrs. Carter
SiblingsTroy Carter and Kevin Carter
Net Worth $5 million

What is IDubbbz’s Net Worth?

Ian Carter has a net worth of around $5 million. He made his way up from growing his IDubbbz YouTube channels: iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, iDubbbz Games, and made it into a full-time career. 

Using a fun, sarcastic way of creating content, IDubbbz is best known for his comedy video series Content Cop, Bad Unboxing, and Kickstarter Crap

IDubbbz’s Early Life

IDubbbz was born Ian Carter on 27 July 1991 in San Antonio, Texas. He hasn’t disclosed the names of his parents but stated that they are divorced. He has two brothers, Troy Carter and Kevin Carter, who have appeared in his early videos.

Ian Carter attended California State University San Marcos and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management

While studying, he also worked at Gap and Legoland. During that time, his channels started to become profitable, which urged him to continue and pursue a career as a YouTube content creator

IDubbbz’s Personal Life

Ian IDubbbz Carter has not revealed much about his early personal life and girlfriends. He started dating Canadian-American social media star Anisa Jomha, who is now his wife. 

They revealed their engagement in April 2021 and were married in Las Vegas, Nevada, in June 2021, by an Elvis impersonator. Ian and Anisa live together in Vista, California, and Anisa reveals more about their relationship on her social media channels than iDubbbz.

IDubbbz’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Ian Carter is 6 feet tall and weighs 196.3 lbs. He stays fit by boxing and posts boxing videos on one of the channels, which are also comic. His good looks attract a lot of female subscribers, and he proudly shares fan-written emails on his videos.

Career: How Much Does IDubbbz Make?

IDubbbz’s first channel was started on 17 August 2012, with the first video uploaded on 30 August 2012. The first videos were about him playing games, and he was very successful at the start. 

IDubbbz was an average YouTuber until 2013, when he started the Gaming News Crap series that made him rise above the competition. Gaming News Crap brought him several million views within a few months.

All of his YouTube series are filled with mocking, irreverent, substandard content that is strangely addictive to watch. He is dressed as a policeman who makes sarcastic teases, aptly named Content Cop in one series. 

Another series is titled Bad Unboxing, where he opens fun and hate mail included with weird gifts. Kick Starter Crap is the third of his famous series.

Overall, his main YouTube channel IDubbbzTV has 7.77 million subscribers and over 1.55 billion views. His other YouTube channels are iDubbbzTV2 with 2.99 million and 264 million views; IDubbbzgames with 831K subscribers and 7.1 Million views; and IdubbbzStream with 132k subscribers and 4.7 million views.  

In 2017, IDubbz released a single track Asian Jake Paul, collaborating with another YouTube character, Boyinaband, with more than 85.5 million views. It peaked at number 24 on Billboard’s US R&B/HH Digital Song Sales chart

He is friends with many other YouTuber content creators, and they help one another with the careers videos and vlogs. Ian IDubbbz Carter also has been credited for making videos and cameos that became viral Internet memes.

IDubbbz earns an income from selling digital content through his website. He earns over $150k per year from youtube only.

IDubbbz as Ian Carter is active on Instagram with 1.2 million followers. IDubbbz’s TikTok profile has 81.7K followers. His Facebook profile is less active, but he still has 135K followers.

Final Word: Is IDubbbz a Millionaire?

Yes, IDubbbz, aka Ian Carter, is a self-made millionaire with over $5 million net worth. He made his wealth from YouTube and social media, and rising very fast is expected to make much more on his account.

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