Jack Owoc Net Worth: How Rich Is The Bang Energy Founder

Jack Owoc is an impressive Business Executive, who has been making a lot of waves with the Vital Pharmaceuticals company since he founded it. He has an estimated net worth of over a $250 million.

This American Businessman continues to take the industry by storm with his impeccable CEO skills. Here is a basic introduction to Jack Owoc background before more details on his career and net worth.

Jack Owoc net worth illustration
Jack Owoc Net Worth
NameJack Owoc
Birth DateJune 15, 1961
WifeMeg liz Owoc
KidsChantel, Ariella, Carrington Adaria and Calvin
ProfessionBusiness Executive & Author
Net worth$250 million

What is Jack Owoc’s Net Worth?

Jack Owoc’s net worth in 2022 is $250 million. This American businessman acquired his wealth from his successful careers as a Business Executive and an author. He also has a huge social media following which could add to his wealth.

Early Life

Jack Owoc was born on the 15th of June, in 1961. He was born in the United States of America into a business oriented family. When he graduated from high school, he went to Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida.

Jack Owoc’s personal life

Jack Owoc’s age is currently 60 years. He is happily married to his wife, Meg Liz Owoc. Meg Liz Owoc also works in the Bang Energy company, specifically in the marketing and advertising section.

Jack Owoc has a large family of seven. He and his wife are blessed with four girls and a boy. Chantel, Ariella, Carrington and Adaria are the girls names, while the boy is named Calvin. They all currently live together in Florida.

Jack Owoc and his wife just recently uploaded a celebratory post about the purchase of their new house which is worth $7.7 million. You can find this on his Instagram page @bangenergy 

here is a video about he and his wife love story


Career: How much does Jack Owoc make?

Jack Owoc’s exact earnings are currently not disclosed to the public but with his impressive net worth, it’s estimated to be in its millions yearly. Let’s dive into Jack Owoc’s exciting career, shall we?

Jack founded the Vital Pharmaceuticals Company in 1993. This was shortly after he finished at the Florida Atlantic University. The company, popularly known as VPX specializes in the manufacture and distribution of performance beverages and sports nutrition supplements.

The Bang Energy drink company also happens to be a subsection of the Vital Pharmaceuticals Company. It is said to be ranked third in the energy drink market after Monster and Red Bull. 

There are several additional goods that VPX distributes, such as Redline, Noo Fuzion, and Meltdown. Jack is widely regarded as one of America’s most prominent corporate leaders and philanthropists.

Jack Owoc made another impressive business move by investing $250 million in Phoenix adding that the city was chosen in part due to the presence of the company’s primary US distributor Hensley Beverage.

Asides from his ingenuity in the corporate world, Jack is also an author. Health and nutrition are two of Owoc’s passions, and his book, “Bang Eating Routine Ebook”, proves just that. The book is also known to be one of the best-selling books in that genre.

With all his impressive career milestones, Jack Owoc still has time for social media. He created his own personal YouTube channel @JackOwoc on the 31st of May, back in 2019. 

He uses his channel to educate his subscribers on how to “exceed rapid body remodeling with the help of his soon to come book, The Bang Anti Diet.” The channel currently has close to 5 thousand subscribers.

Final Word: Is Jack Owoc a Millionaire?

Yes, Jack Owoc is definitely a Millionaire. With an astonishing net worth of $250 million. Jack Owoc has consistently built his wealth mostly from his company, Vital Pharmaceuticals, Bang Energy, and his other business ventures.

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