Jacky Oh Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actress

Ms. Jacky Oh is an actress and famous social media personality on Instagram and YouTube, model, and entrepreneur. Read on and find out everything about her and her net worth of $5 million

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Jacky Oh Net Worth
NicknameJacky Oh
Birthday3 November 1990
PartnerDc Yong Fly
KidsNova, Nala
ProfessionActress, Social Media Influencer, Model
Net Worth $5 million

What is Jacky Oh’s Net Worth?

Jacky Oh’s net worth is $5 million. She is an Instagram star, YouTuber, actress, model, TV personality, and entrepreneur. Jacky Oh fame started from her co-starring performance in the MTV reality show Wild ‘N Out

She shares her everyday life and dating relationship to make more subscribers. Jacky is dating the rapper Dc Young Fly with whom she has two and expects their third child.

Jacky Oh’s Early Life

Jacky Oh was born on 3 November 1990 in Oakland, California. There is not much info about her parents, but we know that she has Brazilian heritage. Her mother was white, and her father was black.

Due to her ethnicity, Jacky often juggles from white to black but primarily identifies as black. Her father has raised her and her father’s side of the family, so maybe that’s why she refers to black

There’s not much about her early education, just that Jacky finished high school near her hometown. We know for sure that Jacky has graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

Jacky Oh’s Personal Life

Jacky Oh’s personal life is on daily public display on YouTube and Instagram. She is in a long-term relationship with the rapper Dc Young Fly, but they are not married. The couple met at the Wild ‘N out show.

Together they have two daughters, Nova, born in 2016, and Nala, born in 2020. The couple’s third child is on its wayJacky is pregnant and is expecting soon, and her pregnancy is one of the main topics in her recent videos.

Her vlogs and pictures show Jacky and her family enjoying a luxurious lifestyle and living in a big house in California.

Jacky Oh’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Jacky Oh is 5’6” tall, and her weight is not assigned because she is pregnant at the moment, and we can’t deny her looks. Anyway, she takes excellent care of herself as a model and actress.

Career: How Much Does Jacky Oh Make?

Jacky Oh’s career started when she started to appear as an actress, model, entrepreneur, TV personality, and internet celebrity as well. The MTV TV comedy Wild ‘N Out gave Jacky Oh the first more considerable popularity.

The TV freestyle show series features many celebrity guests, and together, they team up to perform comedy challenges. 

After the success in Wild ‘N Out, Jacky Oh started her own YouTube channel with 785K subscribers. She shares her everyday activities with her boyfriend, Dc Young Fly, and kids on her YouTube videos and is also promoting her lipstick brands. Jacky Oh’s videos have millions of views. 

As an actress, Jacky Oh appeared in movies such as Del Playa, Miscraft, Switched at Love, Scheme Queens, and the series The Worst Couple, Marc + Jenni, Shift Drinks, and You’re My Boyfriend.

Jacky Oh is an Instagram star with 910K followers, and her Facebook profile is followed by 575K people.

Jacky Oh uses lots of makeup, so as she has said, everyone was asking about it, so she wanted to capitalize it. Jacky Oh is a successful entrepreneur; she made her personal lipstick J Nova Collection brand and constantly added other features to the collection on the website jnovacollection.com.

Final Word: Is Jacky Oh a Millionaire?

Jacky Oh is a millionaire with a net worth of $5 million. She made her fortune as a TV personality, YouTuber, Instagram star, actress, and entrepreneur. Jacky Oh made an enormous success while sharing her everyday life in her vlogs and creating her brand of cosmetics and accessories.

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