Jason Weaver Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actor

Jason Michael Weaver is an American actor and a singer; his stage name is J-Weav. In the following lines, we will discuss his life career and his net worth of $20 million

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Jason Weaver Net Worth
NameJason Michael Weaver
NicknameJason Weaver, J-Weav
Birthday18 July 1979
Weight175 lbs
PartnerMyra Weaver
KidsJosh Weaver, Jason Render
ParentsMarilyn Kitty Haywood, Robert Lincon Weaver
ProfessionActor, Singer
Net Worth $20 million

What is Jason Weaver’s Net Worth?

Jason Weaver’s net worth is $20 million. He comes from a family with a music background; still, he made his way up in the entertainment business. 

His fame started to rise from his first roles in the Brewers Place TV series and portraying Michael Jackson in The Jacksons: An American Dream. His career continued through acting and singing, also vocalizing roles. He is a married man and has two kids.

Jason Weaver’s Early Life

Jason Michael Weaver was born on 18 July 1979 in Harvey, Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of Marlin Kitty Haywood and Robert Lincoln Weaver, both in the music industry.

His mother was the key member of the female vocal group Kitty & the Haywoods, and it was the group that backed the famous Aretha Franklin on the soundtrack album Sparkle. She was leading a life that was in entertainment, and her young son was introduced to it. He was a single child, and he was raised just by his mother.

He saw his father a few times in his life, who died when Jason was an adolescent. He shares love and affection for him. Jason has said in an interview he wasn’t an addict or problematic, just things between his parents didn’t work out. 

He did start his career before he graduated from Thornwood High School. At the age of 8, he began building his acting career with the help of his mother, and at the age of 11, he started singing professionally. 

His first role was in Oprah Winfrey’s TV series Brewster Place, starring in the leading role.

He has said that it was a tough childhood for him, just with his mom and spending a lot of time in dorms. After high school, he didn’t enroll in any college but continued to build a career in entertainment.

Jason Weaver’s Personal Life

Jason Weaver is very closed about his personal life and doesn’t share anything. Still, we can share some information with you.

According to some info from social networks and media, he was in a long-term relationship with Myra Weaver. Some say they tied the knot; some say they didn’t. Still, he is a father of two sons. He said that makes everything not to be like his father, and he is very close with them.

He is one of Illinois’s most famous actors and owns a posh house. The cost of the house is not known, but there is no certainty that he lives there; he lives in Los Angeles because of his work.

Jason Weaver’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Jason Weaver is 5’11” tall and weighs 175 lbs. He has been having some difficulties with his weight, but still, he manages to be at a reasonable weight.

Career: How Much Does Jason Weaver Make?

Jason Waver started acting when he was 8 years old and started singing at 11. He appeared in the Oprah Winfrey TV series Brewster Place. He tasted the way fame looked like and continued his way.

In 1990, Jason Weaver starred in the film The Long Walk Home and The Kid Who Loved Christmas. He was already establishing himself as a promising actor. 

In 1992, Weaver became the young Michael Jackson in the TV mini-series The Jacksons: An American Dream. He was acting, singing, and encouraged to dance, and he spent time with the real Michael Jackson and used it to promote himself even more.

One of the roles that made him even more famous is the TV series Thea from 1993/1994. The role that threw him among the stars was the voice role of Simba in The Lion King in 1994. He was working alongside Elon John for the role. 

Also, there was an exciting payment arrangement, and he was offered $2 million, which he refused. He arranged royalties from every sale from then on, which paid off nicely because the film was a huge success.

Jason Weaver appears in the TV series Thea, Sister, Sister, Smart Guy, Scurf, The LeBrons, Let’s Stay Together, Black-ish, Nubbin & Friends, Boomerang, and The Chi.

He appears in various movie roles such as Summertime Switch, Freedom Song, Drumline, ATL, The Ladykillers, Love for Sale, Jada, Grown Man, Lottery Ticket, He’s Mine Not Yours, Dysfunctional Friends, Note to Self, Hope for Love, Merry Ex-Mas, Untitled Lena Waithe Project, Another Man Will, BlackKorea, AM Radio and other. 

Jason Weaver’s sweet velvet voice can be heard in several singles and albums. He released three albums: Love Ambition, Stay With Me, and Stay With Me 2 second unreleased album. And he released I Wanna Be Where You Are, Love Ambition, I Can’t Stand The Pain, Stay With Me, and One Call Away.

He said that he stopped making music for quite some time, was very much ahead of his time, and wasn’t capable of expressing himself fully because of others.

He is not very active on social media. His YouTube channel has 3.68K followers; on Instagram, he has 343K followers; on Twitter, he has 28.5K followers; on Facebook, he has 4.5K followers.

Final Word: Is Jason Weaver a Millionaire?

Jason Weaver is a millionaire; with a net worth of $20 million. He inherited great acting and singing abilities from his mother, who was his most significant support. Jason started acting in the Oprah Winfrey TV Show Brewers Place and portraying Michael Jackson in The Jacksons: An American Dream. A massive impact on his career was The Lion King, and after that, he started singing. He leads a quiet life away from the public eye; he is married and has two sons.

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