Jeff Wittek Net Worth: How Rich Is The Youtuber?

Today we’ll talk a lot more about Jeff Wittek, a famous YouTuber, actor, podcaster, and barber, among other things. Jeff Wittek has a net worth of about $3 million, and we’ll see how he earned it and what he is doing next.

Jeff Wittek net worth illustration
Name Jeff Wittek
NameJeffrey R. Wittek 
Birthday15 December 1989
ParentsMr. & Mrs. WIttek
ProfessionYouTuber, Actor, Comedian, Barber
Net Worth $3 million

So, What is Jeff Wittek’s Net Worth?

Jeff Wittek’s net worth is about $3 million. He initially became popular posting content on Vine and later joined David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, but he also posted on his YouTube channel and is an actor and comedian.

Jeff has worked in a barbershop as a teen and later used this knowledge to become a barber and stylist for several celebrities. He has worked as a stylist for Mac Miller and Paulie D.

Jeff Wittek has become a brand ambassador and promoted major brands like Old Spice, McDonald’s, and American Express in his career.

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Jeff Wittek’s Early Life

Jeff Wittek was born Jeffrey R. Wittek on 15 December 1989 in Staten Island, New York. He keeps his private life hidden from the public eye, and very little is known about his parents and siblings.

Jeff went to his local high school Susan E. Wagner High School. The neighborhood where Jeff grew up was poor and rough, and as a teen, he soon started working in a local barbershop to earn some money.

He sold drugs and later moved to Miami, Florida, to “develop” his career. He was arrested in 2011 for the possession of marijuana, cocaine, controlled substance, and illegal drug trafficking, but the case was dismissed for the lack of a search warrant.

Jeff Wittek moved to Los Angeles, where he planned to further get in the marijuana business by buying it in bulk in LA and sending it to NYC. Luckily, things changed for him soon, and he went into show business instead of the drug business.

He started posting content on Tumblr named “Behind the Cuts” but soon transitioned to Instagram annnd YouTube. Jeff was also a part of the 1600 Vine, a Hollywood building where many online celebrities lived.

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Jeff Wittek Personal Life

Very little is known about who Jeff Wittek dated before 2015. In 2015, he met and started dating actress Cierra Ramirez. However, the couple broke up several years later due to growing apart because they focused on their careers. We guess Jeff is single now.

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Career: How Much Does Jeff Wittek Earn?

Jeff Wittek’s primary source of income is his YouTube career. His YouTube channel named Jeff’s Barbershop has 3.13 million subscribers and earns him about $80K per year.

However, Jeff is also active on TikTok with 2 million followers, his Twitter account has 378,880 followers, and his Instagram has 2.8 million followers.

Jeff Wittek is a part of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, and he earns an income from there and creates content that attracts plenty of views. In 2020, during the stunt filming, Jeff was injured severely, with nine skull fractures, left eye socket fracture, broken hip and broken foot and torn ligaments.

He soon returned to filming his Jeff’s Barbershop web series and did not address the injuries. However, a year later, Jeff and David released a docuseries Don’t Try This at Home, explaining the stunt and Jeff’s injury. The video was too graphic for YouTube and was released on Patreon.

He also participated in Anwar Jibawi short movie “Crazy Drug Lord” in 2016.

Jeff Wittek earns a nice profit from his short movie career, and he has several titles on his IMDB page. But his popularity has earned him the job as brand ambassador for Old Spice, which we guess brings a hefty paycheque.

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Final Word: Is Jeff Wittek a Millionaire?

Yes, Jeff Wittek is a self-made millionaire with over $3 million net worth. He is actively posting content on YouTube, is the cover face for Old Spice, and works as an actor, comedian, barber, stylist, and social media influencer.

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