Julian Henry De Niro Net Worth: How Rich Is The Actor

Julian Henry De Niro is the son of famous actor Robert De Niro and model Toukie Smith. Julian is a model, an entrepreneur, and an actor. Julian De Niro has a net worth of about $3 million, and here we’ll talk about his work, upcoming projects, and personal life.

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Julian Henry De Niro Net Worth
NameJulian Henry De Niro
NicknameJulian De Niro
Birthday20 October 1995
Weight145 lbs.
ParentsRobert De Niro, Toukie Smith
SiblingsDrena De Niro, Raphael De Niro, Aaron Kendrick De Niro, Elliot De Niro, Helen Grace De Niro
ProfessionModel, Actor, Entrepreneur
Net Worth $3 million

What is Julian Henry De Niro’s Net Worth?

Julian Henry De Niro has a net worth of about $3 million. He’s made some of it through his acting career, but most come from his modeling career and work as an entrepreneur.

Julian De Niro has appeared in two movies so far, but he’s been a part of many fashion campaigns due to his exotic looks and fit body.

Julian Henry De Niro’s Early Life

Julian Henry De Niro was born on 20 October 1995 in New York City. His father is mega-famous actor Robert De Niro, and his mother is model/actress Toukie Smith. His parents were together from 1988 to 1996 but were never married.

Julian and his twin brother Aaron were conceived via in-vitro fertilization and brought by a surrogate. Julian has five siblings: a twin brother Aaron Kendrick De Niro, Drena De Niro, Raphael De Niro, Elliot De Niro, and Helen Grace De Niro.

Julian finished high school in NYC and supposedly graduated from the University of America with a degree in psychology. He’s been working as a model for some time and dabbling in acting and entrepreneurial efforts.

Julian Henry De Niro’s Personal Life

Julian Henry De Niro keeps his private life private, unlike other celebrity children. There have been no records of any scandals or controversies, and he has not disclosed whether he is dating anyone. He is single and living in New York City, as far as we know.

Julian Henry De Niro’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Julian Henry De Niro is 5’9” tall and weighs about 145 lbs. He is fit, with shredded abs that he often shows in social media posts. His good genes and mixed heritage – his father is white and his mom is black, are responsible for his good looks.

Career: How Much Does Julian Henry De Niro Make?

Julian Henry De Niro has a net worth of about $3 million earned by modeling and entrepreneurship. He is a celebrity child as his dad is Robert De Niro, the mega-famous movie star, and his mom is Toukie Smith, a beautiful model, and actress

His mom used to work for the world’s most famous fashion labels, and her son Julian has followed in her footsteps. Julian De Niro has appeared in ad and fashion campaigns and is represented by Directions USA Models

As an actor, Julian De Niro has appeared in one movie, In Dubious Battle in 2016, and the upcoming 2022 TV series, The First Lady, where he portrays young Barack Obama.

A good portion of his income comes from an entrepreneurial project he is involved in, but there is little info on it online. We know that his business is located in New York, but very few other things are revealed about it. 

Julian De Niro stays away from the public eye, but he has an Instagram account to share pics and videos from his travels and social gatherings. He has about 6.64K followers on Instagram but is not active on other social media outlets.

Final Word: Is Julian Henry De Niro a Millionaire?

Julian Henry De Niro is a millionaire with about $3 million net worth. He made some of it through modeling and acting, but he is involved in entrepreneurial projects which he keeps close to his heart. Of course, some of his fortunes may come from his immensely wealthy and famous father, Robert De Niro.

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