Justmaiko Net Worth: How Rich Is The TikToker

Michael Le, famously known as Justmaiko, is a widely popular American TikToker and content creator. He makes dance videos, challenges, lip-sync videos, streaming, and vlogging, which helped him earn a net worth of $4 million.

Justmaiko net worth
Justmaiko Net Worth
NameMichael Le
Birthday19 March 2000
Weight165 lbs
ParentsTina Le, Mr. Le’s
SiblingsDaniel Le, Jonathan Le, Tiffany Le
ProfessionSocial media content creator
Net Worth $10 million

What is Justmaiko’s Net Worth?

Justmaiko’s net worth is $10 million, and it’s a huge net worth for a young person. He made his net worth on social media; Justmaiko regularly posts different kinds of content that increase his popularity and wealth.

His TikTok profile is one of the most visited, and his videos have a lot of views and likes. There, he posts videos, challenges, and lip-sync videos. Justmaiko’s YouTube channel has streaming videos and vlogs; collaborations with brands increase his income.

Justmaiko’s Early Life

Justmaiko, or Michael Le, was born on 19 March 2000 in West Palm Beach, Florida. His family members appear in his videos, but he hasn’t shared his father’s name; his mother’s name is Tina Le.

We can assume his origin from his last name, he has Asian roots, and his parents have Vietnamese ancestors; he is American. Justmaiko grew up alongside his siblings, and he has two brothers, Jonathan Le and Daniel Le, and one sister Tiffany Le.

His education is not so high; after graduation from the local high school, he didn’t continue higher education and didn’t enroll in College or University; Justmaiko chose to pursue a career in social media.

Justmaiko’s Personal Life

Justmaiko’s personal life is all over social media in his videos and vlogs. He regularly posts various stuff connected with his privacy, and his family members appear in his videos.

Justmaiko had a girlfriend named Analisse; they were in a relationship for a while and posted videos and vlogs together. After their breakup, they stayed friends.

Justmaiko is 22 years old as of 2022 and lives with his parents in West Palm Beach, Florida. He partly resides in Los Angeles, California. He enjoys a fancy lifestyle and drives a luxurious model Tesla Model X.

Justmaiko’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Justmaiko is 5’10” tall and weighs 165 lbs. He has an attractive street style and regularly follows new fancy style ideas.

Career: How Much Does Justmaiko Make?

Michael Le started dancing at the age of 12, and his idea for a career was dancer or choreographer, but his priorities changed when he discovered the possibilities of social media.

Michael Le, as Justmaiko, has been active on YouTube since 2014, when he posted a video of him dancing to songs, and became famous when he started to post videos with tutorials of dance steps.

The provider terminated his first YouTube channel for violating guidelines; Justmaiko opened a new YouTube channel and got vast numbers of followers there too.

Michael Le as Justmaiko started uploading videos in 2016 on the social platform TikTok, which was called Musical.ly. At first, he started posting dance videos, later challenges, pranks, and lip-sync videos.

In 2018, Michael appeared on the reality TV Show Undercover Boss. Justmaiko posts videos with his siblings. He has collaborated with dancers like Crissa Jackson, Javier Romero, and Mikeila.

Justmaiko’s challenges are sometimes dangerous; once he was arrested for dancing on top of a police car.

Justmaiko has a sense of photography, and he takes impressive pictures. We can see them on his Instagram profile, Pinterest, and elsewhere. Justmaiko made a cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Justmaiko is part of Shulv House, one famous place where TikTokers join and spread their work; they live together and create videos. 

Justmaiko sells his merchandise Shluv Clothing and advertises it on his social media, and he also is the brand ambassador for Bang Energy Drinks.

Justmaiko is one of the most followed people on Tiktok, with 52 million followers. His YouTube channel has 2.67 million subscribers. His Instagram profile has 2.3 million followers, and his Twitter profile has 36.3K followers.

Is Justmaiko a Millionaire?

Justmaiko is a millionaire with a net worth of $4 million. He made his wealth through social media, posting videos and earning big numbers of followers, and through sponsorships and partnerships with big brands such as Twitch, Invisalign, and Bang drinks. Part of his income comes from his merchandise business called Shluv Clothing. He lives with his parents and enjoys a fancy lifestyle.

Is Justmaiko Self-made?

Justmaiko is a self-made millionaire. He made his fortune by himself; still, he had the support of his parents. Michael Le’s parents wanted their son to get higher education and didn’t want their son to become a YouTuber or TikToker. Despite everything, he has their full support, and many times we can see his family members in his videos. He had a girlfriend, who was also his support, but they are separated, and he is now single.

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