Kaitlin Bennett Net Worth: How Rich Is Gun Girl?

Kaitlin Bennett is better known as the Kent State gun girl, and she is an American gun activist and conservative social media personality. Here we’ll talk a lot more about what she is famous for. We’ll also cover Kaitlin Bennett’s net worth, which ranges around $300K.

Kaitlin Bennett net worth illustration
Name Kaitlin Bennett
NameKaitlin Bennett
NicknameGun Girl
Birthday15 October 1995
PartnerJustin Moldow
ProfessionYouTuber, gun activist
Net Worth (estimated)$300,000

So, How Much Is Kaitlin Bennett Net Worth?

Kaitlin Bennett’s net worth is about $300,000, mainly from her advocacy work and online activity. Kaitlin rose to fame in 2018 when she appeared on campus during her graduation ceremony with an AR-10 rifle.

The move made her famous, and she used the momentum to promote her beliefs about gun rights and became more vocal about gun activism. She is a strong proponent that people should carry guns openly for protection.

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Kaitlin Bennett’s Early Life

We know that Kaitlin Bennett was born in Long Island, New York, on 15 October 1995. Her family appears to be the epitome of the perfect American family: her dad is a successful businessman, her mom is an elegant housewife, and she has a younger sister, but we don’t know their names.

We know that Kaitlin enrolled and graduated from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, with a degree in biology. While at university, she joined Liberty Hangout, an initially libertarian medium, which later turned conservative.

She is a contributor and correspondent to the far-right conspiracy theory website InfoWars and has openly carried an AR-10 long gun to her university graduation. She is an avid Trump supporter and was even removed from a campaign event for Bernie Sanders.

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Kaitlin Bennett’s Personal Life

Kaitlin Bennett guards her personal life closely, but we know that she dated and got engaged to Justin Moldow, the founder of Liberty Hangout. They got married in a Catholic ceremony in March 2020, and the couple now resides in Zanesville, Ohio.

We can see their wedding video on the YouTube channel for Liberty Hangout. She announced via Twitter that she was pregnant with their first child, where she also emphasized her anti-abortion advocacy.

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Bennett’s Gun Activist Career

Kaitlin Bennett became a fan of guns from a young age, and she says she got her love for guns from her father, who taught her how to use them. Her husband is also a big gun fan.

During her university days, Kaitlin Bennett became an activist involved in gun rights and appeared with a semi-automatic gun at her graduation ceremony. She said that she was inspired to do this in response to the Kent State Shooting from 1970, where unarmed students were shot by security for protesting US policies.

Her infamy allowed her to promote her beliefs on many media outlets like Fox and Friends, CBS, NBC, BBC, and The Washington Post, where she openly shared her cause.

It also allowed her to promote her online activity as a gun activist. Her income from her advocacy work is estimated at a little over $58K a year, but she also earns a good income from her online websites.

She’s done interviews for many media companies that have helped increase her net worth. She and her husband have opened a media company named Liberty Hangouts, and she is working towards becoming an influential social media personality

Her Instagram account has about 226K followers, and her Twitter account has 363K followers. A part of her income comes from selling her branded merch on her website.

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To Wrap Up: Is Kaitlin Bennett a Millionaire?

Not yet, as of January 2022, Kaitlin Bennett’s net worth is about $300,000. She has announced that she is pregnant with her first child and is living a more modest life with her husband in Zanesville, Ohio. She is active on her media outlets, where she continues to be a strong gun advocate.

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