Katelyn Ohashi Net Worth: How Rich Is The American Gymnast

Here we’ll talk about famous American gymnast Katelyn Ohashi. She has many titles in her athletic career, and a video of her perfect 10 score went viral in 2019. Let’s talk more about Katelyn Ohashi and her net worth of over $1 million.

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NameKatelyn Ohashi
NameKatelyn Michelle Ohashi
Birthday12 April 1997
ParentsRichard Ohashi, Diana Ohashi
SiblingsRyan Ohashi, Kyle Ohashi, Kalen Ohashi
Net Worth $1 million

So, How Much Is Katelyn Ohashi’s Net Worth?

Katelyn Ohashi has made a net worth of about $1 million, most of it through her athletic career and endorsement deals. She is 4’10” tall, a very suitable height for rhythmic gymnasts.

She began her gymnast training when she was three and has trained ever since. Her family has always supported her athletic career, leading to them moving several times so Katelyn could train.

Katelyn was a six-time All-American and four-time member of the USA Gymnastics’ Junior National Team and was the 2011 junior national champion. She also won the 2013 American Cup.

Katelyn Ohashi won the 2013 American Cup, defeating Simone Biles. However, she suffered several injuries that led to her having shoulder surgery, and the following year, she had surgery on both shoulders and spine surgery. All of these and subsequent injuries have contributed to her inability to continue her international elite level of competing.

Katelyn Ohashi’s Early Life

Katelyn Ohashi was born on 12 April 1997 in Seattle, Washington, to Richard and Diana Ohashi. Her three older brothers are named Ryan, Kyle, and Kalen, and the family has German and Japanese roots. 

When Katelyn was 12, her family moved to Kansas, Missouri, to train with the GAGE gym. They later moved to Plano, Texas, so that Katelyn could train in the WOGA gym.

Katelyn attended the Spring Creek Academy and then Plano Senior High School, graduating in 2015. She enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she majored in gender studies. She graduated In 2019 when she announced her retirement from active competitions. 

Katelyn Ohashi’s Private Life

Katelyn Ohashi keeps her private life under tight wraps and has not disclosed whether or not she is dating anyone. 

She had body-image problems and was body-shamed when she was younger, which led her to have mental issues and go to counseling. She’s stated that her mental health counseling was crucial in her growth as a person.

How Much Money Does Katelyn Ohashi Earn?

Katelyn Ohashi has made much of her money from sponsorships and endorsement deals. She joined the UCLA Bruins gymnastics team in 2015, and in her first contest, she suffered an injury.

The following season, Katelyn finished first on the balance beam and had two perfect ten scores, and the following season, she had three perfect ten scores on the floor. She won a national championship competition in 2018 on the floor.

Still, her most notable win was the 2019 Collegiate Challenge, where she earned a perfect ten on a floor routine to an R&B and pop hits medley that went viral on social media.

Katelyn Ohashi graduated from UCLA and retired from competing. However, she is still training, as seen from her social media activity. She has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 161 K followers on Twitter.

Katelyn Ohashi sells branded merch through her website, and she is also making inspiring videos where she dances. She’s criticized the NCAA for their rules, as she could not bank on her athletic success. She is also a brand ambassador for GK Elite, the global leader in gymnastics apparel.

Final Words: Is Katelyn Ohashi a Millionaire?

Yes, Katelyn Ohashi is a millionaire, and she has a net worth of about $1 million. She is retired from competitive gymnastics but still keeps up with training, focusing on her career. She is living a comfortable life in Plano, Texas.

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