Katherine Salom Net Worth: How Rich Is The Vlogger

Katherine Salom is a YouTuber, vlogger, and social media personality with an estimated net worth of $2.2 million. She became popular after posting videos of her Keto diet on her YouTube channel.

If you want to know her real name, birthday, age, gender, height, weight, partner, siblings, professions, nationality, net worth, and more, this article has it all.

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NameKatherine Salom
Real Name: Katherin Michelle Salom
Birthday:April 13, 1994
Birth Sign:Aries
Gender: Female
Height:5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm
Weight:61 kgs or 134 lbs
Partner:Cody Rogers
Kids: None
Siblings:Michael Salom
Professions:YouTuber, Content Creator, Vlogger, Social Media Influencer
Nationality: American
Religion: Christianity
Hair Color: Light Brown
Net Worth: $2.2  million (USD)

What is Katherine Salom Net Worth?

Social media Influencer, popular YouTuber, digital content creator, and vlogger Katherine Salom has an estimated net worth of $2.2 million.

This is due to her successful presence in different social media platforms, various opportunities come her way like left and right product endorsements and sponsorships.

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Early Life

Katherine Michelle Salom was born in Baytown, Texas, USA, on April 13, 1994.

She prefers to keep her family’s identity private. She did spend a day with her Mom and Dad as they celebrated the birthday of her autistic brother Michael in one of her vlogs, though.

Katherine grew up with a country lifestyle where rabbits roam around their house among other animals in their backyard.

In addition, her love for fishing started during her younger years as she was introduced into it earlier because of her family home’s proximity to the bay. 

This American-Cuban blogger and vlogger is a grilling enthusiast as she primarily loves fishing and traveling. 

She was lucky enough to be able to visit 13 countries around the world like Australia, New Zealand, Honduras, Bermuda, Mexico, France, Holland, Switzerland, among others.

She is also into fashion and photography. Her fresh start in blogging was initially just for her parents to see her day-to-day activities when she was pursuing her college degree. She got hooked on it eventually and decided to do more of it. 

Katherine got her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science degree from the first public college institution in College Station, Texas A&M  University. She stayed for an additional year to acquire a Meat Science Certificate.

She also went to The Queensland University in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, for a couple of months.

At the early age of 16, she worked as a Lifeguard in the city of Baytown. She was also an intern at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for 2 months. After she finished her degree, she worked as a Social Media Manager at Man Sports for 9 months. 

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Katherine Salom Personal Life

Katherine is currently engaged to her boyfriend, Cody Rogers. She announced it in her vlog on August 1, 2020, after their 8th month together. 

They met in a beer garden located in downtown Texas while together with some friends. A certified coffee lover, their first date was in Starbucks.

They are presently living together in Houston, Texas, with their 2 dogs, both Spaniel Cocker breeds named Beaux and Cooper, as well as a rabbit and a few chickens.

The couple describes their relationship as a funny and light-hearted one. They are so compatible that they bring out the best in each other.

Career: How Much Does Katherine Salom Earn?

Katherine Salom started uploading her videos on YouTube sometime in 2007, where its content is just about her ordinary escapades like horseback riding.

However, it was only on June 28, 2015 when she posted videos about the keto diet when she started to gain an audience until her viewers reached thousands to millions. Hence, she decided to be self-employed in 2018.

With the popularity of her presence in various social media platforms, she made it full-time, doing YouTube vlogs and collaborating with different brands, among other things.

Her content is about what she loves doing most, making it easier for her to do and to sincerely convey to her fans which are about fishing, cooking or grilling, fitness, traveling, fashion, life, and even relationships.

Her growing fans have reached around 5 million combined in all her social media accounts – her YouTube account with 201K subscribers; TikTok with 433.1K followers; Twitter with 49.8K followers; Instagram with 776K followers and Facebook, with 3.7 million followers.

With her popularity, she pursued social media marketing, where she displays positive character traits endorsing different brands. Some of her sponsors include Green Chef, Michelob Ultra, Blaze Pizza, Asics, 14 Hands Winery, and many more. 

Final Words: Is Katherine Salom a Millionaire?

Katherine Michelle Salom is said to have an estimated net worth of $2.2 million USD. She accumulated this within 5 years, mostly from her YouTube channel. In addition, it comes from product brand endorsements and sponsorships.

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