How Much Is Larry Flynt’s Net Worth?

Larry Claxton Flynt, or just Larry Flint, was an American publisher and the president of Larry Flynt Publications, which mainly produced pornographic content. Read on and learn about his life, career, and net worth of $500 million.

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Larry Flynt Net Worth
NameLarry Claxton Flynt
NicknameLarry Flint, The King of Porn
Birthday1 November 1942
Died10 February 2021
Weight167 lbs
PartnerElizabeth Berrios
KidsLisa Flynt, Theresa Flynt, Larry Flynt Jr., Tonya Flynt-Vega, T.J. Flynt
ParentsEdith Flynt, Larry Claxton Sr.
SiblingsJimmy Flynt, Judy Flynt
ProfessionPublisher, entrepreneur
Net Worth $500 million

What is Larry Flynt’s Net Worth?

Larry Flynt’s net worth is $500 million at the time of his death. He made his fortune as the president of Larry Flynt Publications LFP, and LFP is one of the biggest publishers of porn content in magazines, videos, and TV channels named Hustler

During his work, he fought several high-profile legal battles and survived an assassination attempt but became paralyzed from the waist down. He was married five times and had five children.

Larry Flynt’s Early Life

Larry Claxton Flynt was born on 1 November 1942 in Lakeville, Magoffin County, Kentucky. He is the son of Larry Claxton Flynt Sr. and Edith Flynt; he had a sister Judy and a brother Jimmy Rey Flynt.  

He grew up in a poor and complicated environment. His sister died at age four, his parents divorced and he was growing away from his brother, first with his mother and later with his father.

He attended Salyersville High School, and at age 15, he left home. He joined the Army, left, and joined again; in between, he went to his mom’s place to live and work, and later to his dad’s place, where he developed a passion for poker.

At last, after many situations, he was honorably discharged from The United States Navy in July 1964.

Larry Flynt’s Personal Life

Larry Flynt’s personal life had many significant events that can’t be shortened into a few rows; here are the most notable ones. 

Larry has been married five times, and these were his wives; Marry Flynt from 1961 to 1965 when they divorced; Peggy Mathis from 1966 to 1969, then divorced; and Kathy Barr from 1970 to 1975 with whom they divorced

Althea Leasure was Larry’s fourth wife; they married in 1976 and were married ten years. She died in 1987 at 33 under suspicious circumstances; she drowned in a bathtub, and the toxicological reports were inconclusive.

Elizabeth Berrios is his last fifth and last wife; they married in 1998 and remained together until Larry died in 2021. 

Larry Flint had four daughters, Lisa Flynt, Theresa Flynt, Tonya Flynt-Vega, T.J. Flynt, and one son, Larry Flynt Jr., and has a gaggle of grandchildren. Larry Flynt was accused of not taking proper care of his kids. One of his daughters, Lisa Flynt-Fugate, died in a car crash at 47.

His daughter Tonya Flynt-Vega accused Larry of sexually abusing her as a child. She wrote a book about it, and even before publishing, her father threatened to kill her. Larry denied the accusations and twisted the situation by acknowledging that he had not been a good parent to Flynt-Vega, and she was looking for attention.

He was into politics; he supported the Democratic Party. Larry Flynt had several high-profile legal battles and provoked many controversies. 

He enjoyed life in every way until he survived an assassination attempt by a serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin, and Flynt was injured. Flynt became paralyzed from the waist down, continued his life in a wheelchair, and was addicted to painkillers. 

He had a custom golden wheelchair, nice cars, private jets, and yachts.

There is much to say for a mogul like Larry Flynt, who has also visited jail; he was sentenced to 7 to 25 years but released after 6 days.

He lived in many places; he had a resort-style home in Maui County, Hawaii. He lived in his luxurious mansion in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, where he died on 10 February 2021 at age 78 from heart failure.

Larry Flynt’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Larry Flynt was 5’10” tall and weighed 167 lbs. Sadly, a big part of his life, Flynt was in a wheelchair.  

Career: How Much Does Larry Flynt Make?

Larry Flynt was working different jobs, but the first bigger deal after leaving the Army was buying his mother’s bar. He soon made three bars and worked around 20 hours a day, taking amphetamines to stay awake.

His idea was to go big and open a new higher-class bar with nude hostesses and dancers; it was named Hustler Club. After the first Hustler Club, and with the help of his brother and girlfriend, he opened Hustler Clubs in Akron, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo, Ohio. The clubs made a significant profit.

In January 1972, Flynt created the Hustler Newsletter, a two-page publication about the clubs. This item became so popular, and he got the idea of expanding the Hustler Newsletter to 16 pages and 32 until August 1973. 

As a result of the oil crisis, The American economy entered recession, and Larry was on the edge of bankruptcy. He came to the idea of making the Hustler Newsletter into a sexually explicit magazine with national distribution. In July 1974, the first issue of Hustler was released.

Hustler magazine made a huge impact and was the first-ever magazine that showed Pink-shots, was criticized a lot, and had legal fights. Flynt found paparazzo photos of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis where she was sunbathing nude and published them in August 1975; the issue sold over million copies within a few days. He quickly became a millionaire

Despite magazines and strip clubs, Larry Flynt opened Hustler Casino and started to produce pornographic movies through Hustler Video Film studio; soon after, he founded Hustler TV

There were also legal issues for the Hustler brand and what it promotes, but everything was settled. After Larry Flint’s death, Elizabeth Berrios inherited the Hustler corporation and Larry’s money. 

Larry Flynt also wrote a few books, an autobiography, and books about pornography. 

Flynt also appeared in movies; most were documentary films about his life and his legal fights, like The People vs. Larry Flynt and others.

Final Word: Is Larry Flynt a Millionaire?

Larry Flint was a millionaire with a net worth of $500 million. He is famous as the founder of Larry Flynt Publication, which mainly produced pornographic content under the Hustler brand, magazines, and TV channels. He fought many legal battles; he was injured and became paralyzed in 1978 until the end of his life on 10 February 2021. He had been married five times and had five kids. 

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