Lewis Howes Net Worth: How Rich Is The Footballer

Lewis Howes is a former football player with a successful career in entrepreneurship, book writing, and life coaching. Read on and find out how Lewis Howes made over $20 million in net worth.

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Lewis Howes Net Worth
NameLewis Howes
Birthday16 March 1983
Weight165 lbs
PartnerMartha Higareda
ParentsDiana Howes
SiblingsChristian Howes, Katherine Howes, Heidi Howes
ProfessionPodcast host, author, entrepreneur
Net Worth$20 Million

What is Lewis Howes’s Net Worth?

Lewis Howes’s net worth is over $20 Million. He had a bright future as a football player, but after an accident and failing almost to the bottom, he rose above and built a multimillion-dollar business

After his wrist injury, Lewis didn’t have any ideas for his life in the future. The idea of working for someone else wasn’t his choice in life. Instead, he opted to do his own thing, becoming a life coach, author, and podcast host.

Lewis Howes’s Early Life

Lewis Howes was born on 16 March 1983 in Delaware, Ohio. His mom is Diana Howes, but we don’t know his dad’s name. Lewis Howes grew up with his brother Christian Howes and two sisters, Katherine Howes and Heidi Howes.

He grew up in a family with divorced parents, but he had a lavish childhood. Although he had a lot of material stuff, as Lewis noted in one interview, he felt alone as a kid and felt that he had nothing to lose.

Lewis Howes finished his education in his hometown and went to Principia College, where he was an active basketball player and earned many awards. He also participated in the football team for Capital University and held a record for most yards in one match. 

While growing up, Lewis Howes had a lot of troubles with his feelings, such as feeling lonely, feeling dumb, and being bullied for being in special classes.

Lewis’s most significant support was his father. He encouraged Lewis to overcome everything and become the best athlete and not just supported but coached and cheered him on every match.

When Lewis was a senior in college and an All-American athlete, his father had a car accident. His father survived the accident, but it changed him. He wasn’t the same supporting and loving person but became a cold and uninterested person.

Lewis Howes had a career-ending injury and didn’t even overcome the different attitude of his father; he became broken and depressed. He even lived on his sister’s couch for a while, figuring out what to do in life. 

After a year and a half, Lewis started doing something about himself, step by step, rebuilding his life. He is multitalented, plays the guitar, and plays chess and handball.

Lewis Howes’s Personal Life

Lewis Howes was dating Yanet Garcia for two years, but they broke up in 2021. After the termination of their relationship, Lewis met Martha Higareda; the two of them are now dating.

As a successful podcast host, author, and entrepreneur Lewis Howes lives in Los Angeles, California. 

Lewis Howes’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Lewis Howes is 6’4” tall and weighs about 165 lbs. As an athlete, he still maintains a perfectly shaped body like when he was professionally playing football. 

Career: How Much Does Lewis Howes Make?

Lewis Howes’s growing businesses bring a considerable income to his account. His first career choice was as a professional football player, but one injury terminated this career. In need of money and life, he made his next career steps after a few suggestions. 

Lewis needed some inspiration, so he interviewed wealthy people to determine how they made their fortune. Lewis’s first job was at LinkedIn, where he worked as a consultant for two years.

Lewis Howes has been working many different jobs as a consultant; in the Sports Networker, he was the Sports CEO and Head of Sports and Digital Marketing. During that period, he found out that the most important thing in life is to realize and face your fears.

At the age of 29, Lewis Howes launched a podcast show, The School of Greatness, to be an inspiration to others as the inspiration his father gave him while he was an athlete. The School of Greatness gave him the boost to pursue a bigger dream, and now he is an entrepreneur and currently the Chief Executive Officer at Greatness Media

Lewis Howes is also a film producer and actor. He has produced Chasing Greatness in 2021 and appeared in documentaries like Age of Entrepreneur, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy, The Abundance Factor, The Miracle Morning, The Kobe Bryant Documentary: Life Lessons, and others.

Lewis Howes is a bestselling author of many books, including The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper and Leaving a Legacy, The Millionaire Morning, The Mask of Masculinity, and more.

Lewis Howes’s coaching businesses also rose fast, and he was named one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 by the White House. His coaching courses are very expensive, costing well over $2K for starters. 

Lewis Howes has a considerable income from his YouTube channel, where he is very active and has more than 2.07 million subscribers. His Instagram profile has 1.9 million followers, his Twitter profile with 213.9K followers, and his Facebook profile with 2.4 million followers.

Final Word: Is Lewis Howes a Millionaire?

Lewis Howes is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of $20 million. He is a former athlete, author, entrepreneur, life coach, and businessman. He made and still earns well by coaching others how to do it themselves, but he is a fan of a comfortable lifestyle and enjoying his money.

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