Luis Saurez Net Worth: How Rich Is The Uruguayan

Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz is an Uruguayan professional soccer player who plays as a striker for the Spanish club Atletico Madrid for the national team of Uruguay. Read on about his life, career, and net worth of $70 million.  

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Luis Saurez Net Worth
NameLuis Alberto Suarez Diaz
NicknameLuis Saurez, El Pistolero
Birthday24 January 1987
Weight179 lbs
PartnerSofia Balbi
KidsDelfina Suarez, Lautaro Suarez, Benjamin Suarez
ParentsSandra Diaz, Rodolfo Suarez
SiblingsPaolo Suarez, Leticia Suarez, Facundo Suarez, Maximiliano Suarez, Giovanna Suarez, Diego Suarez
ProfessionProfessional soccer player
Net Worth $70 million

What is Luis Suarez’s Net Worth?

Luis Suarez’s net worth is $70 million. He made his fortune as a professional soccer player who plays for the national team of Uruguay and he plays for the Spanish team Atletico Madrid

He plays as a striker and is among the most awarded players; he won the Golden Boot and Golden Shoe and scored over 500 goals in his career. Suarez is considered a player who dives or simulates penalties. He is a family man, married, and has three kids.

Luis Suarez’s Early Life

Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz was born on 24 January 1987 in Salto, Uruguay. He is the son of Sandra Diaz and Rodolfo Suarez; Luis grew up alongside his six siblings, Paolo Suarez, Leticia Suarez, Facundo Suarez, Maximiliano Suarez, Giovanna Suarez, and Diego Suarez. 

The family was very poor, and he couldn’t afford any football boots, but his mother encouraged him to play. 

When Suarez was very young in the Cerro neighborhood in Salto, he played youth soccer at Sportivo Artigas. At seven, he moved with his family to Montevideo, where he continued football at Urreta.

When Suarez was a kid, he had an accident when a car ran over his foot. Despite the broken bone on his foot, he continued to play. 

At the age of 14, Suarez joined the Nacional’s youth team. He was caught partying and drinking under 18; Luis debuted for the first team at 18.

Luis Suarez’s Personal Life

Luis Suarez’s personal life is mainly connected to Sofia Balbi, his high school sweetheart. In his young teenage days, he was connected to many bad habits like drinking and smoking.

Luis Suarez met Sofia Balbi at the age of 15, and she positively influenced him; she gave him the strength to move forward as a positive person without bad habits. Luis Suarez married Sofia Balbi in 2009, and they have three kids together, Delfina Suarez, Lautaro Suarez, and Benjamin Suarez.

Luis Suarez currently lives in a beautiful $5 million mansion in Castelldefels, a province in Barcelona in Catalonia, and one of his neighbors is Lionel Messi

He owns exotic cars such as Cadillac Escalade, Audi RS6 Avant, BMW X3, BMW X5, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes Benz Kompressor, and Audi A7

Luis Suarez’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Luis Suarez is 6’0” tall and weighs 179 lbs. He has an athletic body and has a few small tattoos on his body.

Career: How Much Does Luis Suarez Make?

Luis Suarez’s career started from an early age and in impoverished surroundings, and it continued upwards until he earned the most significant accolades in soccer.

Suarez started from the youth team Artigas de Salto in 1991/94, next was Urreta 1994/2000, and Nacional in 2001/2005.

Starting from the 2005/06 season, Suarez started to appear for the senior team of Nacional, and there he appeared in 27 matches and scored 10 goals. Soon he was noticed by scouts and got offers from different teams.

In the 2006/07 season, he played for the team Groningen, appeared in 29 matches, and scored 10 goals.

In 2007, Suarez signed a five-year contract with Ajax for a transfer fee of €7.5 million. He played 110 matches and scored 81 goals for Ajax. He made an incident – he bit another player and was suspended; still, he got a farewell with the team leaving on good terms.  

In 2011, Suarez signed a five-and-a-half-year contract with Liverpool for a transfer fee of €26.5 million. He appeared in 110 matches and scored 69 goals. He had another biting incident, but he still earned many awards.

In July 2014, Suarez signed on with Barcelona on a five-year contract for an undisclosed transfer fee but was considered one of the most expensive player transfers. He remained with Barcelona until 2020, appeared in 191 matches, and scored 147 goals.

From 2020 to 2022, he played in Atletico Madrid, appeared in 67 matches, and scored 32 goals. Suarez announced his departure during his last match but didn’t reveal where he would go next.

From the 2006/07 season, he started appearing for Uruguay U20, from 2012 for Uruguay U23, and the senior team of Uruguay from 2007, and still plays there. He has appeared in 132 matches and scored 68 goals.

During his career, he has earned a lot of trophies and achievements; some of them are Two European Golden Shoes, an Eredivisie Golden Boot, a Premier League Golden Boot, Pichichi Trophy, Footballer of the Year, five times Top Scorer, five times Spanish Champion, and many more, you can see them all on transfermarkt

Luiz Suarez is a great player, but his career involves controversies, like showing his anger by biting opponents. Another is his “diving” ; he was caught acting or simulating to win a penalty. 

Besides playing soccer, he has significant earnings from his endorsement deals, Adidas, Puma, Beats, Antel, Cablevision, Garnier, Pepsi, and Samsung. He is also in EA Sports’ FIFA video games series.

He has 11.8K subscribers on his YouTube channel, where we can see his goals and controversies. His social media accounts have a large number of followers; on Instagram, he has 43.9 million followers; on Twitter, he has 17.1 million followers; on Facebook, he has 18 million followers.  

Final Word: Is Luis Suarez a Millionaire?

Luis Suarez is a millionaire with a net worth of $70 million. He started as a poor child not so interested in soccer and rose to the best scorer and one of the most awarded soccer players. Luis Suarez has changed many teams and earned many trophies. He has had a few controversial situations in his career, like biting opponents or diving – acting for penalties. He is married to his teenage sweetheart Sofia Balbi, and they have three kids. 

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