Malu Trevejo Net Worth: Bio, Wiki, Net Worth And More.

Malu Trevejo is a sensation, and you must have heard her name many times. 

So, belly dancing and music? You know it is a perfect combination—no wonder the hot young singer has a net worth of between $3 Million.

She grew up with music sensations such as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Growing up with these two illustrious women convinced Malu to pursue a music career where she dropped some fire hits. Let us get to know Malu Trevejo. Shall we?

Malu Trevejo net worth illustration
Name Malu Trevejo 
Net Worth$3 Million
BirthdayOctober 15, 2002
Height5’5″ (1.65 m)
ParentsDenia Petterssen (mother)
Sun signLibra
ProfessionDancer, Singer
NationalityCuba, Spain, American

What is Malu Travejo Net worth?

Let’s keep this short. As of 2023, Malu Travejo’s net worth is about $3 million. This chick has the perfect combination of a hot body and a heavy bag.

Malu Travejo early life

The beautiful lady Malu Travejo was born on October 15 2002, so she is 20. She is originally from Havana, Cuba. There is more.

The young singer is very secretive and hardly shares information about her family.

After many persuasions, she revealed something. Sadly, her father is in jail, and she will never see him out of jail.

Also, she added that her mom confirmed that her birth father persuaded and advised her to find another man who would love her and provide a better opportunity for their child. Malu’s father didn’t want Malu’s mom to raise Malu in Cuba.

Her mom’s name is Maria, and Malu once featured her in one of her live streams.

After the birth of Malu, Maria moved to Madrid, Spain, where she settled for 12 years.

Malu Trevejo Personal Life

Malu has not been free of relationship entanglements. After she broke up with Reese, her boyfriend, she was said to have briefly dated NBA Young Boy. She was 14. He was 17. So, there was a 3-year gap between the both of them. The relationship did not end well as Malu accused him of taking away her virginity when she was not ready.

You see, the accusation led to arguments that ended the relationship. Not long after that was the drama between Malu and Youngboy’s ex, Bhad Bhabi(with the original name of Danielle Begoli). Both ladies had bad blood and beef between them because of Young Boy.

Get this. The beef got intense and almost blew over when Bhad Bhabi drove for over an hour to meet Malu for them to have a physical fight. No, don’t picture two ladies clawing each other’s faces out. The fight did not hold as Malu locked herself inside the house till the cops came to defuse the situation. She later commented that she would not press charges as she could not waste her time on anybody.

After Young boy, she went ahead to a basketball player who was quite older than she was. Many people commented that the basketballer was merely grooming her. She defended on her Instagram that she doesn’t care about what anybody thinks.

The Travis Scot Controversy

You must know, this was a massive controversy at the time. It rippled through the industry, and it had Most North Americans ask the question, who is Malu Travejo.

You see, Malu relocated to Los Angeles in October 2020. A year later, after her relocation, she announced on her Instagram page that she had been signed to the Travis Scott Music Label, Cactus Jack.

Shockingly, after a month, the statement was retracted. Sources reported that the record label manager reached out to the news outlet and instructed them to take down Malu’s statement because it was fake.

Malu addressed the issue on her Instagram page, saying it wasn’t, but things didn’t work out the way she planned. She motivated herself and moved on.

Career: How much does Malu Trevejo Earn?

Easy. Malu usually posted videos of her belly dancing and singing online. And Bam! Her hard work later paid off. A popular social media manager saw her and liked her content. He recognized her raw talent and signed her up with Universal Music Latin. She then debuted with the song ‘Luna Llena’ in October 2017

From belly dancing and singing the talented young singer and dancer have acquired quite a sum in her short journey in the Entertainment Industry. Agencies report that (precise value still being verified but within that range).

You see, Malu was relentless and released another song, titled Emi me mente.  In early 2018, she was featured in a music video by HRVY, a famous pop star. By November of 2018, she released another track titled Swipe Dat.

Now, 2019 was another big year for her as she released another Nadie Como Yo and Como Tu Me Quires, which particularly pleased her fans. They commented that the songs were very inspirational and sensational, but she wasn’t done as Malu still hit her fans with two more releases and her debut album, Una Vez Mas, before 2019 ended.

The songs in the album include 

  • Una Vez Mas
  • Down 4 love love
  • Hace Calor(ft Jeon)
  • Adios

She was relentless and kept releasing songs back to back helped her. 

In January 2023, a filing showed that Malú Trevejo was being sued by four former staffers for abuse. They are suing her for battery, defamation, and sexual misconduct, among other complaints, and are seeking $4 million in damages.

 Final Word

Malu has a great beginning, and the result is her net worth of $3 Million. We have a feeling there is still more to come from her.  

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