Montana of 300 Net Worth: How Rich Is The Rapper

Walter Anthony Bradford, popularly known on stage as “Montana of 300,” is an American rapper born in Chicago, Illinois Montana of 300’s Net Worth is estimated to be $10 Million as of 2022.

Mоntаnа of 300 as an American rapper is known for his rap style, including Rhythm, Blues, and drill beats. He is a Songwriter and has made several hit songs over the years.  

His accomplishments over the years have proven his commitment and dedication towards the music industry, particularly his uniqueness in the world of rap music. Montana of 300’s interest in rap started a little early, and so far, his net worth has grown to be $10 Million and still rising.

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Montana of 300 Net Worth
NameWalter Anthony Bradford
Birthday March 13, 1989
PartnerNot Married
Kid(s)Tony Bradford
Siblings2 brothers and 3 sisters
ProfessionMusician/ Songwriter
Net Worth$10 million

What is Montana of 300 Net Worth?

Montana of 300 has worked hard over the years. He started as early as 15 to become one of the richest millionaire American rappers. Montana of 300 net worth is $10 million as of March 2022.

Early Life

Wаltеr Anthоnу Brаdfоrd, known by his stage name: “Montana of 300,” was born on the 13th of March 1989, in Chicago, Illinois. His academics were not taken seriously as he always freestyles rap with his close friends, even during study hours.

Tupac, DMX, and Lil Wayne were among the rap musicians he grew up listening to. His parents were chronic addicts, and they suffered from abuse of different substances. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother was always high on a hard drug like cocaine.

Many believe that his experience with his parents’ addiction made him cease using narcotics as he witnessed their struggle. Reports have it that Montana has two brothers and three sisters. He has always loved music right from his childhood, and his parents’ addictions and neglect inspired him to focus on rap.

His tumultuous childhood left an indelible mark on him, maybe leading him to religion. Many of his songs have religious themes and symbolism. He also encourages his adolescent fans to abstain from doing drugs

Personal Life

Montana is quite private about his personal life. He likes his own space, appreciates his independence, and is currently unattached. Montana has a great dislike for drugs and encourages his fans not to use them after witnessing the disastrous impact of drug and alcohol usage on his parents during his childhood.

Shortly before his album ‘Don’t Doubt the God,’ in May 2017, there was a dispute. He had sent a message on social media claiming to have been imprisoned. Montаnа was jailed for about two months.

Nobody in the media is aware of the reason for his sudden arrest. Surprisingly, there is no record of the jail location, as he was taken to an unknown location. Montana, however, later claimed in an interview that he was arrested for driving with a suspended license and providing false identification while detained.


Montana has a high school friend named Montelle Talley (also known professionally as “Talley of 300”). His school friend and a few others formed the rap group “300” when he was 8 years old.

The organization’s name was inspired by the film of the same name, in which a troop of 300 Spartans had a face-off with 300,000 Persian soldiers to keep their territory. Montana of 300 was particularly moved by the phrases: “No Surrender, No Retreat, Only the Hard, Only the Strong, Against All Odds.”

However, a few months after the start of the group, there was a split due to a quarrel. Even though the group “300” is not in existence, Montana and his friend Montelle still maintained their stage name, hence “Montana of 300 and Talley of 300”.

Montana has been releasing his remixes of popular songs on YouTube and other social media sites since 2006. He has a sizable following on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. He has amassed a sizable fan base before his first solo release.’

Montana decided to release his first mixtape, “Cursed with a Blessing,” solo. This did not gain so much popularity but was well appreciated by a few of his fans across the country at that time. He, however, did not give up and focused on rap music.

In the television show “Empire,” his rap talent made him gain recognition and fame. This inspired him to make more mixtapes with his friend. He made over 300 mixtapes and has grown so much in popularity in society. This has drastically raised his net worth.

Montana’s first studio album made it to the 7th spot on the top hip-hop albums and was 4th on the top rap album chart. Montana released his second album in 2017, together with his compilation album. Apart from rap music, Montana has a clothing line as well.

Despite Montana’s unique rap style, he is yet to win a major music award. However, he has been nominated for some awards. Montana’s albums’ Fire in the Church’ and ‘Don’t Doubt the God’ were enormous hits. He has remained popular throughout his career. On the famous ‘Billboard 200’ list, the former was ranked 95th.

Final Word: Is Montana of 300 a Millionare?

Montana of 300’s net worth stands at $10 Million and is rising. His hard work and inspiration in the rap industry are remarkable and worthy of emulation.

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