Mr Organik Net Worth: How Rich Is Jarvis Rivers?

Have you heard of Jarvis Rivers? You probably know him as Mr. Organik, a famous YouTuber, entrepreneur, fitness instructor, and internet personality. Well, here we’ll talk more about Mr. Organik, his lifestyle, and auto vlogs. Jarvis Rivers, aka. Mr. Organik net worth is $1.5 million.

Mr Organik Net Worth Illustration
Name Mr. Organik
NameJarvis Rivers
AliasMr. Organik, King of the Downtown, 3Bs, BigBone
Birthday29 September 1981
PartnerDanielle Champion
ParentsKimberly Rivers
SiblingsBrandon Saint Rivers, Lawrence Trend Blackledge
ProfessionRapper, YouTuber, Internet personality
Net Worth $1.5 million

What Is Mr. Organik Net Worth?

Jarvis Rivers, better known as Mr. Organik, has a net worth of $1.5 million. He joined the famous video sharing platform YouTube in 2014, where he started sharing rap and hip hop videos and automotive-themed vlogs.

The San Diego native has also played professional basketball but discovered his love for rapping, hip hop music, and storytelling, which has helped him build an excellent YouTube following. 

According to Social Blade data, the Mr_Organic YouTube channel has close to 320,000 subscribers, and his Instagram has over 240,000 followers. He has accounts on other social media platforms but is not particularly active on them.

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Who Is Mr. Organik?

Mr. Organik’s real name is Jarvis Rivers, and he was born on 29 September 1981 in San Diego, California. He grew up with his mother, Kimberly Rivers, and two brothers, Brandon and Lawrence. His dad passed away from AIDS when Jarvis was little.

The Rivers moved a lot during Jarvis’ youth and lived in Minneapolis, Tulsa, Phoenix, etc. His mom still lives in Phoenix, Arizona. However, Jarvis moved back to San Diego, where he hung out with his buddies and played street basketball before playing some pro basketball.

He attended Hoover High School in San Diego but did not finish it, as he dropped out to pursue other interests.

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Mr. Organik’s Personal Life

Jarvis Rivers is somewhat of a health nut, so don’t let his looks fool you. He has stated in an interview that he has not taken a drink or drugs at all, and he is a devoted athlete. You can note this in his videos, as he often shares fitness instruction videos.

He has not been married but is currently dating Danielle Champion, a fellow YouTube personality, singer, and actress. She resides in Los Angeles with Jarvis and is often featured in Mr. Organik’s videos, and Jarvis also appears in his girlfriend’s videos.

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How Much Does Mr. Organik Earn On YouTube?

Mr. Organik has made his wealth primarily on YouTube. He started way back in 2014 by posting hip hop and rap videos and later vlogs and collaborations. His yearly youtube income is estimated to be over $100k.

He also earns a profit from selling merchandise via his website, OrganikLyfestyle. Besides his main YouTube channel, he also has three additional channels named Top of the Mook, Organik Fitness, and Gargoyle Gang.

He has reached a level of notoriety with his “illegal” videos talking and presenting guns, which also increased his fame. One of his most popular videos is Death Threats Made Me Buy More Guns, where he talks, shows, and buys guns.

Mr. Organik also earns a good amount of money from selling merchandise, a line of male cosmetics, and various endorsements. He has a book out called Organik Seeds of Greatness, focused on providing advice for entrepreneurs.

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How Does Mr. Organik Spend His Money?

We can see various cars on his YouTube videos, and we learn that he has recently bought his dream car, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, valued at $335,000. He also has a bunch of Ferraris and several Rolls Royce cars in his car collection. 

He lives in a 2-acre mansion in Malibu, which we’ve seen from the latest videos he rents at this time. Mr. Organik lives a lavish, luxurious lifestyle and is a fan of expensive watches, extravagant jewelry, and other luxury goods.

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What Other Names Does Mr. Organik Call Himself?

Apart from his given name Jarvis Rivers, and his main nickname, Mr. Organik also calls himself King of the Downtown, 3Bs, and BigBone. He calls his fans the Gargoyle Gang.

We can see Mr. Organik regularly appear as a guest on his friend’s YouTube channel, TallGuyCarReviews, where they review cars and make jokes and hilarious videos. 

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Final Words: Is Mr. Organik a Millionaire?

Thanks to his YouTube fame, Mr. Organik is a self-made millionaire, and his net worth is about $1.5 million. Mr. Organik is a fan of luxury, and we can see him with various expensive cars, guns, and jewelry. 

However, he is an avid businessman and has made a significant portfolio with smart investments. We can only speculate on the rumor that Mr. Organik and TallGuyCarReviews are quitting YouTube to focus on developing their business.

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