Nabela Noor Net Worth: How Rich Is The YouTuber

Nabela is a famous YouTuber and designer who promotes self-love and plus-size beauty. Nabela Noor’s net worth is 4.5 Million. Read about Nabela’s life, way to fame, marital status, and more. 

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Nabela Noor Net Worth
NameNabela Noor
NicknameN2/Zeba Noor
Birthday4 August 1991
PartnerSeth Martin
KidsAmalia Rana
ParentsZeba Noor
Siblings5 siblings
ProfessionYouTuber, Designer
Net Worth $4.5 MillIon

What is Nabela Noor’s Net Worth?

Nabela Noor’s net worth is about 4.5 million. She is a famous YouTuber, social media influencer, and designer. She founded the fashion label Zeba, a size-inclusive clothing brand and a self-love movement.

Nabela Noor began making YouTube content back in 2013, collaborating with other YouTubers, but she soon branched out and found solo success.

Nabela Noor’s Early Life

Nabela Noor was born on 4 August 1991 in New York. Her parents are from Bangladesh but moved to the U.S. while her mother was pregnant with her. She has two older brothers and three sisters whose names are Tanzina Noor, Neharika Noor, and Mairaa Noor.

The family moved from New York to Maryland, after that, moved to Pennsylvania. Nabela’s father was a taxi driver and her mother a housewife.

During her childhood, she learned Hindi and painting while watching Bollywood movies. Nabela Noor finished high school at 16 years, went to Pennsylvania State University, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Nabela Noor’s Personal Life

Nabela comes from a traditional Muslim family, and her family had an arranged marriage for her. Still, she broke the family’s expectations when she met Seth Martin and fell in love with him. The couple married in August 2015

Her husband, Seth Martin, is also a YouTuber and social media star. They work together, and most of their blogs and videos are a couple. Nabela often covers Islam religion in her videos.

Nabela regularly opens up to the public about her personal life and shares every intimate moment, even about the problem of conceiving and miscarriage. Their daughter Amalia Rana was born on 16 March 2022

Nabela Noor and her family live in Pennsylvania. They live a fancy life in a great and luxurious house, often shown in her videos.

Nabela Noor’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Nabela Noor is 5’2” tall and weighs 189 lbs. Nabela is cute and chubby, and she promotes her specific looks as a short plus-size model.

Career: How Much Does Nabela Noor Make?

Nabela is very active on social media, making her very famous and enlarging her income. Also, Nabela Noor started her clothing and home decor company, which made a significant income on her account.

Nabela Noor has an influential YouTube career that started just with makeup tutorials and promoting self-love and soon started to get many followers. Now she inspires people about self-love, decorating, homemaking, housing, DIY, society, and family. 

Her channel also covers pranks and romantic surprises. Nabela Noor’s YouTube channel has over 1.06 million subscribers and more than a billion views.

Nabela has created her own clothing brand Zeba named after her mother. The brand encourages self-love and clothes for every size and measurement. She believes that everyone should feel great even if they have different bodies. 

She is very active on other social media such as Instagram with 2.3 million followers, Twitter with 51.4K followers, TikTok profile with 7.3 million followers, Pinterest, and  Facebook with 570K followers.

Nabela Noor’s self-love and need to inspire people is used as a topic for public speaking, and she has released a book named Beautifully Me.

Nabela Noor is an inspiring celebrity and has established a charity organization, the Noor House Organization. The organization is a non-profit program operating in Bangladesh where it provides low-income families with free housing, education resources, food, and water access. 

Final Word: Is Nabela Noor a Millionaire?

Nabela Noor is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of 4.5 million. Nabela made her fortune as a YouTuber, designer, and promoter of self-love. Her income comes from different sources like social media, designing clothes, designing home decor, and her book sales. Nabela Noor does not just keep her fortune for herself but also gives to others through her foundation.

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