How Big Is Natalia Bryant’s Net Worth?

Natalia Bryant is the eldest daughter of the late Kobe Bryant. We’ll talk more about her life, family, and modeling career here. Natalia Bryant is currently working as a model and has a net worth of about $6 million.

Natalia Bryant net worth
Natalia Bryant Net Worth
NameNatalia Diamante Bryant
Birthday19 January 2003
Height5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Eye colorBrown
ParentsKobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant
SiblingsGianna Bryant, Bianka Bella Bryant, Capri Bryant
Net Worth $6 million

So, How Much Is Natalia Bryant’s Net Worth?

Natalia Bryant has a net worth of about $6 million, some of which she earned through her modeling career. She is a part of IMG Models, a global modeling agency.

She has worked with notable brands and has over 2.8 million subscribers on Instagram. She and her family also run the sports foundation Mamba Mambacita, which sells branded merchandise.

Unfortunately, Natalia Bryant has been the butt end of a tasteless joke, as an unreliable news site reported that she committed suicide. Obviously, this is not true, but someone did play a joke at her expense.

Natalia Bryant’s Early Life

Natalia Diamante Bryant was born on 19 January 2003 in Los Angeles, California. She is the eldest daughter of the late world-famous basketball player Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa Bryant.

She comes from a family with a rich sports history – her father and grandfather were both professional basketball players who played in the NBA. However, Natalia decided to play volleyball and gained prominence for her talent and sports skills.

She played for her high school volleyball team in high school, much to her father’s satisfaction. While he was alive, Kobe was one of her biggest supporters, and he used to share her team’s sports achievements on social media.

She graduated from Sage Hill High School, one of the USA’s most expensive private high schools. She enrolled at the University of Southern California and has said that she’d like to major in filmmaking.

Natalia Bryant’s Personal Life

Natalia Bryant keeps her private life under close wraps and says that she is too young to be tied to a guy, as she just finished high school. She has admitted to having a crush, but there is nothing serious on the romantic front for Natalia Bryant.

How Much Money Does Natalia Bryant Earn?

Natalia Bryant currently works as a model and is a part of the IMG Models agency. She has a massive following of over 2.8 million on Instagram and builds a numerous fan base on TikTok. 

She banks on her impressive genetics as Natalia Bryant is 5’9” tall and weighs about 100 lbs. She and her mother appeared as a part of the latest Lancome ad campaign, but this is not her only ad appearance.

They also run the Mamba Sports Academy, a sports school and a non-profit organization that helps create positive impact for undeserved athletes and boys and girls. Natalia and her mother, Vanessa Bryant, started the Mamba Mambacita Sports Foundation in loving memory of Kobe Bryant and Gianna Gigi Bryant. 

As a part of the Mamba Sports Academy, there is branded merch that sells through the website. The proceeds go to both Natalia and Vanessa Bryant and support the sports academy.

Natalia Bryant inherited about 10% of her father’s wealth, estimated at about $600 million at the time of his death. Unfortunately, Kobe Bryant and her younger sister Gianna died in a tragic helicopter accident in January 2020, soon after she celebrated her 17th birthday. 

The accident hit her pretty badly, and she was hospitalized due to the stress and breakdown caused by the news of the accident. It was a turning point in her life, and she decided to focus more on her modeling career.

Final Words: Is Natalia Bryant a Millionaire?

Yes, Natalia Bryant is a millionaire with over $6 million net worth. She has inherited about 10% of her late father, Kobe Byrant’s estate but has also earned a lot through her modeling career. She and her mom now run the Mamba Sports Academy and have cooperated in paid promotions of various brands.

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