How Much Is Nikita Buyanov Net Worth?

All avid online gamers and shooting game lovers have probably heard about Nikita Buyanov. Here we’ll talk about Nikita Buyanov, the man, and outline some important aspects of his life, like who he is and how much is Nikita Buyanov Net Worth?

Nikita Buyanov net worth illustration
Name Nikita Buyanov
NameNikita Buyanov
BirthdayNovember 4th 1981
ParentsMr & Mrs. Buyanov
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Gamer
Net Worth $1 million

How Much is Nikita Buyanov Net Worth?

Nikita Buyanov’s net worth is mainly due to his income from the Escape from Tarkov game, as this is one of the most realistic and satisfying combat games today and draws in an astounding number of players. 

In the interview where he talks about the Escape from Tarkov game, Nikita also says that the game was developed entirely in-house, and Battlestate Games does not have any investors or a board to answer to. 

It also means that all the proceeds from the game are theirs, as well. However, Nikita owns 25% of the company’s shares and is entitled to 25% of the accompanying profits.

As there is little to no info about the actual net worth of Nikita Buyanov, we can only speculate and provide an approximation of his net worth, which is estimated to be about $1 million. 

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Who Is Nikita Buyanov?

Online gamers have most likely heard about Battlestate Games and their immensely popular game Escape from Tarkov. Nikita Buyanov is the lead developer of the game and is listed as the designer and composer of the game. 

Escape from Tarkov is so well-received by fans, Nikita Buyanov currently works as project lead and serves as a COO of Battlestate Games and a bunch of other roles, as he states in an interview.

Nikita Buyanov Early Life and Education

Nikita was born in the Russian town Vilyuchinsk, in the far east of the Russian Federation, on the Kamchatka Peninsula. This town is known for its naval base and nuclear submarine construction site dating from the Soviet Era, where Nikita first learned about weapons and military operations.

He has stated that he loves guns and loves to shoot. He jokingly said that all boys should know about guns and how to shoot. Nikita’s love for guns can be noted in the incredible details of the weapons in the game.

He moved to Saint Petersburg, where he finished high school, and went to university. After graduating from university, Nikita worked as an art director and changed jobs several times before landing a job at Battlestate Games in 2014

He currently resides in St. Petersburg with his wife, but we don’t know anything else about his personal life.

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How Nikita Buyanov Spends His Money?

It looks like Nikita Buyanov is a fan of guns, which we could conclude from browsing his social media channels, namely his personal Instagram account. Nikita uses this account as a photo blog to showcase his love of guns and shooting.

The images here are from his shooting excursions in the wild Russian forests and various shooting ranges. We don’t know if he owns all the guns he shoots in the images and videos, but in any way, that is a lot of weapons and ammunition he gets to play with.

What Is Nikita Buyanov’s Car?

From his Instagram account, we also learned that Nikita loves muscle cars. Currently, he drives a 2011 Ford Mustang GT, which is estimated to cost between $35,000 and $40,000.

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Final Words: Is Nikita Buyanov a Millionaire?

We can’t know for sure, but some estimates estimate Nikita Buyanov’s net worth to be over $1 million. Judging from the immense popularity of the Escape from Tarkov game, his primary source of income, Nikita is doing very well financially, and his hard work will pay off long in the future.

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