Norm Macdonald Net Worth: How Rich Was He

Norman Gene Macdonald, or just short, Norm Macdonald, was a Canadian standup comedian, actor, and writer. At the time of his death, he had a net worth of $2.5 million.

Norm Macdonald Net Worth
Norm Macdonald Net Worth
NameNorman Gene Macdonald
NicknameNorm Macdonald
Birthday17 October 1959
Died 14 September 2021
Weight181 lbs
PartnerConnie Macdonald
KidsDylan Macdonald
ParentsFerne Macdonald, Percy Macdonald
SiblingsNeil Macdonald, Leslie Macdonald
ProfessionComedian, Actor
Net Worth 2.5 million

What is Norm Macdonald’s Net Worth?

Norm Macdonald’s net worth was $2.5 million. He made his fortune in the entertainment business, and his career spans stand up comedy, television, film, and comedy. His comedy performance started in standup clubs in Ottawa in late 1985 and continued in various places before he joined Saturday Night Live.

He was married to Connie Vaillancourt and had one son, Dylan born in 1992, but the couple divorced due to his gambling addiction. In 2013 he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and through the years, it grew into cancer that ended his life on 14 September 2021.

Norm Macdonald’s Early Life

Norman Gene Macdonald was born on 17 October 1959 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. His parents were Ferne and Percy Lloyd Macdonald, both teachers who worked at CFB Valcartier, a military base north of Quebec City. Macdonald’s father died in 1990 of heart disease.

He grew up with his parents and two brothers, Neil Macdonald and Leslie Macdonald

Norm Macdonald attended Quebec High School before the family moved to Ottawa, Ontario, and there he attended Gloucester High School. He showed his extraordinary abilities and finished high school two years earlier.

Macdonald studied mathematics at Carleton University in Ottawa, but he dropped out. Later he briefly enrolled in Algonquin College’s programs for journalism and broadcasting television. He was working a variety of manual labor jobs before starting in comedy.

Norm Macdonald’s Personal Life

Norm Macdonald was an intelligent man but had many problems caused by his addictions. In 1988 Norm Macdonald married Connie Vailacount, and they had one son Dylan, who was born in 1992. The couple separated in 1999 and divorced the same year.

Macdonald’s relationship with Elle Macpherson was from 1997 to 1998. Next, he was connected to Kira Kener, but they weren’t in a relationship; they had a brief romance.

His personal demon – gambling was possibly the main reason for their divorce and the financial problems he had during his life. He had been gambling many times in many tournaments and online gambling.

In some of his shows and interviews, he revealed stories about his gambling. His favorite places for gambling had been the craps tables in Atlantic City, the World Series of Poker, No-Limit Texas Hold ’em, and United States v. Scheinberg. Because of his gambling habit, he had been bankrupted twice.

Norm Macdonald had impaired health for an extended period of his life. In 2013 he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He had kept information about his health situation only with the closest family and agent and producing partner, so as not to affect how he would be perceived.

His cancer was in remission in early 2020, and his problems increased because it metastasized into myelodysplastic syndrome, a type of acute leukemia. In July 2021, Macdonald entered the City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte, California, and was hospitalized until his death on 14 September 2021.

Another woman in his life was Lojo or Lori Jo Hoekstra, his best friend and neighbor, who lived in the same condo complex in Los Angeles. She helped him during his first stem cell treatment. They moved to Arizona to escape the public eye, and she helped him publish all his work.

During his life, he lived in many places starting in Quebec, Ottawa, Los Angeles, California, and Arizona.

Norm Macdonald’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Norm Macdonald was 6’1” tall and weighed 181 lbs

Career: How Much Does Norm Macdonald Make?

Norm Macdonald had a career in the entertainment business, and he was a great comedian and writer; also, he was an actor in TV shows, TV series, and movies.

Norm started his career in comedy back in Ottawa in comedy clubs. He was making his way up in the business and rose to fame when he was invited to write and rate many big projects in the States.

His first more significant projects were his writing for the comedy shows Roseanne and The Dennis Miller Show. Norm Macdonald rose to fame in 1993 when he was hired as a writer and member of Saturday Night Live. He was part of the SNL series for five seasons, but he was fired because of his relentless mocking of O.J. Simpson during his murder trial.

Norm Macdonald was working on many different projects; he co-wrote and starred in the revenge comedy Dirty Work in 1998, which The Norm Show followed in 1999 and ran on ABC for three seasons.

He has appeared in many films, including Billy Madison, The People vs. Larry Flint, Dirty Work, Man on the Moon, Screwed, Senior Skip Day, Funny People, Grown Ups, Jill & Jack, and The Ridiculous 6.

You can hear his voice in some of these animated movies Dr. Dolittle, Dr. Dolittle 2, Christmas Is Here Again, The Fight Before Christmas, Dr. Dollitle: Million Dollars Mutts, The Adventures of Panda Warrior, Vampire Dog, The Outback, Treasure Hounds, Klaus.

Most of his work was on TV, and there are a lot of shows; we will share just a few of them: Star Search, One Night Stand, The Jackie Thomas Show, Saturday Night Live, The Larry Sanders Show, The Norm Show, Family Guy, Back to Norm, The Middle, High Stakes Poker, Last Comic Standing, and GirlBoss

These are TV shows where you can hear his voice: The Fairly Odd Parents, Myke Tyson Mysteries, and Skylanders Academy. 

Norm Macdonald has written a comic novel, Based on a True Story: Not a Memoir.

In February 2020, Macdonald launched a dating app named Loko; he co-created this dating app in which the users needed to make a video to make the first impression.

In May 2022, his standup special Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special was released posthumously. Later in 2022, he was posthumously nominated for three Primetime Emmys.

Final Word: Is Norm Macdonald a Millionaire?

Norm Macdonald was a millionaire; at the time of his death, he had a net worth of $2.5 million. Norm had a career in the entertainment business and was a standup comedian, actor, and writer. He had many ups and downs in his life, one failed marriage and many problems with gambling and health problems.

Is Norm Macdonald Self-made?

Norm Macdonald was a self-made millionaire. He made his fortune by himself in the entertainment business. Norm had support from his parents in education, but he changed his mind and started his career in comedy. He probably earned a lot more during his prosperous career, but he was addicted to gambling and squandered most of his money away.

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