Patrisse Cullors Net Worth: How Rich Is The BLM Activist

Patrisse Marie Khan-Cullors Brignac is an American activist, artist, and writer, mostly known as co-founder of the movement Black Lives Matter. She made a net worth of $6 million

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Patrisse Cullors Net Worth
NamePatrice Marie Khan-Cullors Brignac
NicknamePatrisse Cullors
Birthday20 June 1983
Weight167 lbs
PartnerJanaya Khan
KidsOne child
ParentsCherisse Foley, Gabriel Brignac
SiblingsMonte Cullors, Paul Cullors, Jasmine Cullors
Net Worth $6 million

What is Patrisse Cullors’s Net Worth?

Patrisse Cullors’s net worth is $6 million. Patrisse Marie Khan-Cullors Brignac had a tough childhood; she was raised in a poor neighborhood, grew up with her mother and brothers, she was arrested at 12 for stealing and smoking weed

She changed her life and became one of the most prominent activists making a significant movement and having an even bigger net worth. 

Patrisse Cullors’s Early Life

Patrice Marie Khan-Cullors Brignac was born on 20 June 1983 in Los Angeles, California. Her mother was Cherice Foley, a Jehovah’s Witness, and her father was Gabriel Brignac, but she didn’t meet him until she was eleven.

She grew up with two brothers, Paul and Monte, a sister Jasmine and her step-father Alton Cullors, and she had a tough life. Her father, Gabriel Brignac, was an offender, jailed many times on drug-related charges, and was homeless

She grew up in San Fernando Valley, a poor and predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood. To make things even worse, her step-father left the family.

Patrisse Cullors witnessed many bad situations; her brothers were bullied by the police when she was 9. She was arrested at the age of 12 for smoking marijuana. She was ashamed of her mother in school, transferred to another school, and had many problems there. She was grounded, wore a metal detector, and was guarded by the police.

The problems surrounding Patrisse Cullors led her to learn more about practicing activism, revolutionaries, critical theory, and social movements

She has a degree in religion and philosophy from UCLA and an MFA from the Roski School of Art and Design at the University of Southern California.

Patrisse Cullors’s Personal Life

Patrisse Cullors’s personal life is controversial, not just her orientation and choices but her decisions and work. Cullors doesn’t declare herself straight or lesbian, but she identifies as a queer

She has been married to Janaya Khan since 2016, but she has a child with Damon Turner

She has been accused of spending the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation money to buy houses for her and her family. She paid Damon Tuner – the father of her child and her brother big bucks – almost $2 million for producing events. Also, her brother Paul is paid more than a dozen other employees.

There were numerous accusations on both sides, but she finally admitted that she hosted two parties on one of her properties which she regrets.

Cullors lives with her partner and her child in a $6 million mansion in the Los Angeles area and has a few other properties in Topanga, Bahamas, Inglewood, California, and Georgia. She has been accused of being a hypocrite; while she stands for the rights of the poor black people, she buys a lot of properties.

Patrisse Cullors’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

PatrisseCullors is 5’7” tall and weighs 167 lbs. She has changed her style over the years and has a tattoo.

Career: How Much Does PatrisseCullorsMake?

Patrisse Cullors’ time is filled with all kinds of different activities. She is a professor, activist, organizer, and writer. She had a rough childhood, but it was an inspiration for her to succeed.

Cullors teaches at Otis College and Design in the Public Practice Program and Master’s Arts in Social Justice and Community Organization at Prescott College.

She is one of the co-founders of the organization Black Lives Matter with Alicia Garze and created the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. The foundation and organization are one of her priorities. She is one of the most significant public spokespeople leading the BLM organization, but in 2021 she resigned from her formal role as executive director.

She also is executive director of the Coalition to End Sheriff Violence in L.A. Jails. Another thing is her mixing into politics as she publicly spoke against Trump; she co-endorsed Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders of the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential elections.

Besides being an activist, she also is a writer who writes on similar topics. Her first book is called When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir, and the second part is All The Bones We Could Find. Her second book is An Abolitionist’s Handbook: 12 Steps to Change Yourself and the World. She announced that the following books were coming out soon.

Cullors appears on TV many times, not just in interviews but in the 2016 documentary Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter

She also signed a multi-year deal with Warner Brothers about developing and producing shows about black storytelling, black perspectives, and amplifying Black Lives Matter. In addition, she launched a production company with a deal with Warner Bros TV.

For her work, Cullors has received many awards; some of them are Mario Savio Young Activist of the Year, NAACP History Maker, Woman Of the Year, one of Fortune’s World Greatest Leaders, One of the Civil rights leaders, One of 100 most influential people in the world, one of BBC’s 100 Women and many more awards and recognitions. 

All about her work, books, and tours can be seen on her website or her YouTube channel, where she has 26.4 K subscribers.

Despite her enormous work, her social media networks have a small number of subscribers, like her Instagram account has 366K followers or her Facebook profile has 17 K followers.

Final Word: Is Patrisse Cullors a Millionaire?

Yes, Patrisse Cullors is a millionaire with a net worth of $6 million. She started from the bottom, living and growing up in poor surroundings; she saw the worst in life. Inspired by everything that was going on around her, she focused on studies and activism. She started the movement #BlackLivesMatter and built an empire around that. She is helping others but also earns a significant amount of money. Cullors declares herself queer and married a woman but has a child with a man.   

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