PFT Commenter Net Worth: How Rich Is Eric Sollenberger

PFT Commenter has a net worth of around $2 million. PFT stands for Pro Football Talk Commenter, aka Eric Sollenberger. He generally covers the National Football League and US Politics and is also a podcaster. Read on to learn more about him and his personal and professional life.

Pft Commenter net worth illustration
PFT Commenter Net Worth
NameEric Sollenberger
NicknamePFT Commenter
Birthday31 January 1986
ProfessionPodcaster, Sports Commentator
Net Worth $2 Million

What is PFT Commenter’s Net Worth?

PFT Commenter has a net worth of about $2 Million. Pro Football Talk Commenter or short, PFT Commenter is a fictional character created by Eric Sollenberger.  

Eric had funny ideas to write and record since high school and college. PFT Commenter made a hit with his character around 2012. He co-hosts the Barstool Sports podcast Pardon My Take alongside Dan Katz.

Furthermore, Eric has worked for Kissing Suzy Kolber, SBNation, Profootballtalk, and Hot Take. Likewise, he is an author of the e-book Goodell Vs. Obama.

PFT Commenter’s Early Life

PFT Commenter, aka Pro Football Commenter Eric Sollenberger, keeps his personal life under tight wrap. He was born on 31 January 1986, and only a few personal things have slipped his lips.

Once in an interview, Eric said that he’s lived in Austin, Texas, and his mom worked as a teacher. Roger Sollenberger, who is also a writer, is mentioned as his brother, but this is still only a rumor. Eric Sollenberger plays the guitar and was in a band in high school. 

PFT Commenter’s Personal Life

PFT Commenter didn’t reveal his real name for many years. At first, PFT Commenter was revealed by Deadspin writer Laura Wagner. She wrote a story about the satirical sports personality behind the PFT Commenter character and revealed Eric Sollenberger’s real name. 

The only thing that we can think of as a fact is love for animals. Eric loves horseback riding, is an experienced horseman, has a pet dog; and he loves his dog and even takes it everywhere.

Even if you scroll through his social media profiles, you will not see any photos of his real friends, girlfriends, or family, and there is no information about a wife or a divorce.

Interestingly, Eric Sollenberger always wears sunglasses. We mean all the time, even indoors at night, just to hide his identity.  

PFT Commenter’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Eric Sollenberger is 5’10’’, and nothing further than that is known. From the videos, we can assume that he wears long hair to cover his identity, and he jokingly makes wagers about when to cut it.

Career: How Much Does PFT Commenter Make?

PFT Commenter’s net worth is $2 Million, which he earned from his career as a podcaster and writer. Eric wrote a short series named Dang! That’s Meth’d Up in 2007.

He sold old cars and homeless dogs in his early days and worked as a software salesman.  

Eric Sollenberger created the PFT Commenter character in 2012. He was inspired to comment on sports comments. He first started a Twitter account, which earned a lot of followers, and he still regularly uses Twitter, where he has 946.7K followers

His Facebook account is not so active but still has 4.9K followers. He is active on Instagram, where he has 381K followers.

Soon after started writing blogs and even wrote copy for focus group transcription about a sex toy company. After that, Eric was writing for Kissing SyziKolbert.

In 2015, he met Big Cat, and in 2016 they started their Barstool Jurney Pardon My Take podcast show he is now co-hosting with Dan Katz. It became a very successful show, which was sued for the first podcast show, making the podcast even more famous from the start.

The average earnings at Barstool are between $50K and $54K a year, and for experienced writers like Eric Sollenberger, possibly more. The podcast, with satirical nature, grows on iTunes in the Sports and Recreation ranking list. It averages between 750K and 1.5 Million listeners per episode and can often reach two million for a show.

PFT Commenter also comments on US politics, often mixing sports commenting with politics. Aside from commenting, Eric wrote and published an e-book named Goodell vs. Obama: The Battle for the Future of the NFL. 

Final Word: Is PFT Commenter a Millionaire?

PTF Commenter is a self-made millionaire with about $2 million in net worth. He earns his fortune by sports commenting, writing, and podcasting. From his social media accounts, we can see that PFT Commenter lives a lavish life away from the media and enjoys travel and other indulgences.

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