Pope Francis Net Worth: How Much Does The Current Pope Worth?

Pope Francis is the 266th Pope, as well as the sovereign entity of the Vatican City State and he has a net worth of $2 million. He obtained his current wealth while serving as a pope and he has been a member of the Catholic Church since 1969. 

In addition to becoming the first pope to come from the Western Hemisphere, he was also the first from South America and the first from the Jesuit order of priests.

Pope Francis net worth illustration
NamePope Francis
Full NameJorge Mario Bergoglio
Birth DateDecember 17, 1936
Birth PlaceFlores, Buenos Aires,  Argentina
ProfessionPope of the Roman Catholic Church
Net Worth$2 million

Early life

Pope Francis, born on December 17, 1936, in Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina (with Vatican citizenship). His parents were Mario Jose Bergoglio, an Italian immigrant accountant from Portacomaro in Italy’s Piedmont area, and Regina Maria Sivori, a housewife born in Buenos Aires to a family of Northern Italian descent.

When he was a young man, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now known as Pope Francis, worked odd jobs like bar bouncer and floor janitor. In order to treat his life-threatening pneumonia and three cysts that had developed while working in a chemistry lab, Jorge underwent thoracic surgery at the age of 21.

He was a lifetime enthusiast of San Lorenzo de Almagro football (soccer), Tita Merello’s films, Neorealism, and Tango dancing, among other things.

Bergoglio was motivated to become a priest when he passed by the church on his way to confession and saw the priest. The Archdiocesan Seminary in Villa Devoto, where he was a student, is when he first developed feelings for a girl and began to question whether or not he wanted to pursue a monastic life.

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Career and Income

Bergoglio (well known as Pope Francis) graduated from the Facultades de Filosofia y Teologia de San Miguel, a seminary in San Miguel, on December 13, 1967, and was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Ramon Jose Castellano.

Bergoglio completed his Jesuit tertianship in Alcala de Henares, Spain, where he was the province’s master of novices and a professor of theology.

On July 31, 1973, he was named provincial superior of the Society of Jesus in Argentina, a position he held until the Yom Kippur conflict. He went to Jerusalem before his appointment and spent the first three months of 1980 in Ireland to learn English.

After rushing to San Miguel, he stayed at the Jesuit Centre at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy until 1986. Social justice based on sociological study, championed by the Centro de Investigaciones y Accion Social, is opposed by Bergoglio (CIAS).

On November 8, 2005, Bergoglio was elected President of the Argentine Episcopal Conference (Juan Hipolito del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Yrigoyen Alem), a position he held for three years before being re-elected on November 11, 2008.

Pope Francis told La Civilta Cattolica that the church should not continuously criticize abortion and homosexuality and that priests should be more accommodating. Francis’ slogan was Miserando atque eligendo, which means “Mercy at all costs” towards sinners.

Pope Francis’ cars include a flashy Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and a humbler Kia Soul; His Holiness Pope Francis has had and ridden in his fair share of Popemobiles this year.

A Romanian brand Dacia, which gave the Pope an SUV in November, is now helping the Pope get around.  Toyota also made a special car for Pope Francis on his visit to Japan, while Dacia made a car for him during a trip to Romania.

What is Pope Francis Net worth?

Pоре Frаnсi’s net worth is estimated at around $2 million. Since 1969, Pope Francis has maintained the church, and over a billion dollars is the estimated value of the church’s own net worth.

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How does Pope Francis make money? 

Although the Pope’s real personal worth is unknown, we do have some information about his earnings.

Following Pope Benedict’s resignation in 2013, his retirement income was believed to be around $3,300 per month, according to CNBC, so we can only presume Pope Francis’ retirement will be comparable. 

However, aside from the pension he would receive after his tenure as Pope of the Catholic Church ends, the Pope “does not and has never received a salary,” the Vatican revealed in 2001, according to The Irish Times.

Although there are some disagreements about the number of zeros in his name, the figure is unlikely to matter to the religious leader because he prefers to live a simple lifestyle. 

Where does Pope Francis live?

The Pope resides at the Vatican.

Traditionally, the Pope spends ten months of the year in the Papal Apartments. The Pope spends the months of July and August at his palace in Castel Gandolfo, outside of Rome.

Although it is customary for the Pope to move into the Papal Apartments at the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis refused to do so immediately following his election in 2013.

He is the only Pope since Pope Pius X in 1903 to reject to dwell in the Papal Apartments.

Instead, Pope Francis chose to live in the Domus Sanctae Marthae, often known as the House of Saint Martha, a hotel erected in 1996 by Pope John Paul II for members of the clergy who had business in the Vatican. 

The Domus Sanctae Marthae was also created to house the College of Cardinals who come to the Vatican for conclave when a new Pope is to be elected. The Cardinals are blocked off from the outside world while staying at the Domus Sanctae Marthae for the conclave, with all radio, television, and phones turned off. The Pope resides at the Vatican.

People have been curious to know about Pope Francis’ wife. Well, popes do not marry, and it has been a tradition for them to maintain celibacy. 

Final Word: Is Pope Francis a millionaire?

Pope Francis is a millionaire; though he has a Net worth of $2 million, he lives a modest life. “Francis appears uninterested in spending, a radically different attitude than most of his predecessors,” Bloomberg wrote, highlighting his decision to live in a three-room hostel rather than the luxurious lodgings of his predecessors. “He isn’t anti-capitalist, but he emphasizes fiscal prudence in both personal and business spending.”

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