PopularMMOs Net Worth: How Rich Is Patrick Brown?

Patrick Brown, better known as PopularMMOs online, is a gaming YouTuber best known for his Minecraft videos. He has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

In this article, you’ll find PopularMMO’s birthday, age, height, weight, partner, professions, nationality, and net worth.

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Real Name: Patrick Thomas Julianelle Brown
Birthday:November 25, 1988
Birth Sign:Sagittarius
Gender: Male 
Height:5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm
Weight:70 kgs
Partner :Elizabeth Heranek (Girlfriend)
Kids: None
Siblings:1 (Billy)
Professions:YouTuber, Gamer, Social Media Star, Internet Personality, Entrepreneur
Nationality: American
Hair Color: Brown
Net Worth: $ 20 million USD

What Is PopularMMOs Net Worth?

Patrick Brown is a famous YouTube star best known as PopularMMOs. He’s an avid gamer who’s noted for his Minecraft content. His estimated net worth is $20 million.

Most of his income comes from his successful YouTube channel, which has become one of the most popular gaming channels on the platform.

He has a massive fanbase that consists of 17.3 million subscribers on YouTube, 761K followers on Instagram, and 787.31K followers on TikTok.

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Early Life

PopularMMOs was born as Patrick Thomas Julianelle Brown in Connecticut, USA on November 25, 1988.

Although he is an internet sensation and YouTube Hall of Famer, he prefers to keep his family life in private, hence, even his parents’ names are undisclosed.

All we known about him is that he has an older brother named Billy with whom he doesn’t have a harmonious relationship.

Growing up, Patrick was just a typical teenager who loved watching shows. He took up a Psychology course in college, although he dropped out before he could finish.

According to Patrick, he was a shy person until he joined YouTube.

He loves eating Japanese foods, especially sushi.

Also, as a certified pet lover, he adores furry cats. He owns an adorable Persian cat named Cloud, possessing a snow-white, velvety soft fur which is equally active in participating with his vlogs. Cloud has been with PopularMMOs since September 21, 2015, to date.

Prior to Cloud, he used to own one named Kitty but it sadly died. This was followed by Alice, who had to be returned to the animal shelter after it failed to adjust to Patrick and his ex’s home.

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PopularMMOs Personal Life

Patrick has had his fair share of relationships when it comes to women.

He used to be married to Jennifer Flagg. They wedded on May 6, 2015, but got divorced on March 2019. His relationship with his ex-wife was envied by their fans which caused them to cry and temporarily stopped watching their videos when they broke up.

He met his former wife, also a popular gamer and YouTube personality, during their high school days when they were both mandated by the school to attend a community service for a local animal shelter.

Jen, as what Patrick calls her ex-wife, has also her own YouTube channel, GamingwithJen with 5.21 Million subscribers. Here, the former couple played together and also uploaded various games she enjoyed doing like Roblox and Minecraft.

Sadly, their union didn’t bear them a child. That was precisely why the couple resorted to divorce – apparently, Jen wanted children, while Patrick wanted the contrary.

After his failed marriage, Patrick enjoyed his singlehood for a while. In 2020, he started dating a woman named Eleni. Then, on May 8, 2021, he introduced his new girlfriend in his vlog, named Elizabeth “Liz” Heranek.

However, just 8 days after that introduction to his fans, their relationship was tested. The couple was arrested for giving opposing statements to the authorities with regards to an alleged domestic violence accusation against Patrick. After 3 days, he was able to post bail.

As of the moment, Liz and Patrick are still together although they haven’t decided yet to tie the knot. They currently live in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

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Career: How Much Does PopularMMOs Make? 

PopularMMOs is best known for his Minecraft gameplay videos. He’s been playing and streaming for 9 years since gaming is his passion. In fact, he has a room dedicated to his gaming equipment and components alone.

He started his channel on April 17, 2012, and since then, his subscribers had grown exponentially high. He is one of those YouTubers who has an introduction on their channel. 

He got his nickname PopularMMOs from its own meaning which is massively-multiplayer online games. When he was just starting his YouTube channel, he mostly played this type of games so he thought it was a good idea due to its popularity.

True enough, his views soared high. Everytime he uploads a video, thousands if not millions watch it. His content is versatile from challenges to reaction videos. What sets him apart from others is his creativity and oozing energy so as to offer his fans a good show to look forward to. 

It is said that PopularMMOs earn more than $18,000 monthly and roughly $200,000 annually from his YouTube channel alone. 

His popularity opens many doors of opportunity to expand his network and net worth. He owns a clothing line that can be bought online through represent.com and other online stores like Amazon. He sells tee shirts, hoodies, and long sleeves both for kids and adults, both sexes.

He also partnered with his ex-wife for a Minecraft-inspired graphic book series that adds to his growing wealth.

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Final Word: Is PopularMMOs A Millionaire?

Popular MMOs, also known as Patrick Thomas Julianelle Brown, is an American YouTuber who rose to fame because of his humorous commentary videos, gaming videos, and contagious energy in streaming his plays.

He has billions of views and millions of followers on his YouTube and social media.

He’s also an entrepreneur who has lots of engagements. He even guested at the birthday party of Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Emme.

As of this writing, he has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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