Sam Bailey Net Worth: How Rich Is The Singer

Sam Bailey is the shortened name for Samantha Florence Bailey, an English pop singer most known for winning the tenth series of The X Factor and building a successful music career. She made a net worth of $6 million.

Sam Bailey net worth
Sam Bailey Net Worth
NameSamantha Florence Bailey
NicknameSam Bailey
Birthday29 June 1977
Weight132 lbs
PartnerCraig Pearson
KidsTommy Pearson, Brooke Pearson, Miley Beau Pearson
ParentsJackie Bailey, Ronnie Bailey
SiblingsCharlie Bailey, Danny Bailey
Net Worth $6 million

What is Sam Bailey’s Net Worth?

Sam Bailey’s net worth is $6 million. She is a musician that started her music career in her late teens but didn’t continue her music; she found a day job and worked as a prison officer. When she was 35, she auditioned for the tenth season of The X Factor, and after standing ovations and a perfect performance during the weeks, she was pronounced the winner. From then on, her career took off fast forward to fame. Sam Bailey married Craig Pearson and has three kids with her husband.

Sam Bailey’s Early Life

Samantha Florence Bailey, or Sam Bailey, was born on 29 June 1977 in Bexley, London. Her parents are Jackie Bailey and Ronnie Bailey; her dad died in 2008 from oral cancer.

Sam Grew up in Sidcup, London, with her parents and two brothers, Charlie Bailey and Danny Bailey.

Sam attended Cleeve Park School and Bexley College. And after college, she started performing in a duo band but soon turned down the work.

Sam Bailey’s Personal Life

Sam Bailey’s personal life became of interest to the public when she entered The X Factor competition. There is not much to say about her private life; she is married and has kids.

Sam Bailey is married to Craig Pearson, and they have three kids. Her first child is the daughter Brooke Bailey, and her second is Tommy Bailey, who was diagnosed with autism and dyspraxia.

The third child was born after she participated in The X Factor and her former mentor and friend Sharon Osbourne became godmother to the baby girl named Miley Beau.

Sam Bailey and her family live in Leicester, England. They enjoy a lavish lifestyle, which is very different from their earlier years. She owns a few nice cars, and one of them is a Ford Mustang.

Sam Bailey’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Sam Bailey is 5’3” tall and weighs 132 lbs. After winning The X Factor and being persuaded by Simon Cowell, she changed her body figure in a good way; she lost a lot of weight, did her teeth, and had cosmetic surgery. She said that she was bullied and scared about her looks, so she did Botox and other cosmetic procedures, which is very addictive.

Career: How Much Does Sam Bailey Make?

When she was eighteen, Sam Bailey tried her way into music and was in a ska duo, Girls Next Door, with her friend Julie Nunney. The duo recorded a song titled Too Late, but there wasn’t much success, and they fell apart.

Sam Bailey worked a day job as a prison officer until her victory in The X Factor. At thirty-five, she appeared on the tenth season of The X Factor, and the judges gave her standing ovations for her impressive vocal performance.

She passed week by week, and Sam was declared the winner at the finals. She stated that she had some experience performing in clubs and cruise ships but didn’t make it.

 After winning The X Factor, Sam was awarded £1 million, a recording deal with Syco Music, and an opportunity to support Beyoncé on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in the UK leg in 2014. In the following years, she co-headlined and headlined tours around the UK and the world.

Sam Bailey released two albums, The Power of Love in 2014 and Sing My Heart Out in 2016.  

Sam Bailey supports many different organizations like the Alzheimer’s Society, LGBTI, and organizations that support Autistic people, a condition that her son has.

She was devastated by the situation of Caroline Flack and her suicide. Sam announced that after winning The X Factor, Caroline Flack supported her greatly and gave her great advice.

Her new record deal with Saga Entertainment was fruitful, and her cover song of Alannah Myles’s hit single Black Velvet peaked at number one on the Amazon best sellers chart and number 3 on the iTunes rock charts.

Sam Bailey has a website where you can find all about her albums and tours and another website where you can buy signature stuff.

Sam Bailey’s music can be heard on YouTube, with 82.3K subscribers, on Spotify and AppleMusic. She is active on social media, and her Instagram account has 83.4K followers; on Twitter, she has 322K followers, and her Facebook has 444K followers.

Is Sam Bailey a Millionaire?

Sam Bailey is a millionaire; she made a net worth of $6 million. Her appearance on The X Factor gave her a flashy entrance into the entertainment business. She rose to fame after being proclaimed the winner of season ten of the X Factor. She started supporting tours for other musicians, had her own tours, and released her music. She is married and has three kids.

Is Sam Bailey Self-made?

Sam Bailey is a self-made millionaire. She made her fortune in the entertainment business through a career she started when she was 36 years old. Before her music career, Sam worked as a prison officer, which she quit the day she was pronounced the winner of the tenth season of The X Factor. After winning The X Factor, Sam Bailey started touring, supporting tours, and releasing her music.

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